Monday, August 18, 2008

I am alive..

Yes, it's true, it's true.. JT has been busy hanging on to his job and so far it's working. They have been keeping me busy, which is good for now. Although not much training has been happening I have not fault but my own for that as I have found other EXCUSES not to do anything. I know it will end at some time and until then I will just enjoy what ever I do or don't do.

I did do this though, HOT YOGA this Sunday. No I was not outside in the Vegas sun, I was in LA and let me tell you it, beside from it being a Yoga class, it was HOT! DUHH!, HOT Yoga!! I was placed about 10 feet from the Heater and this thing was cranking out the heat every 10-15 mins. At times it was so hot in there the instructor even opened the doors to let some cool air in! The Class was totally great and I enjoyed all of the 90 mins sweating over every inch of my body. Although the Right picture demonstrates my best position, HA! I was able to do some better than others and even found all my restrictions. I thought I should have done a few classes before IMCdA as this stuff really helps in overall motion and flexibility but hey, I got the job done any how!

Other than keeping busy, things are changing for JT and for the good but don't want to say too much and jinx myself so for now, just know things are going well and are getting better!


Thursday, August 07, 2008

1st.. of Aug..

Dang where have I been? Well I cannot lie as Formulaic will totally rat me out, I've been lazy and preoccupied with things at work. Yes, really, work has been crazy.

Long Story short: a major hotel/casino stopped building b/c lack of $$ so that put about 2000+ out of work over night and the company I work for had a lot of material to supply to that job so that in turn knocked a few people off there feet in the company and they let some go. So far I am still working for them but I hear I am on the "Block" so time will tell.

In other news .. wait.. what other news, JT doesn't have any. It's just been work, relax and watch movies. Disney 1/2, yes I know.. it's coming.. I will probably crawling to the end but it's about having fun that's all.

Oh wait there is new News.. IRONMAN COZUMEL !!! This looks like a sweet thing to do and I know I was looking to head down to IMAZ 2009 but I think that just got bumped!