Thursday, March 31, 2011

T-9 = 100

In just 9 short days I will once again be towing the line and a second attempt/run at this 100 game, the Labor of Love 100. This event is a local event for Vegas and located just about 40 miles from the Strip. It is put on by Calicoracing who does several events in the Vegas area and is known for great events like, Running from an Angel, Running from a Devil, Red Rock Marathon, and the famous E.T. Run at Area 51 in August!

This event, Labor of Love (LOL) is a huge running event weekend and will include 2 days of events. 100m, 50m, 50k, 26.2, 13.1, and 10k events. I have ran the 50k event the last two years and its the only race in the series that actually is on both road (asphalt) and dirt, all the other events are on the road. The course is set in Lovell Canyon again about 40 miles from the strip. It starts at the entrance to the canyon just off Highway 160 and is a basic out and back situation. For the 100, this will be out 11 miles and return (22miles) X 4.5. OOOO the fun!! There is about 8,000 ft. of climbing overall so not too bad but the out the gradual climb with the return being on the downhill slope, obviously. There is one nice little uphill/downhill grind of about 1.25 miles and sharp in stature about 1/2 in to it, so that makes it fun and with the 4.5 situation, the turn around for the last .5 is at the bottom of this little bitch, but once back to the top, about mile 97, you will have a nice gradual down and flat to the finish.

Since the HURT100 I have felt a little cheated in all this going for the 100 buckle and I am looking to cast my name on the 100 mile accomplishments! Training has been going good and since I entered taper about 10 days ago I feel like a slug and even have the typical panic feeling of am I ready? I am not really sure, just like in Ironman, if you are really "ready" esp. for this 100 stuff, Big B, aka S. Baboo always seems to be ready and puts the tread down so I am looking to take this mantra to LOL, oh.. and breakfast from the Hash House where before Big B's and Geekgirls Death Valley Marathon and Vegas runs we all ate there and PR's were set, if I do recall!

As for the race plan: Simple - RUN BITCH RUN!

I seriously do not have any idea how fast I will be able to run this because I have not run long (62mi) since Nov.. and 27 miles at HURT although a couple of my training runs were 25+. All my times have been below avg. of 12 mins/mile so I will just head to the course and run and see where it all plays out. There is a 32 hour cutoff so I should be okay to finish in the time frame, although I will go on record and say I would like to somewhere between 27-29 hours. I will also be looking to try some different things out for nutrition but not too crazy, just small changes and I will also be taking my Blood Sugar along the way to do a self experiment. The temperature is looking to be in the upper 60's for high and low's in the 40's maybe upper 30's at night in the canyon area so should be good weather, maybe some winds but lately that is just the way it goes around here.

let the count down continue...


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Off in March..

I wish!! It seems that Feb. came and went so dang fast I missed a lot of running or just training. I was able to hit the gym and weights a few times, get in some runs and also went to become Level 2 Fascial Stretch certified! It was a great month with my birthday, even turning 40! and of course Dez birthday was the week after mine so all in all Feb was a great month!

Now in March its off to a great start logging in some great miles the first week. I am preparing for the Labor of Love 100 miler here in Vegas next month, even though it will be all road I am excited to go for the distance! and of course the Buckle.

gotta run.. ha!