Friday, September 29, 2006

Officially Las Vegas!

Well its Official, I am registered for the Las Vegas 1/2 Marathon set to take place on December 10, 2006!
My family and I (and I do mean my family..wife, daughter, brother-sister inlaw, aunt, mother and father inlaw) are all going out to stay with my parents. I hope there house doesn't pop! LOL. Thanks Mom & Dad for letting us all stay there!! Love ya!
And it will be a great day because I will be running the race with my dad who turns a young 60 next month! To run down the center of Las Vegas Blvd with my dad will be totally AWESOME, love ya Dad!
Will continue with more later....

Thursday, September 28, 2006

How cycling shoes can make you hurt.

This really only happens to me, right? Got home yesterday and got all my new stuff on the bike and loaded it up for the morning ride. Woke up 4:15am and was out the door to the Loop. Unloaded the bike and sat down on the back of my Murano to put on my cycling shoes and as I was sitting there with one leg up putting my shoe on, WHAMO!! CRAMP! SPASM! to my mid-lower back. Felt like I just got stabbed with a spoon, no really, it did. So now I can't breath and I am trying to stand up to get the cramping to stop knowing that when it does, my back is going to still hurt. Sure enough, I manage to get the spoon outta there and still can't really breath and start walking around to loosen up, oh yea, with 1 cycling shoe on and 1 tennis shoe on. Finally, I am able to get myself together and take off on the bike, riding only 12 miles of the scheduled 15 due to my back started becoming annoying. This also blew the whole swim workout I had planned after riding. OK, so do things like this ever happen to anyone else? Something so simple yet can influx such a great bodily disturbance, frankly, it pisses me off! I mean come on, here I go to the gym and bench, squat, press, curl, and pull on hundreds of pounds of body sculpting iron and I can't sit down, lift my leg up and put a cycling shoe on! What gives? (obviously my back, LOL) As a chiropractor I knew that I spasmed out my back muscles and that it was going to be an all day nuisance and couldn't wait to get to the office to have it worked on (perks). So as I write, the back is better but now stiff and again annoying to sit and stand. But all in all it is a great day. I completed more than 3/4 of my scheduled bike and I was able to play with my new online training schedule at Beginner Triathlete. It's actually pretty cool if you like online stuff like and getting detailed on tracking your workouts and the basic stuff is Free! It really doesn't cost that much for the memberships if you would like more bells and whistle's with your training. Anyway, I have to go get in the massage chair, Boo-Yahh!!! Rockon`

Wednesday, September 27, 2006

New Toys.

The mail is here, the mail is here, the mail is here!!! Never so excited to get the mail expect when something new is coming for me. Today it was my new little bike cycolocomputer Ascent Delta V Wireless and a Goodie Stasher. My old puter stopped working who knows when because it was some time before I had gotten on my ol`Lotus Tanker. I ordered a simple puter with the basic info on it so although it is not a GPS, tell you your DNA sophistication type I am happy to have it. Tonight, it will be installed along with checking out my rear tire and find out why its rubbing on the rear frame. Also, I said that I got a new goodies bag, it's a little bag that straps to the top tub near the stem and holds goodies! Not sure how it will work but anything might be better than me trying to reach behind me and grab something out of my cycle jersey while maintaining control of the steering, Ok, so I've had some complications with that, LOL. And hey guess what? Tomorrow is cycle and swim day so I gotta get it fixed up. Today was a 6 mile tempo run or maybe it turned into intervals at times but overall it was good and I felt good. Completed my 6 miles in 1hr 7 mins, which is about a minute/mile fast overall for me! This afternoon I can feel my quads a little tight so I know I had a good run. Now I just have to get that HR monitor fixed next week! Rockon`

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Slowly moving

Yesterday, was an easy workout day back into running with what I thought was going to be an easy 2 miles. After hitting the pool and talking with OSG I kicked out my 500 yards and was out of the water. I felt good during the swim, much better than last swim session. Once I got up to the treadmill and started jogging, my legs felt like huge logs that did not want to move! I slowed to try walking upbeat to try and warm up a little more but it never really came. I increased the speed and continued on my run. After mile 1 I was still fighting the legs and my HR just kept climbing out of zone, I thought, I must not be recovered from the long humid, hot run on Saturday morning but it was really hot in the gym and knew that was part of the problem. By mile 1.5 I was looking down hill although running a bit faster, my legs still felt like tree trunks. I was sure glad to see mile 2 come around on the read out but was thinking I should goto 2.5 or 3 miles but then reminded myself that it was an Easy scheduled day and I had not swam before running in the past few weeks so that was probably playing into my fatigue. Tuesday morning it was up and early as usual. I got all my bike stuff loaded and was at the loop park and started riding. It was cool out this morning, about 63 degrees, so once I started moving I could feel the wind and it was really starting to wake me up. After 3 loops I noticed that my bike was making this funny sound and started to search where the noise was coming from. Next thing I know I realize that my rear tire is running on the inside of my frame, which is obviously not a good thing! I being to slow down and head back to my vehicle and luckily I made it there without the tire popping. Crap, I said as I load my bike back up and head home, it's only been 25 mins! Ohwell, what can I do? Plan B is to now get to the gym but dropping my daughter off at school and making my way back across town is the task at hand. I make it to the gym and engage in a great Back and Triceps workout and next thing I know 45 mins have passed and I make my way to the stationary bike. After 30 mins on the stationary bike I was feeling somewhat redeemed from the technical difficulties of this morning. Hey, as I was out there this morning on the loop and there were quite a few fellow tri bikers. Ok, so this got me thinking because these guys were in a train line (drafting) and really kickn it around the loop, which was cool, but I was thinking why do the draft off eachother if you cannot in triathlon races? I guess maybe there just working out, dunno. For now it's just training and life ....1 step at a time.. rockon`

