Thursday, December 15, 2011

Running and UFC!

Wow how time fly's when you're having fun!! Coming off of JJ100 I have been just basically taking it easy in the run world and resting my foot as much as possible. I have been more on the weight training and TRX training plan for the time being along with some elliptical training and other cardio work but running has been far and few between. Now I know that I am losing my cardio fitness for running but overall I think at this time its okay as soon I work to build it back.

One of the cooler things that has been occurring is working with 2x UFC Heavyweight Champ Frank Mir in preparing for his UFC140 rematch with Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira. I have been stretching and utilizing Chiropractic to help him improve his range of motion and recover between training sessions. Since the fight was in Toronto, Canada he asked me to come along for the days leading up to the fight. This was a totally great experience and I am very blessed to be asked to be a part of his traveling team, Team Mir!

While in Toronto I also had the great pleasure of introducing Fascial Stretch Therapy to Ricky Lundell from University of Grappling, Mike Whitehead, and Danny "DeeOne" Davis Jr. all part of Franks training team. I also got to meet some really great people involved in the UFC world and just experience the world of UFC. Fight night was very exciting with Frank submitting Nogueira in a Kimura and earning Submission of the Century! and submitting a legend in the UFC world, it did end in a break of Nog's arm.

It was a fast fun week and again I am very thankful to all of Team Mir!

Since I got back I was interviewed by Chris Fredrick co-founder of Stretch To Win on working with MMA/UFC fighters and Frank Mir. Check out the video here:

Also, back in the run world, I didn't get selected for the Western States 100, boo!! but I should be in for New York Marathon 2012!! its my 4th year to enter so 3 times prior I have been denied! NYC watch out, JT is coming to town!