Monday, March 31, 2008

82 days..

that's the amount of time left I have to continue to feel like I am totally behind on this Ironman training and continuing to wonder if I am really 1 Step closer..

This weekend's training ride of 70 miles was once again rounded out at 62 due to miss calculation on my part. I must say this route was much hillier with a longer steady grind it out climbs. One of my climbs was actually about 6 miles long and just a steady uphill with some serious changes in some parts of the grade. All was OK and even better on the way back down as top speed of 49 mph kind of scared the crap out of me. It was like 45 mins to get up the hill and about 8 mins to get back down or something like that, I have not uploaded my Garmin info yet.

My runs this week were sub par although complete expect for my long run which just did not happen yesterday, no excuses, it just didn't get done! Damn it! and well let's not even talk about the swim last week.

So enough about what should have been in week 13 and Focus on this week and making it a good one!

Today, starts off as a Swim Time trial to see where I am these days, although it really shouldn't be that much different as I don't feel my swims have really come along that well, but who knows.
This week is actually a cut back week but overall that seems to mess with me a little mentally as I just don't seem I have been productive enough for a cut back week but I will follow what Coach says.

Next weekend is the RAGE race out here in Sin City and although I am not signed up I am somewhat sad that I will not being going out to the course to cheer anyone one as I will be deep in my training for that day. I a last ditch effort I should sign up and go get my ass kicked out there to really put the stamp on my ass for CdA. I do look to meet up with some fellow OutLaws that weekend though!

So enough about my whining and training.. Hope all is well with my blog family peeps. Thanks for hanging with me and sorry for not commenting as much as I used to.


Sunday, March 23, 2008

never ahead but pressing on..

Wow, Is there any time I can get out and ride without a 20mph+ wind! I guess not! But no worries as JT got 65 miles in yesterday on a two loop route. The day started out great and some easy climbs got the heart rate pumping. I eventually caught up to a TEAM cycling group and rode with them for about hour. Then I had to bust loose of them and get to some riding as I had a long ways to go and the time was wasting. After completing my first loop and stopping off to refuel I was back off on the 2nd loop only to find myself making a stupid turn around move on the trail and ended up crashing and falling to my left side! Damn! Scrapped my left elbow and hand and made it some what difficult to stay in the aero position but managed to get it done. Overall it was a great long cycling session.

Swimming this week was also good as I ended up almost at 5000 yards. Running was a little sluggish overall so not much happening there.

This week seems to be a continuation of build which is overall good. I hope I can stay strong with the build week and continue on with the workouts. Still seems like I'm behind but I guess that will continue until race day! ughhh..


Wednesday, March 19, 2008


The week has been good for swimming this week. As you can see by my side bar my swim volume is up double from last week! and it's only Wednesday and I have one more swim scheduled for the week.

It was great to be in the pool with a swim partner, Jenn! She comes from a swimming background and has not been in the pool herself in about 5 years and let me tell you, she can swim. This totally stinks as we were sharing a lane. She started swimming and her goal was to just get used to being back in the water, get her breathing down and go through her strokes. After a few lengths of the pool Jenn was breathing hard but not long after (as I was swimming 40 mins continuous) I felt her nipping at my feet!! I was cool, contact! Like in a tri, kinda. Anyway, she had found her breathing and was now easily starting to get back in the rhythm. A few more laps and she was definitely swimming well, although, coming from her back round she says she was not, Whatever! Overall, I am super Proud of Jenn for getting back out there after so long and enjoying it!

Now in the next 3 days, JT has to step up the feed bag and get ready for the long bike this weekend. It's stated to be super nice outside and I should be out early and get it done but 70 miles is long way to go and around here in the rolling hills it's not going to be too easy let alone it will be my longest ride in a long long time! But I am looking forward to it to make some nutrition and mental notes.

On the run side, things have been slow and low but I'm getting some runs in there and here along with the scheduled workouts although I still an not feeling the run overall. I guess I'm really focused on biking and swimming theses days.


Monday, March 17, 2008

St. Pat's Day and PUNKD' on Cd'A House!!!

So what's up with not wearing green anymore? There was only 3 people in my office of 14 wearing green today, oh well.

Training this past weekend was sub-par but I was out there. My swim last week was good, felt good, and just seemed to work overall for the 2500 I put in. The Brick on Saturday was blasted by a nice strong winds, a rear flat and becoming cold after changing the tire and ended up with 42 miles instead of the planned 55, humm. But then 2 miles on the treadmill for my transition. I guess I should have gone longer but being cold on bike in the wind really took it out of me. The rest of the day was spent recovering, eating and just down right taking it easy.

Sunday turned out to be a total suck ass day here for weather. It was super windy, more than Saturday, raining, 39* all which lead to me staying indoors, napping with Jenn and just plain not doing jack shit! HA! Maybe it was what I needed, although, work kind of tired me out the last 3 hours but I feel ready to get to the pool tonight for session.