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Over and Under..Out..

Wasn't feeling well today, actually started yesterday afternoon, even took a nap later afternoon yesterday. Slept in today and totally relaxed and feeling much better now. Due to the ill feeling I took today off from cycling and it was a little rainy out and just didn't want to make what ever was bugging me, worse.
So I spent some time reading the Training Bible and trying to put together some better training for myself. It is difficult to balance everything but I think this week should be a better week for me as I long I don't push that bug. I am going next week to speak with a swim coach who teaches a Masters program and they swim Tue, Weds, Thurs from 7:30-8:30 pm. Late for me but for $40/mo I gotta pick up my swimming!
Anyway, short and sweet. Everyone have a great week and Rockon`...

Saturday, September 23, 2006

meeting Ironman AZ ...

Friday was a nice rest day. Although it seemed like I should be doing something I refrained and rested, oh wait, does mowing the lawn because the grass is about 12" high count as anything? I did have to do that right when I got home because I have been putting if off all week since about 3 weeks ago, haha. Hey, I had to get the long bike ride in! After finishing the lawn I told my wife to get ready because we were going out for dinner. She asked "where to?" I said "just a place, get ready."
When we were on the way when I told her she had two choices, (maybe that was a mistake) it was either a place called Niko Niko's (for those Houstonian's, they know its a great Greek place) and an Italian place called "Vincents". Her reply was "I don't want Greek, I don't like it", I said "Have you tried it?" She said "No but I don't want it and Italian? Not sure I want that either" I guess screaming could have been the next thing but trying to keep from utterly driving around the city to find something to eat I gave her 1 more choice, El Patio Mexican restaurant. Funny, enough she then says "Well, you pick?" Hey wait, I thought! That is what I had done in the first place and you disagreed with my first 2 picks. (One time when we were dating we went to the original El Patio and had dinner and drinks and close to the end of dinner my wife, Rebecca; girlfriend at that time, said she started feeling really weird, like woozy and disoriented. She had drank 2 of there famous Blue margaritas, which was not enough to buzz here but we were leaving the restaurant and she said that she started feeling dizzy so much so that she couldn't walk straight. We we got to the car and I was making fun of her because I had said she drank too much and was a lush but just as we left the parking lot she said to pull over she was going to be sick and next thing you know, she was.
We eventually got back to my apartment and I got her to the couch and was next thing I know she's passed out like Mike Tyson just hit her. Next morning she said that something like that has never happened to her and she felt really weird, not like drunk weird but like totally out of it weird. Well as days went out and talking to other friends about what happened, word was, rumors, that the restaurant was known for putting some kind of "extra" stuff in the drinks of women to get them outta it and acting crazy. The place is a nice place and the atmosphere can be wild on Friday nights so maybe that was true, I don't know but we never went back to the original.)
So Italian or Mexican was the now the current choice. I headed towards El Patio Mid-town and when we arrived we decided to sit inside because it was a little hot, humid and windy. We had never been to this new location in mid-town so were reluctant due to the experience he had at the original location before. Overall, it was Great and no problems with the drinks! I would recommend the Mid-town location.
Saturday morning was out the door for the morning run at 6:30 am. Meet up with the Team In Training Group Gulf Coast Chapter and ran with them on the 7 mile route. Finished in 1 hr 26 mins, which is a good run for me and it was humid. After the run I was standing around talking to others and I met this lady named, Elisabeth, who had just had knee surgery 2 weeks ago and was out running! OMG, she was running! Two weeks ago, surgery! Anyway, as we started to talk she told me about the injury and the what she had been doing to help recover it and that she was an Ironman!!! I was like wait a minute, back that last line up again, you did Ironman? She said yea, Ironman Arizona 2006 and loved it! Said she would do it again in 2008. Wow, I met a local Ironman! She was a very nice lady and lots of other people had been coming around to talk to her and ask her questions about running and her knee and what not. I left thinking, Wow, Ironman! She's an Ironman and I met her, Ironman, huh, imagine that. Mine is coming, one day at a time.

