Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Soma 70.3 Recap.. !!

I'll get right to the point so we all know whats going on..!!!

After getting packet pick up and bike check in it was pretty much R&R the rest of the day Saturday and then up nice and early Sunday morning with a few breakfast bites and off to body marking!

Once inked up with #1015 and enjoying the mass amounts of space I had at transition but not enjoying the music blaring right in my ear as me and several others were right in front of the mornings PA system! ha!. Once all set up and ready to go it was wet suit mount up time and then line up for the staging.

Swim: (my watch time 44:30 mins) - Official result 47:36
Soma is a floating start with 4 mins between age groups, I was group #4 of the morning. Once in the 71* water it didn't take long to adjust to the temperature and floating around for 3 + mins seemed like a long time but finally the Horn sounds and I start my new Ironman Timex Watch! Off we go and all is good heading out. Breathing well, relaxing and settling in to the other swimmers around, it really wasn't a wash n machine effect at all, lot of water space. Once the sun started to come up it was a little more difficult to site but there was enough swimmers in front of me following them was a little easier. Making the turn around and heading back some how I ended up right on the buoy line and I was quickly getting bumped around so I attempted to move to the outside, right, but there was more swimmers so I held my line for a while and tried again only to find more swimmers, ughh!! Finally, I said screw it and stayed on the line for the experience of being in the mix! I was breathing and staying calm it was just a little weird to have periods of contact, get out of rhythm and then get back in rhythm but next thing I know I'm almost back to the finally head home 100 yard buoy and then it really got crowed and lots of bumping and pushing, actually worse than any other time during the swim but hey, it's the last 100 so kick up and get the hell out of the water. I exit the swim bleachers, a volunteer pulls me up and I hit land and I hit my lap on my watch.

T1: (watch 5:35) - Official 3:36

Now as I exit and start running there are many wet suit strippers but they all seem to be busy and everyone laying on the ground has made it a little muddy so I run to the side of the chute, unzip and pull pull I'm out of my wet suit and off and running. As I began to enter the Run In/Out of transition I notice the timing mat. What? Yes, way over here from the swim exit so that is why my swim time is officially 47:36. T1 was the same as any other, get in and out. I had to wash off my feet so I sat down, rinsed, dried, socks on, and the usual and off I go.

Bike: (watch 2 hrs 54 mins) Officially 2:54

bike is 3 loops with some nice long flats and several dog legs and turns which you just have to be care and slow down on b/c they are 180* turns. Overall it's a flat course with some fast areas as I was rolling along at 21-25mph at times. There are a couple of short hills that rob you of your speed but luckily they are not that long and you get back into it. I would say one thing you have to watch out for is the manhole covers and some rough bumps in the intersections and of course the 1st loop there is so many athlete's that it's hard not to get caught in the drafting position and at times I kept getting passed so I would naturally fall back once over taken but then it was repeated and I noticed I was slowing down and being pushed back so I said screw it and held my pace staying off line with the bike in front of me hoping not to get caught in any drafting zone but I really don't think the officials were watching us mid-back packers on the first loop as I didn't see any of them till the 2nd and 3rd loops and then they were clearly checking for violations but by this time there was plenty of space/distance and you should not have been drafting. So my nutrition worked out well with my Gu's and I probably should have taken a little more salt in but thought I was Okay only to find out on the start of the run my quads started cramping so I knew I didn't take enough. Other wise I learned I need to incorporate some type of solid food, bar, etc.. in addition to the Gu's for calories and I need to use Gatorade Endurance formula more over the next 3 weeks b/c my stomach had a slight sour feeling after using small amounts of it. I am also thinking about trying some Carbo Pro.. Any thoughts or experience anyone??????

T2: (watch time and Official time were about the same 2:35)

Pretty much not eventful.. in and out.