So if you haven't read Biguns blog on the Cd'A house for Ironman, we got PUNKD'!! Seems the house we rented the owners went into foreclosure on it and so now we have NO Place to stay! All of us. Well kind of. Everyone split up and is basically on there own now, which totally sucks but what can you do. Luckily, I had reserved a room at the local Motel 6 for my parents and now will be crashing out there for the few days I am in Cd'A. What a mess. I will miss the fun of being with all the Bloggers in a house but I guess it all works out but still still totally sucks! I mean, if the owner was having problems enough for Foreclosure you think you would have known a long time ago and not waited till last week but again, at least they told us and refunded the deposit that Bigun had posted up for us, thank God.

OK, gotta run. Time is short these days..


Wednesday, March 12, 2008

sluggish recovery..

It's 10 days post LA Marathon and I am barely feeling like I want to do something. Actually, yesterday I got on the treadmill for about 4.5 miles, legs still felt sluggish and heavy and although I kept my HR in zone 2 my pace was slow. Then today I was scheduled for a swim and went right after work only to get to the pool and realize I forgot the swim trunks! Shit!! So I changed plans, came home and jumped on the bike trainer for tomorrow's workout, swapping them.

So after the bike Hill trainer workout I feel pretty good and it actually felt good to be on the bike. Although it was only for an hour with several changes in gearing, out of the saddle climbing and seating climbs I was ready to be done with it.

Overall, mentally I was not prepared to be out of the game this long, actually, I really didn't even think about how long mentally it would take me to recovery I was more worried physically and it felt like 5-6 days after that I was ready physically, probably not, but the mental side wasn't having any part of it and so I just relaxed ate and drank beer!! (sorry Coach)

Life is keeping me busy that's for sure. JT's been on the really happy side these days while being with Jenn and I realize that life is so much better when you can share your happiness. Although she thinks us Triathletes are totally psycho and nuts (which we are, ha!) she has no problems telling me to get my ass out there and go do something!

In other news, I just found out that the Outlaws will be hitting Sin City come April for the Rage Race and will look to hook up with S. Baboo and the gang! On that note, I need to sign up for that race!!


Wednesday, March 05, 2008

the recovery...

Today my legs seem to have come back to life. I still feel a little bit of deep soreness if I push down like a deep tissue massage but otherwise going up and down stairs, standing up from sitting position and plain walking I feel good. I also seem to have eaten enough calories the last couple of days, mainly Protein, or anything Steak/meat related to get my body back on track. So today I am back on the fruits/vegs/salad stuff!

As for training, today will be the first day back at some light easy walk running on the treadmill and some core training. Then it looks like the rest of week there will be an easy bike, swim and a brick on Saturday. I'll check in with Formulaic to see if he and Mrs. Form are up for some bricking out at that lovely oh not so flat Lake Mead. The countdown continues and after the marathon I feel a little eagr to kick it up and I definitely feel Behind! But I guess that's a good thing so not to get lazy and over confident.


Monday, March 03, 2008

LA Marathon Recap..

Let's get right too it.

Time: 5:14 almost 5:15. Weather was warm and sunny and got sunburned! Hey I didn't know it was going to be that sunny to burn. No big deal though.

Overall race was great! I had a good run. Probably started off too slow but I took it easy and stayed reserved at the beginning as everyone was freakn' passing me on the down hills! It sucked but definitely proved to be vital later on as from mile 19 on I was passing a lot of people!

Nutrition and hydration was great. I had a good pre-race PBJ's made by Jenn, (super thank you!!) and totally hit the spot. From mile 5-13 I practiced running through the water stations like a pro, grabbing ever cup of water splashing it down, drinking and dumping it over me as it was warming up. It was really fun actually. Then after mile 14 I started slowing down and walking a little through them to get some rest time. The spectators were wonderful handing out all kinds of snacks and water which totally helped me out as the gels become blahh after a 15 miles and I needed some other food stuff.

By mile 18 I had a blister trying to rub through on my foot so I had to stop and tend to it. At mile 8 I had stop and use the bathroom and that was about a 8-10 min time gap!! Oh well. By mile 19 I was having some left upper thigh/groin tightness and kept having to stop and stretch it out. After mile 20 I really don't even remember the course as I went into the Zen Zone and just completely focused on running, holding back and keeping HR down. It was weird to really block everything out but that's how I got through those last 6 miles.

The last 1/2 mile really sucked as it was a nice incline to the finish! Come on people!! WTF? uphill at the finish! I was glad to be done and was feeling pretty good, just tired legs.

Today, the legs are sore and tired but overall I am just plain wiped out. Drove back from LA last night and got to bed around 1am, yikes.. and am working today! Can't wait to sleep tonight.

So now it's on to long bikes, swims and bricks in the countdown to Cd'A!!!


PS. Congrats to Formulaic for setting a new PR this weekend in his half marathon!! You sign up for the Silverman Half yet, Form?