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Winners of Life

Waking up today was not really a problem to head to the pool. Actually, all day was not a problem, it was actually pretty good. When I got to the pool, OSG, was there and just getting ready to start his swim so that leads me to believe that he is 5 am swimmer as well. We xchanged words briefly and both commenced to swimming. I swam 400 y and I was out of gas. (note to self, Gotta swim more) So after a few swim drills w/ and w/o paddles I went to ride the stationary bike, although, I ran out of time and had to leave I felt it was productive. On the way out, OSG, say "C-ya next time" I think we are becoming the swimmers of the 5 am because no one else is even looking at the pool at that time. Matter of fact as I was riding the bike I counted 26 people working out at 5:30 am, guess the others were in bed.
Anyway, I got home and dug out my ol`bible book of triathlon. Wait, it is called something like that, "the Triathlete's Training Bible" and noticed that I had marked a date on the inside cover when I started reading it and wow! It was June 22, 2002! And I also noticed that I did not get far and it appeared that I picked through certain sections of the book that I wanted to read first.
So it got me thinking, what was I doing in 2002 and how come it has taken 4 more years to get back to Triathlons? As I remember, the long story in short, I was living in Las Vegas at the time and wanted to be in a triathlon, problem was I didn't even know how to swim front crawl. So I looked around for a coach and found a guy named Frank Butterfield. Great guy with the pittance's and love for helping others in the fitness world of working out, swimming, biking or running, or all the above.
Hired Frank as my coach and he we started in the pool on the wall. It took a few lessons to get me to the other side and a few weeks later I was swimming down and back. Then due to "life" I moved back to H-town and continued training and did my first Sprint triathlon in Austin, TX. then called the Capital of Texas Triathlon and now called Americas Triathlon. So I had a great time and loved it. Then "life" again and in 2004 I ran my first marathon here in Houston.
Continued to just be active lifting weights but nothing in the tri world but always having it in the back of my mind. People are right, once you get bit by the tribug it's in you. It may have laid dormant for a while but it's active and wanting more.
So what brought it out of it's sleeping lazy state? After working out this last year and getting in better physical shape I started running more and realized that I wanted to run a marathon again but did not want to put in the time to train for it so went for the 1/2. Next thing I know I want to try swimming again and then biking. So I do a little of both and start looking up web sites again and I am hooked once again! I even volunteered for local tris just to go hang out and help and be around it. Then one day I find YOU GUYS! Blogger Land. I read about Wil, TriSaraTops, and Stu and how they are all getting ready for Ironman Wisconsin and I am totally drawn into there lives and stories and struggle's of preparing. I tell myself I want to be like them and all the others I eventually seek out on the blog. I'm Hooked! So low and behold 1 Step Closer 2 Ironman is created.
Ironman is not just about SBR, it's about life, dedication, balance, endurance, friendship, discipline, strength, learning, understanding and Love. Love for yourself, others, and the sport.
I am eager to continue my steps closer to Ironman because I know no matter what the result is we are winners, winners of Life (WOL).

Wednesday, September 20, 2006

My First 1/2..

WOW, Totally awesome! I just found out today that the Lone Star Triathlon in Galveston that will be help in April 2007 web site is up with the information! OMG, I want to register now! but registration does not open to Nov. 1, 2006, in a couple of weeks, and yikes $165 for the fee. Not too bad I guess but more than I thought.
Ok, so I was looking at the time cut offs and trying to determine my current status against the cutoffs to see if I would make it today and according to where I am today, it would be close.
My biggest question is my swim. As I have posted before I am not a great swimmer. The tri is a salt water swim, which helps with buoyancy and is also a wet suit swim with water temps in the upper 60's to low 70's, which again will help but I do not want that to be a "crutch." So what to to what to do? For now I am in my running training weeks leading up to the (2) 1/2 Marathons but waiting to really concentrate on swimming till after the Houston Marathon in Jan 07 only leaves me with 3 months to feel confident on my swim and not really sure that is a good place to be. So that only leaves me getting to the pool more or signing up for a monthly ($40) master swim class to get better. Overall, I feel it would make sense to invest say 3 months worth of masters swimming and still have 3 months to build the swim and then move on to increasing the bike endurance, what you all think? I know I will have to balance some bike training between now and then which shouldn't be a problem being as the master swim program swims at night which would continue to leave my mornings open for runs and mild biking except for longer bike rides during the weekend. IMO that is.
Currently, I am up to 7 miles on the long runs and feel good and 11 weeks out from the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon so I feel I am doing good. Being as I will be coming off the (2) 1/2 marathons in Jan 07, my run training should be adequate to carry forward for 3 months, IMO.
In the mean time I have to just sign up and get`r done!!
Any words of advice are greatly appreciated.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

For the Love of Iron

OK, ok, it's true. I love the Iron in some way shape or form. Today, I was set to go swimming but due to not getting enough sleep the last few nights I did not feel recovered from Sunday and Monday and my morning heart rate was higher than normal so I slept in another couple of hours, which by the way was Great! So I wake up get ready and head to the gym to lift weights.
As I am performing my upper body workout I realize as the music is rockn` in my ears that I love the IRON. I have always lifted weights, ever since high school. Workout out has been something that I have had to partake in ever since the high school days. Reading the muscle magazines, talking to other weight lifters and even going to local body building and Mr. Olympia contests. At times I could never get enough of the weights and life style of working out and eating good. So this morning as I was working out and the love of the iron came to me I realized that I really love things with Iron.
I love the weights, iron; I love guns, iron; I love muscle cars, of which I own a 1970 Chevelle Supersport, iron; I have always loved watching the Ironman Triathlons on ABC's Wide World of Sports from the first time I saw it, so its Iron! Big Iron gates that surround the house of Don Corleone in the movie the Godfather, Iron.
It just represents strength, toughness and hardness!
It's those things that make us better as people, as athletes.

