Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HOLY F'n! Crap!!

DO YOU SEE WHAT IT SAYS OVER THERE ON THE RIGHT SIDE COUNT DOWN!!! 60 F'N' DAYS!!!! OMG.. breath... breath.. OMG!! OMG!! breath, JT Breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay here's the update on why I am totally freaking out! My last run on Friday Oct. 18th of 20 miles was a great run and I had come off a great bike week as well hitting 70 miles out on the Silverman/Rage course. Then my buddy Tuggle came into town and he busted a good run with the TNT on the following Saturday and then Sunday I got some kind of stomach bug so I was out for the day and missed my long bike which was supposed to be 80 miles. THEN.. the whole week I helped another chiropractor out of town (about 70 miles from my house, so I was driving back and forth all week) while he went on vacation and he runs a high volume of patients each day so I was adjusting 50+ people a day. By Wednesday I was wore out, Thursday I was hanging on and Friday I could feel I was getting sick. OH!!!! and during this whole week, You guessed it NO TRAINING! cuz I was shot, weak, a pussy, wimp, tired, all the above!! Call it what ever you want but I didn't get any training done, was the bottom line.

So the Friday I was not feeling well and Saturday it hit me. Fever, coughing, more fever, headaches, body aches! Sucks!! TKO'd. I played this game all day Saturday and Sunday and the Monday it got a little worse with a constant fever and finally broke yesterday afternoon! SHIT!! Today I have not had any more fever but still feel tired and achy. I have taken more Tylenol in the past 3 days than all year! WTF!! not good. Now I am just dealing with some coughing and achy throat from all the freakn' coughing! BUT HELLO!!!!! ALL THIS MEANS IS NO TRAINING AGAIN FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so freaking out on not getting my training done and with the days counting down I have to start thinking about my actual time goals and what is really going to be possible with the amount of time I have left. Obviously the #1 Goal is to finish and finish feeling good and not wiped out for a week. I will be looking to get back to healthy asap and get back in the pool b/c that is really where my freak out is coming from! I can make the bike and run with some quality pacing but I gotta make it out of the water first and with my swim quality so far I am not really sure I could pull it now. So Send me Some Get Well Energy/Vibes.. whatever you can b/c I need all the help I can get right now. !!!


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Groovn' .. I think.

Training!!! Wow!!

I have finally decided that I need to get in the pool and started swimming and mostly b/c I swam last week with a couple of friends and just realized HOW BAD I have gotten and with the count down going, I have to get back in the groove so I can honestly say I have swam 3 days in a row, not the longest but I am getting in the pool.

Last week I had a minor lower leg pain so I cut my long run short and ran again yesterday but seem seemed to be missing the snap and enjoyment of it for some reason maybe it was the Long 70 miles of getting my ass kicked out at Lake Mead on the Silverman/Rage course on Sunday!

Formulaic and I headed to the Silverman supported ride on Sunday leaving from his house at 5am in complete darkness and riding on the Boulder Hwy with only the light from the passing cars which was pretty crazy in itself but we managed to make it to the lake before the group pulled out. There I met up with Brendan and Jewels and rode the first half of the course with them as well. I seemed to have a slight rear tire malfunction due to not checking the inside of the tire after replacing a tube before I left my house in the morning. The tire slowly leaked and I refilled it 2 times before finally replacing it at the water stop. Once I checked the tire and found 3 small pieces of metal shavings that should have popped the tire I removed them, replaced and the tube is holding today!

Once back on the road Form and I continued riding and somewhere around mile 55-60 I totally Bonked out!! I was dying the last 10 miles to get back to his house and I even took the easier route along the highway as Form took on the famous Silverman 3 Bitches hill climb! Go Form!! Once back at his house and talking with Mrs. Form about the day I realized I was about 600 calories behind and no wonder I bonked out! Shit!! Guess I was just having too much fun riding with others and worrying about my stupid tire and lost track of it, so Don't Do That Again!!

I spent the rest of the day paying for my lack of nutrition and just getting my ass kicked out there as it took till the next day to really recover. I also realized that riding that course is not consistent to Cozumel training and although you could argue, and Formulaic will, that the hills can make you stronger, which I'm not saying they won't but it doesn't translate to staying aero for miles and miles at a time. It will be back to Indian Springs for me!!

Now on other great and fun news...!!!!!! I am officially signed up for the SOMA 70.3 on Oct. 25 in Tempe, AZ! That will be my taper race and to really see where I am going to be for Cozumel based on times, hopefully. On this note, I will not be heading to San Fran for the TNT Nike Women's Marathon which makes me sad b/c I love the team but I also have to get a big training weekend completely that weekend and going to the Nike event it will just not happen. Sorry Team, but you know I love ya!

Now with that taking me all the way out to Ironman Cozumel, I am already thinking ahead to next year and planning on the spring season of Ultra running and looking to do another 50 miler in March which means only about 12 weeks of training after a couple of weeks of rest from Cozumel, crrrraaaaazzzzzyyyy!!! but so fun! Then I am looking at my 3rd 50 miler in May. We shall see how things work out as time progresses but I am thinking too about using the Carlsbad Marathon on Jan 24, 2010 as a training event for the 50 miler. Wow, so weird to be thinking about that already but you gotta plan these things out.

Time to go swim..!!!! Later.


Wednesday, September 09, 2009

Its coming along..

That's right.. something is.. I'm just not sure what. Well kind of not sure. Over the last week I seem to have lost my Swim Mojo and I do recall I had this problem last year in training for CdA. When did it come back, I am not too sure but I do know that even if I don't find it I better continue on and get in the freakn' pool because HELLO!! as we all know.. the Swim leg is the 1st part of the tri. Okay, Okay, I know!! I really do!!

On the other aspect.. Biking and running seem to moving along very nicely. This weekend was a 78 mile ride with none other than fabulous newly Ironman Formulaic. The ride went good overall, very strong head wind on the way back in which was about 25 miles of totally aero position riding at a mere 11-13 mph!! Ughh!! But although it was annoying to be going that slow, my heart rate, cadence and I were all working properly and I felt good.

Monday, I headed out for a 18 mile run which was actually nice b/c the weather was just a bit cooler and although my legs were tired I was able to have a good run again keeping the pace steady at a 4 minute run, 1 minute walk pattern. I did wait to refuel overall with water and Gatorade but that is only b/c I was not close to any stores and by mile 13 I was starting to conserve water in my camelbak and by the time I hit mile 15 I knew I was behind. So it's only an adjustment that needs to be done there as not to go that far/long without having plenty of stock. I was definitely tired in the afternoon and legs were telling me so. Even yesterday during the core/weights workout I could still feel the tiredness in my legs.

Today, I am feeling much better and ready for a shorter run. If anything I am tired due to a little bit of no sleep b/c it was Forms birthday and we had a few beers and after I stayed hanging out with a great gal and enjoyed the time, much later than I should have but ya know, what can say.

Since the Ultra I have managed to put back on a couple of extra pounds and well, I'm not liking it, so I am making sure to get my runs in (and Liz.. gotta be running those 20's) to thin me back out.. hahaha. I guess drinking less beer would help too. HA! Overall I like how my training is coming along for CZ and even though the swim is behind I know I will be able to complete it faster than I did CdA. I am also in the process of getting a new bike seat b/c mine has been causing me all kinds of problems and it's just time to change it.

I will also be looking to head down to Tempe the last week in October to take on Soma 70.3! It will be a good prep event and heading into taper I am looking forward to it.