Run: (watch time 2 hrs 45 mins) Official 2:46

is a two loop run course. Once on the run my quads started cramping slightly so I knew I needed the salt. I have been using Salt Sticks lately but I am thinking I will be switching back to S-Caps as they just seemed to work a little easier on my stomach in the digestion part. So once I was able to get running I started with a 5 min run 1 min walk schedule but this didn't last too long at all as my heart rate was sky high and I just seemed really uncomfortable so I switched back to my training of 4/1's. Now this worked for a couple of miles and once I got passed mile 2 it was really hot. No Shade on this run course other than crossing under a couple of bridges so about 10 seconds worth. I took my fuel belt with 4 bottles and my Gu's along with my hand held water bottle I used for Headlands 50. I kept the hand held filled with cold ice water to cool me down and this worked wonderful as I was just enough water to drink and keep me cooled off between aid stations. Now I realized about mile 4-5 that I was not going to use the fuel belt bottles so I emptied the water out of them and I noticed that I was not in the mood for any more Gu's but I ended up taking 2 of them on the run any way out of necessity and I know I needed them. I did and I have always liked the Cola and it works well but my problem is that I love the way it tastes by this time and I drink too much!!! so then I feel a little bloated and I have let my stomach empty but by this time I am at another aid station and I Do it again! Ugh. So I have to learn to control that at Cozumel. By the second loop I felt a little more quad cramping so I took a couple of more salts and was fine. It was really hot by this time, 89* they said and running on concrete probably is hotter with the heat so I was using my hand held like crazy to keep me cool. I was pretty uncomfortable and I had to mentally just suck it up b/c my mile splits were dropping just b/c I was walking way too much. Finally making the way to the end I ran a little more just to get it over with but it was really uncomfortable and I just wanted to walk. I saw the finishing shoot which was about 100 yards from the end but you had to run up a slight hill on the grass to get there so I just started running and next thing I know I see the finish line. I make my way through smiling, glad to be down and still pouring water on me. I grab another bottle of water at the finish and drink it all down even though I felt full I know I needed it.

Overall.. it was a great venue and race and I would do it again! A serious PR on the Bike for me busting below 3 hours, a great swim time for me and so so run time but again Overall PR but then again no other 70.3 has been equal in terrain but I will take it! I placed 117/136. I learned a lot and will be changing some things for Cozumel and that was the main plan and goal for this race as well.

I want to thank Desiree so much for coming with me and being a great Sherpa! She is totally new to all the triathlon stuff so she did her best behind the camera, cheering, Sherpa'ing, and making for a great trip! Also I want to thank my nephew, Marcos, for taking the day off of work, waking up before me on race day, then falling back asleep and later getting to the race site, hanging out with Desiree and just chilln' with us the rest of the afternoon! Always great to have family around.

Now it's on to the last 32 days of training with a century ride coming up this weekend and a 16 mile run. Back in the pool today and implementing some other training into the mix.. the secret weapon! haha! yea right. /span>


Thursday, October 22, 2009

T-3 days..Soma 70.3

First off, thanks josh for the advice. I sometimes forget this and now I don't feel so worried.

The athletes list and instructions came out today and at this time there is 156 athletes in my age group, not including anyone that signs up between now and Saturday.

I am wondering what my race strategy will be actually. I mean I know I have to survive the swim and get out of the water, which by the way is looking like a wet suit swim being in the low 70's. I just checked the water temp now at 2pm and its 75*, I was debating on using the wet suit or the speed suit that S. Baboo was nice enough to let me borrow originally for Cozumel and at this point I guess I am leaning towards the wet suit. Now once out of the water with the help of the wet suit strippers and on to the bike.

Of course nutrition and hydration on the 3 loop course. Aid stations will be at mile 9 and 16 of the loop so other than starting with some water in my aero bottle and one Gatorade bottle I am good to go till the second loop which is good b/c it will give me time to assess the stations as I pass them on the first loop. Now hoping for not too much wind I am looking to actually ride a little uncomfortable out of my zone and see how it works overall. Of course with the technical turns of the course I may not be totally uncomfortable b/c I am not sprinting back up to speed after every turn. We'll see how it all comes together.