Sunday, September 17, 2006

It truely is the Gridiron

This is a new movie out this weekend with Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson and a must see! Totally inspiring and heart whelming. He plays Coach Sean Porter, who is on right. True Inspirational Story! I wont give it away but you got to see it. Then we can talk about it.
Saturday's run was ugly but pretty. I woke up a little later than normal because I went to bed late and so when I was getting ready in the morning, my wife woke up so I asked her if she wanted to go walk while I ran and with a greatness she said Yes! It's so nice to have her come out even though we really don't stay together once we're there but the ride to and from and talking as I finished my run and made the turn around and caught back up with her. It was Nice!
The Ugly part was the fact that the humidity was like 859% if there is such a thing! Which made it very very sticky, muggy and sweaty! Due to the not so nice condition it was hard to keep my HR down in my Z1 and Z2 levels and caused me to talk more than usual. I ended a long short run with 4 miles.
The rest of the day was just relaxing and spending time with the family and my daughters friend who spent the night on Friday and for some reason they stayed up really late because they didn't wake up till Noon! Nice to be a teenager, remember? LOL.
As the afternoon went on I knew I needed to prepare for bike ride on Sunday morning. I had to check up ol`Lotus 2001 2 wheeled tank! and make sure I was ready to go. Turns out my cyclocomputer is shot, darn! I went to the LBS to get a couple of spare tubes, gatorade, bars and gels. Got the bike ready and then we left for dinner and movies. Great!
Sunday morning woke up and got everything into the Murano, which, by the way, I was very happy with because once I folded the seats down my whole bike fit without having to take the wheel off! This makes me very happy for now because I didn't really want to buy a hitch/rack to haul it around, so I can make do and put it on my Christmas list (for those of family who are reading this, hint, hint)
Got to my unloading spot to start my ride and low and behold, no Cycling Shoes! So a few choice words were called out and I went back home to get them, it's about 16 mins away so 40 mins later I'm back at where I started with shoes. Start off on the ride and it's nice and easy. HR is staying down in Z1 and feels nice out. About 8 miles in I stopped a local store for facilities and some other cyclists caught up. We all proceeded together down the route but when it got onto the flats this group layed the hammer down. The leader turned around and asked me "are you comin?" I said "thanks but I'm riding slow today, I appreciate it though" (Like I could have kept up with this group) So next thing I know there outta sight. Being as my computer was out I planned on just riding an hour out and back so when I got to the time check I turned around and headed back. Let's see if I can get back a little quicker I told myself. Not only did I seem to have a slight tailwind but there were a few rain clouds waiting for me, nothing bad, just drizzles. I made it back in 45 mins. Oh yea, somewhere on the turn around my HR decided it was tired and didn't want to monitor anymore so I went by PRE. When I got back I drove the route and ended up at 28.5 miles. Good, bad, heck I don't know. Most I've riden outside in a long time. I felt good just Hungry. When the HR stopped I was at 1130 calories burned so I figured it was the same going back and eating what I brought and stopped to get was no where near that many burned.
It's raining really hard now and I have eaten lunch to get some calories back. I feel good overall.
As I rode, I thought about the movie Gridiron Gang and different parts. Once you see it you will relate to it as well. It's funny how the pool, rode, and pathways we SBR on are our Gridiron! It's where we have to take control and do it, as Nike says. We are the ones that have to have Heart to continue, no one can give us dedication or heart. We have to dig inside and find our drive to never quit, even when it's rough and tough and things are not the way we want them to be. Even when there's a dnf in a race, you have to dig back in and sign back up and go for it. It's a never quitting attitude, an attitude to be a Winner! Winner's have patience, determination, and Heart. "The Difference between Winner's and Loser's, is that Winner's Don't Quit!"

Friday, September 15, 2006

Me and Old Splashy Guy..

Sweet, I woke up this morning and hit the pool by 4:50 am with not a sole in sight until about 5:20 am when Old Splashy Guy showed up. (more on him later) As I started warming up, I realized that my triceps were feeling really fatigued and I remembered that on Wednesday I lifted weights concentrating on biceps/triceps. Not even realizing that it would bother me today.
So as my triceps were feeling heavy and tight I managed to get warmed up and get a few 50's done and work on my bilateral breathing when Old Splash Guy (OSG) showed up. He jumped in the lane next to me and began to swim. As I was swimming with my head in the water I could hear this muffled kurplunk sound echoing through the water and thought what in the heck is that?
As I hit the wall to turn I stopped, waited my 20 seconds and saw OSG violent striking the water like it had just kicked his dog! I mean, the water was literally splashing out of the pool on his side and almost on my side even though our pool only has 2 lanes. So I took off on my next set of 50 and I could here the depth charge kurplunks from the other end of the pool. As we approached each other I kind of got splashed as I was breathing, which, was not really a problem until after I passed him when the water became really wavy causing me to rehydrate myself with pool water, I know it has salt but gee's I don't highly recommend this! LOL. (oh yea, we even have a lane divider and it was still wavy) So keep going and here we are approaching again and yes, once more I start learning the Value of Bilateral breathing. So I switch side to breath when we pass and yet again the water behind him is all over the place.
I think to myself, self; this is only a little wavy water in a control pool where you can touch the bottom if need be and realize that IM swim starts could be really scary! After reading some interesting posting on swim starts from fellow IMOO'ers, I now know that my swimming needs Major improvement and I need to relax when I unintentionally decide to rehydrate with pool water, yuk again.
So I swim about 500 y, and I stop to notice OSG is taking about 36 strokes per 25 yards! But he is continuously swimming and hasn't stopped. So I guess he's got it down far better than I, at this point.
When I finally reach 650 y I seem to have this problem which involves screaming and acting like a fish in shallow water, Calve Cramps! And one thing I cannot stand is my calve cramping! I felt it in the 650y set and kept going and when I got to the 700 y set it began to cramp so I stopped in the middle of the pool. I thought what the heck, why do I always cramp around 700 yards, I thought maybe it was my nutrition yesterday but that went out the window when I know it just happens no matter day I swim. So I guess it's due to overall deconditioning of swimming and that's when I realize that my swimming sucks and actually admired OSG who kept turning out laps. After the cramping starts no matter how I swim it will immediately start again so then my swim is done. This is something that I will have to improve on because cramps are part of Ironman and you cannot simply give in when your on the swim!
I am sure we all run into a OSG somewhere along our adventures of swimming and even though he made all kinds of water waves and splashes it was nice to have a different swim condition, although definetly not Ironman swim starts but at least something to make me think about my current swimming condition and where I need to go to take that 1 Step Closer to Ironman.

Thursday, September 14, 2006

Oops I did it again...

Darn it! The alarm wet off again at 4:20 am for me to go swim and even though I was tired I was about to get up and then I talked myself out of it. I told myself that I would go swim after dropping my daughter off at school. Well, great plan, except it took like an hour to get her there and another 45 mins to get near where I go swim at and by that time I had no more time!
So, there went the swimming once again. I knew it! I knew it! I dont know why I feel for that same scam I feel for early last week! I know that I have to get up and go at that time or else it's not going to get done, if that's the case, then IM is not going to happen because HELLO JOHHNY, it's the first leg of the tri.
So today I ended up just taking off completely and will have to get up and go swim tomorrow morning on my scheduled day off. I like taking fridays off because I open my office earlier and have less time in the morning and I like to be off because I do my long runs on Saturday mornings, it will be interesting to see if swimming tomorrow effects my long run, shouldn't but you never know.
I'm out for now...

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Alone in morning..

Today as I ran at 4:45 am I really felt the beginning of sacrifices we make to feed the addiction to train for Triathlons. I mean, there was only like 5 other people that I passed on the 3 mile trail at that time. Part of that trail runs parralle to a pretty busy road for most of the day but at this time it was bare. As I ran along the road I noticed how dark it was and was waiting to see the sun come up but knew that I would be done and heading back home before that. I realized that in those lonely places where there is only you and the road and nature you have nothing to do but think. Think about your training, how your running, biking, eating. Think about your day if you choose. Think about fellow bloggers and how you cant wait to read there latest. Its a nice quite time if you will. As I finished my 5 miles there were a lot more people on the trail, slackers! I thought to myself, being as I was up before the Chickens, LOL. But they were out there and that's what counts. As the day progressed, I caught up on IronWil's latest and am very intrigued to learn more about her IMOO experience. As I write tonight, I think that about the swim I must undergo in the morning and know that It is going to be tough to once again get out bed and jump into a pool, it just doesn't seem right! Bed=warm, comfortable - Pool=cold, wet, uncomfortable.
I guess those are the things that we go through to become Iron(people) men/women. Its the price we pay for doing the unordinary, although, once we do it enough it then becomes the ordinary for us. I've heard if you do something for 21 days in a row it then becomes a habit, not sure if that is true but are triathles are creatures of habit? Is it the constant swimming, biking and running day in and out that makes us habit creatures? Maybe, maybe not. I like to think that it's the drive to push ourselves to the limit of endurance, find our inner self limiters and learn about ourselves in ways we never thought possible. To do what most call absurd, 140.6 miles in one day! If you really think about it, it is absurd, but that's IRONMAN. And once you have the ironbug bite, it will not let you go, until your inner self is at peace.
Not sure if or when that really happens but for now, my inner self is screaming quietly within and patiently waiting to step onto the IM playing field.
But that is another story....