Now the run. I have been training on my 4 min run/1 min walks lately and although I seem to be avg. about 10:45ish pace overall I think I will move to the 5/1 and see how it plays out. I can always adjust back to 4/1's. I will be carrying my hand held on this run b/c this is my plan for Cozumel for simply keeping me cool. The aid stations are every mile on this course and my hand held will definetly get me through those to keep me cool. It should be in the mid 80's for the run so that's going to be warm esp. when its been in the 60-70s here in vegas so dumping water on me usually works. I will also carry 2 bottles in my fuel belt for in between the miles. I have even thought about putting on my trail running shorts over my tri shorts in T2 like I did last week on a training brick and it simply was to carry my gels, salts and there just comfortable to run in, but im still undecided on that.

Overall I think it will be a good race if all goes well and no sudden changes in wind or crazy mishaps. I will have fun as I always do and look forward to getting back and pressing on for a couple more weeks till Cozumel.


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Count down to Soma 70.3

Hey its only 5 days away and I am still wondering how good I can swim. I mean I have a good few swim sets under my belt lately, it will most likely be a wet suit swim somewhere in the 72-75* water temps but does all that really transfer to the NON wetsuit, skin suit of current flowing ocean salt water..???? humm..

I still have time after Soma for swim endurance sets and I know they will come but just makes me wondering how ready am I for Ironman Cozumel. With a couple of centuries left on the bike, some more running as well I feel good with all that but again it makes me wonder and question.

I guess this is good right? I mean, I should be wondering.. It's Ironman! It's not easy! It's tough out there, weather conditions, water currents, humidity, and your body having a mind of it's own. Eeeks!!

Well in 5 days I will have some answers and some more questions!! or doubts or beliefs!!!

5 Days!!!! Soma 70.3 I'm coming after you!


Monday, October 12, 2009

still counting down..

Like I thought it would stop or slow down, yea right!! 47 days it was says today and with only 13 day left till 70.3 Soma, I am 99% scared, 1% excited, or maybe it's 99% excited, 1% scared, but that's what makes it so awesome! (yes, that's from Armageddon)

I will look to get a some Lake swimming in this week in the wet suit just b/c I haven't in the open water since June but if not this week maybe next week and heck, if not then, I guess race day! Not like its my first time in open water but ya know, always good to recall what it feel like.

Training has been coming along well this past week with some good swims, bike and run work. Yesterday's double head wind on the out and back made the ride oh so fun but hey, Cozumel will have wind so nothing I won't be used to other than the Humidity. Which brings me to the scared part of racing in Cozumel and wondering how my body is going to react to the warmed temps and humidity and how that will play out for speed and hydration. Overall, I am still looking to have a great race and finish feel good and if that is longer than my CdA time, that so be it but I hope it's not and time will only tell, especially come race day.


Sunday, October 04, 2009

Counting down and a New event!

Talk about wind disruption this weekend! I mean we all get windy days but sometimes I think Vegas gets more than its fair share! Anyway, the temperature dropped very nicely this week and this weekend it has actually been cool/chilly compared to what we are used to.

I have finally been feeling better although I seem to have a slight cough attacks at times but then it goes away. I was able to get in a short ride today and was not that impressed with my triumphant return to the training circuit with all the time I have had off I guess I was just hoping for more but I do have to realize I was sick!

With just a few short weeks left to Cozumel and even less to Soma 70.3 I have had a few short conversations with Coach Liz and looks like we will be working to a 10 day taper for Cozumel vs. the standard 3 weeks just b/c I have been off on the volume. I am totally comfortable with this as I just really feel that I am way behind and until I can get a good week or two of training to bring back my confidence I like what I am hearing. My focus needs to be sharp, rest and recovery need to be priority, intensity needs to be on and I need to stay Healthy! Good nutrition, fruits, veggies, and extra vitamins along with anything else I can get a hold of to keep me 100%. I am excited for the next several weeks to come and I am nervous which I think is a good thing b/c there is work to be done and only I can control what gets accomplished and what does not!!

Being as I am so excited Guess what I did??!!! Guess!!!! I signed up for 50 miler race #2! Old Pueblo 50, March 6, 2010! It will be southern Arizona and I will heading down with Molly Sheridan and Jimmy who I crewed with. Also will be some great fellow bloggers who I have been privileged to race with before! It's gonna be fun! Check out the Elevation Profile!

I am ready for the training week so let's just hope everything starts coming together!