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

its my Dilemma...

What a crazy morning. First, I talked myself out of getting out of my warm bed to go swim at 4:45am. Then when I did wake up and left for the day the traffic was totally crazy and took way longer to get to the gym at a decent time to complete any sort of a workout. Being as I did not wake to go swim early, I would pick it up at the gym pool but as the traffic sucked I was not able to get to the gym with the pool so I chose a different one and was only able to get in a 30 min. Stationary bike ride and 15 mins on the precore elliptical trainer. Therefore, I came to the conclusion that I have to make the sacrifice to get out of that bed and get to swim, bike or run. It will be all those early morning sacrifices that put the meaning of "tired", LOL, kidding, of.. well I don't really know what meaning it will give but it's gotta give some kind of meaning. I was thinking today of my Ironman future dilemma. As I was thinking about signing up for a future Ironman race in 2007 for the 2008 season, I thought about which race I would like to participate in. It came down to IM Arizona (April), IM Couer d'Alene(June), and IM USA(July). Here's the dilemma/problem as I see it. Out of those 3 I like IM USA first, than Courd de lane, and AZ. If I wait to sign up for the 2008 IM USA I might not get in and would have missed out on the registrations for AZ and Couer dA, which, more than likely would be sold out, so then that means I missed out on all 3 of the IM's I tried for. This would then leave IMOO in Sept to sign up for or IM Florida. I like the MOO venue as well, just didn't want to wait till the end of the 2008 season to participate in an Ironman. So what anyone think? Got any ideas? Anyway, just wanted to say that I completed the 12 week Body for Life program! If you have not heard of it, it is basically a 12 week workout program that you workout and eat good for 12 weeks. You take before and after pictures and you can officially sign up for and compete against others for the best 12 week body transformation and win great prizes! So I signed up 12 weeks ago and completed my 12 weeks on IMOO day. I was happy with my results, although, not where I was when I did it back in 2004 but I still did good. Initially, I started it just to get back into a more dedicated workout routine but along the way I found myself missing the running and triathalon sports and being as I was on my road to better physical condition, why not get back to triathlons, so here I am! I have started another 12 week session yesterday and will take me all the way up to the December Las Vegas Marathon, of which, I am running the half. It's the accountability that keeps us going! Rockon`

Monday, September 11, 2006

A moment to remember..

9/11/2001. A day that will always be remembered. A day that you will recall where you were and what you were doing when you first heard the news. Five years later we reflect on the good and bad that came about. We remember the fallen Hero's of that day and the days to follow.
God Bless you and all them.
Today, I wake to check the final results of IMOO and read up on IronWil. Her pure determination was surpassed by none. I admire her for continuation in the race even after the cut off time during the marathon. She is a true Champion! Way to go Wil. Cant wait to here your experience. Thank you Stu for all the updates during the race.
I suppose I should get to work.. until next time..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Belief & Perseverance

Perseverance "Some people want it to happen...some people wish it to happen Others tear down the walls of resistance and Make it happen"
I have this hanging in my bedroom where I see it everyday. It is actually a marker board below. It's such a great little reminder of resistance in our lives. Tomorrow, the IMOO'ers will be under tremendous resistance and they will be succeeding by Perseverance. I wish them well and will follow along on the tracker.
What takes us through tough times when we experience them? Is it perseverance, is it stubbornness or is it belief? ...What? Any of those and more can get you through tough times in life, work and training but I like belief. To me belief is a strong word which has some many different interpretation's. To me Belief Sustains You Through Manifestation.
You have to be ready for the changes that will occur due to the tough times and you have to be ready for the fight to make those changes to the way you need/want. When I experience resistance there are some things I like to think about and try to follow:
1) Work Hard at what you do.
2) Learn all you can.
3) Discipline yourself.
4) Be willing to Pay the Price of Change.
5) Build emotional stamina.
6) Always do the Right Thing.
While living for the future always be prepared for the Good & Bad Things in live; the positive (+) and negative (-) factors in your life are effected by decisions made Today; and Always Believe in God!
One thing I have seen others do is write a list on the Top 100 things or goals you would like to accomplish in your lifetime and start crossing them off your list.
First thing on my list...1) Start my list.
Gotta run....
Rockon` ...... IMOOer's!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Friday, September 08, 2006

Look Around..

Friday! Reading others posts today and I notice how everyone is happy, lucky and enjoying life with family, friends, racing in IMOO or training this weekend. As I leave work, the weather is nice here in H-town and as I return home I notice my wife totally enjoying herself while cleaning around the house. She has the music on, which excites her feelings of being "proud latina" she states! As she moves from room to room with the music sounding off it, candels buring, clean house smell, it really is a great feeling! It's great to see her happy, it's great to feel Great! Sometimes, we forget to stop and really see the happiness around us. Even when there is hard times or things are not going the right way we want them, the Happyness is there, it's just at that time we are not looking for it. With fall just beginning (IronAlya blog) it is a change of things to come. Different weather, different training patterns and different seasons. Take the time to enjoy your surroundings and tell your loved ones that you love them. Excuss me, I have go tell my wife... Rockon`

Thursday, September 07, 2006

It's up to You!

Don't you just like the fact that no matter what you do, it's up to you! If you want to lose weight you have to exercise and eat right. If you want to speak a different language you have to take classes. If you want to earn more money if you have more or better education or take greater risks. Life in itself is interesting. No matter where you live or what you do, you have to realize that you are in control of your life. Some leave it to fate or belief, that what happens to them is because of the this or that or the stars aligning or the cosmos is waving or Pluto is no longer a planet but there more of a cause and effect principal.
Henry Ford says it well: "You can't build a reputation on what you are going to do." Do you think he sat around and said he dreamed of a building vehicles, no, he had to get out there and build one, even if it didn't work. Now look at Ford, sponsoring the Ironman Triathlons.
The deal is that you want it, you have to be willing to work for it. I don't think us age groupers are sitting around saying "someday ironman", we are out there day and night working towards that goal. For the most part nothing we want comes easy, why should it? We would only then mock it or say why do try for it because it's too easy. Wanting something like Ironman takes severe determination and will. Never say die attitude. Persistence and strong desire. Yes, we have a dream but that dream is filled with all the above to make it come true, wait, that's "If it's to be, it's up to me!" I love it!
For those who are putting in the grind every day, Great job and keep going and focus on what keeps you going! For those who are sliding off the bench, remember your dream and "why" you picked that dream and remember your thoughts and what it feels like when you accomplish that dream and GET BACK ON IT!
What are you waiting for, Christmas? Rockon`

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Ironman Full MOOn approaching

As the day approaches for the Ironman Wisconsin I can only think of all the athletes that will be participating this weekend. With the full moon set to take place on Sept 7th and rain in the forecast the competitors have there work cut out for them. I will be thinking of all the trials and tribulations that they will endure (I'm jealous) and the stories that will be posted on the blogs. Most of all, I will be thinking that one day I too will be out there, with my family cheering and thinking back about the day I thought about the IMOO athletes in 2006. In the mean time, I will continue to train and work closer to getting myself ready. (oh yea and saving for that entry fee & travel expenses) With the weather beginning its cool down, if you call it that here in Houston, TX, it becomes more of an outdoor training season than a indoor gym season and that to me is just Bueno! Rockon`

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Missing The Crocodile Hunter

We have heard the news that Mr. Steve Irwin as passed due to a freak accident. Recent internet information states there is video of him getting stung and pulling out the barb from the stingray. Such a tragic loss of such a great person. I have watched Crocodile Hunter for about 5 years that I can remember and have seen many daring adventures that Mr. Irwin undergoes as we all have. The love and passion that Mr. Irwin displays for his work and nature that he chooses to be a part of are something that most people fail to find sometime in there lives. Most or all of us would say that Steve is Crazy! That Croc guy, he's nuts! And so be it true to that fact, the fact that Mr. Irwin was crazy. He was crazy about his blessings to be doing something that his heart desired, work with animals. Watching him on TV and just listening to him talk and explain the facts of various creatures you could immediately tell his love for teaching, love for adventure and his love for himself. So many words can be said for Mr. Irwin but there is not enough places to write them down. The World has truly lost a legend in nature. Mr. Steve Irwin you will be missed, God Be with you. It comes to question, can everyone, such as Mr. Irwin, have a love and passion for things in there life? We, that search for the finish line of an Ironman race have that love and passion. It's the love and passion to train, to push ourselves to the limits, to endure pain, to learn from our mistakes and to embrace our long journey of training when the finish line appears. And when the finish line is crossed a new and different journey begins, what is it? It's what ever your love and passion is. I began the day with general cardiovascular exercise and some upper body weights, followed by a short 20 min stationary bike. Continuing on to work, as we must, and going throughout the day with several people commenting on Mr. Irwin's passing and how he died loving what he did. I reflect on that for a while and it strikes me that today, I love what I do. I love being a husband, father, co-worker, Chiropractor, friend and an triathlete in training who is taking 1 Step Closer to Ironman! Rockon`

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day work..

Today, Labor Day. A day of honoring the workers of America. Funny how the day starts out with a morning easy run followed by a weight training session. The gym is open and there are a few trainers with clients working out. As I finish my workout I notice that more people have arrived to complete there exercise. As I make my way home, I stop off to vacuum the car and put gas. Again, I notice how people are diligently working and moving to and from. As I arrive home, family is in the dining room have breakfast and laughing. My brother in-law stops by from his morning work shift for a quick bite to eat, yet again working, he states that his day will end at 2 pm. Once breakfast is over cleaning up the morning mess takes part and is quickly done with several family members pitching in to help out. Next thing I know my dryer is smelling like some kind of burning fire so quickly its stopped and check. After an hour of cool down I begin to take it apart. This becomes a project of cleaning the lent from every nook and cranny I can find. I notice that several minutes into this that Labor Day has really taken its name. I seem to be sweating more working on the dryer project than I did in my morning run/workout, I laugh because by now I have cut my finger and somehow managed to stick the corner of a cabinet door into the side of my hamstring. Once I am finished with this its lunch time and some of the family has returned for lunch and everything is warmed up and brought out. I love having family and laughs together and even on a Labor Day, a day set aside for special recognition of working people, it all comes together with a question. Is there really such a day where there is no work? Not really. We may be off work today and it may slip our minds that the day is to recognize working people but most of those people ARE WORKING! (I recognize the men and women of our country that protect us each day (Army, Navy, Air Force, Marines) We must understand that even though some of use are off work today and enjoying not going to the office or meeting with clients, its the local house work, bbq, cleaning, posting on blogs and daily workouts that continue to have us working. In the grand scheme of things I enjoy my blessing to work. If its for the sake of earning a living or for the mere enjoyment of spending time with family and friends or even for pure self enjoyment of working out and taking that one step closer to Ironman.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

One lap..

Well after reading Wil's totally inspiring post this morning it was a must to believe that I could get to the pool. As thoughts of doing everything else just so I could pretend that I didn't have time came to my head, the heart felt words of Wil put it all together.

It is so great to have others in our lives states words of daily advise from experiences that encourage use to continue in our own personal lives at what ever it may be.

As I entered the pool excited to practice swim drills the picture above states about what my pool looked like, Empty! (picture is not of my swim area) Being empty was a sure sign of how I get to rule the pool! Pick my own lane and splash as much as I want. As I began swimming my warm up laps I quickly took note to the fact that my swim technique is not very good and going back to the basics of drills is what is about to happen. The old saying of "crawl before you walk" so I took to drills and actually had a great time. Somewhere, 30 mins into the workout, some other fishy splasher took a lane and now there was 2. We conversed shortly between rests and continued on. It truly comes to say that in our sport, if your swimming there's nice people, if your biking there's nice people and if your running there's nice people. Where else can you meet so many nice people doing different things.

As I neared the end of my swim drills 45 mins later and my left calve starting to cramp on me causing me to turn in all different directions and look like a fish that just got hooked I noticed a few others taking to the lanes and one asking me if I was finished. I guess the odd display of swim technique during cramping was a sign of distress or dismay, haha. Yes, I replied and head off to change and begin my weight workout.

On this Labor Day weekend so many things are going on around us but as I walk about and think back about Wil's post I embrace my training today because in time I will be where she is approaching race day and remembering what she said about Belief; in myself, my training and my knowledge over the last year.

Today is again 1 Step Closer to Ironman!


Saturday, September 02, 2006

Fact or Fiction?

When we as humans have that one thought in our brains that is extraordinary, to accomplish something in our lives that's sets us apart inside, is it a Fact or Fiction? You can dream upon that thought and it is truly Fiction. It can take you anywhere you want it to go, you can feel how ever you want to feel and it can be as fast or slow as you want it, but it's still Fiction.
Fact, a noun, defined as: a thing done: the quality of being actual : something that has actual existence : an actual occurrence : a piece of information presented as having objective reality - in fact : in truth. Now that thought you have can become Fact if you desire to act upon it. For me, the thought was Ironman, has been for the last 10 years. Why would anyone want to Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles and Run 26.2 miles, ALL IN ONE DAY! At age 35, almost 36, the dream of it has still been Fiction. But the change has come to go from fiction to fact and it takes 1 step at a time! My athletic background has taken me more to the weight lifting scene and as a big guy, 6'1" 215lbs, running or biking has never been a forte, let alone freestyle swimming. 5 years ago, I hired a triathlon coach to teach me to swim freestyle. After a few weeks of lessons, I was swimming along fine and continued to run and bike and train to complete a Sprint Triathlon. As it turns out, I completed that triathlon and had a blast! I envisioned my continued training to the tune of an Olympic and 1/2 IM distances with a full IM before I turned 34. As I said now almost at 36, the continuation of life and priorities changed over the past few years and my Fact turned back to Fiction. At 34, I ran a marathon and thought that I would never run that distance again! I have heard others say that "running a marathon by itself is much harder than completing it after a triathlon", not sure how true that is but 1 step at a time and we will eventually find out.
Within the past few months I have decided I want my Fiction to become FACT and in doing so I have set out on swim, bike, run training and have signed up for two 1/2 marathons approaching in Dec 06 Las Vegas and Jan 07 Houston. Within the run training comes the swim and bike portion to achieve the training and confidence to toe the line on May 2007 for the Florida Half Ironman and prepare to register for a full Ironman distance sometime in 2007 to be completed in 2008 at the age of 37. Its a great feeling to know that long hard work and day in-out life of training for a year will all pay off; Wil, makes great reference to this in her blog, which is inspiring and true to life. Over the next year I look forward to posting, reading and learning from others. In the beginning it all starts as Fiction and with 1 step closer to Ironman, it will one day be FACT! Rockon`