Friday, June 19, 2009

A Year Already!!

It has been a freakn' Year today since I arrived in Coeur d'Alene for Ironman. The water was cold, I was nervous and feeling just a little out of place to be around so many other athletes. My training was good, for the most part, it could have been better on bricks and I could have been in better shape body composition wise but life happens and although it was pretty much Go Time. I knew that I would be able to complete the distance and make the cut offs based on my training and as long as nothing went seriously wrong I would be Okay.

It was nice to be there and meet up with the fellow bloggers and see that we were all nervous but yet all ready to take it on. There were so many thoughts and emotions that weekend that even today thinking about them brings back the WHY Ironman. For everyone it's different and you have to figure out your Why. I am glad today that I can still remember my WHY and feel it even a little more a year later than when it was actually going on.

Once the race was complete it was a different feeling. Feeling to be done, feeling to be an Ironman, feeling to have met some great people and some new people, like Christy from Colorado, where we ended up running the last half of the marathon together and have since been friends and kept in touch. It's amazing, along with the fellow bloggers that many are friends and a few I have personally met. Again, Ironman brings so much to the table than you ever thought possible.

I am excited for Forumalic Isaac #546 and the Rowe family to be together for his Ironman! and Father's Day!! I am excited for Victor #1436 and his first Ironman! I am excited for RBR Stacy #74 (btw, how the Hell did you get that Sweet ASS number!!!) in her 1st Ironman!! Notes and Lines Dave #602 and all the others that are up there and ready to go feeling the way I was feeling one year ago.

I am excited for Ironman Cozumel as this will be another experience and more great people! I am happy that I am an Ironman not simply because of the accomplishment but because of the life experience Ironman has given.


Sunday, June 14, 2009


The past week has been different but the same. Training continued although it took me a little longer to recover overall from the run last weekend and I was able to get a swim, short speed work and some weight training in but just didn't feel like getting on the bike, humm.

By Friday I was ready for the weekend after a day of meeting with fellow doctors to discuss opportunities which didn't really seem to pan out either way but such is life.

Saturday was of course TNT day and I was out on the course helping out with a water stop and later managed to get about 4 miles in with a participant at a good easy pace. Then there was the TNT NIKE Women's Kick off party for that marathon and that was great to enjoy and then it was off to swim stroke practice which didn't go as easy as I was thinking it was going to but again such is life. To end out the evening was a nice get together picnic with the Las Vegas Tri Club with lot's of food and people.

Today, was up and somewhat ready for the 26 mile training run but when I woke up I was feeling a little off, something maybe from the pool b/c after the swim session I felt a little groggy and like I was getting a cold or something. Anyway, I got up and did all my stuff and met up with Antonette for the run and while we were getting ready Donna and Jeremy showed up and so now there was 4. I'll talk more on the run later.

There's always lots of great conversation on the group runs and this is one of best things to look forward too not to mention just the great people to run with and the beautiful scenery out at Red Rock. At times I would find myself thinking about the past week and it would seem to bring a slight down feeling to me, I guess b/c thing's just didn't match up on the meetings as much as I wanted them too. I also thought about different aspects of my life and what is happening and where I am going but I wasn't sure if I fully know which leaves an uncomfortable feeling and I would then just stop thinking about it and focus on the group and what was going on.

As I sit here and blog, those thoughts still are crossing in my mind and I am still not wanting to listen to them maybe for the fact of uncertainty or simply b/c I don't have any answers and that is a little nerve racking which is probably why this past week I have felt a little down and not been able to sleep. Sometimes I guess I just feel needy or want to be needed, which is totally off of what I was just talking about but that's my final thought.


Thursday, June 11, 2009

Mid week.

Since the Sunday long run, it seem's that this week has taken me a little longer to recover and I am not really sure if it is from the overall training, lack of good nutrition, personal stress or lack of sleep a couple of nights. Most likely a little bit of everything.

On Tuesday I was able to meet up with SWTrigal and husband Hartley as they made there way back from Tahoe and Form joined in for the nice choppy swim at the lake. I actually attempted to practice my swim drills but found it quite hard in the choppy water and as the others swam ahead I floated around till the came back and swam a little longer before heading back to the land for a T2 change.

I then hit the road for a short less than 4 mile, as I my Garmin died out I was not too sure on the actual mileage but just under 4. It felt good to get a short run in as my ankles and feet were still a little sore from Sunday.

After the swim and run we all met at the world famous Hacienda Hotel for breakfast and new mommy Kelly and baby Kian was able to join!! So Cute they both are!!! Sorry Daddy Form, your not cute, your ironman training. It was so nice to see all of them and I look forward to BABYSITTING!! Did I just say that??? I think I may have been sleep typing.. haha.

The last couple of days I have been a little preoccupied with a few personal things and haven't felt much like training but today I think I will get my scheduled brick in.

On a different note. I just finished the book:

Now of course Dean is a super hero all on his own but this is a great book to read in general and how things went for him over the 50 days. There are nice tips along the read and I found it interesting overall just to know what happened.

As today is Thursday I am already looking forward to the weekend as it's TNT Day on Saturday with the Kickoff Event for the Nike Women's Marathon and meeting all the participants, then swim lessons, then LV Tri Club picnic and of most important Sunday Run with some special people. I really look forward to it and although it brings a lot of work, tired legs, aches and pains, the company and Smiles of certain faces make it all worth every step!


Sunday, June 07, 2009

Monthly Numbers and Weekend Update.

First it's obvious from the Last months number to this month that I totally decreased my swim and bike times and INCREASED my running! like 2.5X! Overall Time has increased due to the running and no wonder why my legs are freakin' tired and TIGHT every damn day! I am pleased with the run outage but not so pleased that I decreased my bike and swim. No worries, just got to focus a little more.!!

So increase you didn't see it on Facebook, I passed my Nevada Chiropractic Exam and am now officially licensed in NV!. GO JT!!!

This weekend was another great job and shout out the the TNT Seattle Las Vegas team knocking out there 20 mile long run and are now into taper. I was manning a water stop and enjoying some great company with my new friend, David. He is the husband of one of the participants and a super supporter and great guy.

Today!! OMG!! Today, was a 24 mile trail run with the group of us running the 50 miler but as we are all still leaning and exploring the Red Rock Canyon area we ended up on this trail road which became a Hiking road as there was litterally no way to run with all the rocks, trees, boulders, grass and holes we had to climb through! It was super fun!! and we all enjoyed it but it didn't help our overall pace and running. The first 6 miles took about 2 hours! but then it was one to running and we finished up those miles in a totally moving time of 7 hours! Yikes! Long time on the legs and now they are feeling tired and sore, esp. after Friday's Red Rock Loop bike climb I did to 4700ft! and Thursdays biking and Wednesdays running (humm, imagine that!)

Anyway, I am tired and Hungry as it never seems to go away over the last 4 days!


Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Congrats Form & the JT Marathon

After manging to get back and recovered from the Memorial Day week trip to Houston and Austin things have been good.

Next up is regular training and getting back in the grind of things, even with a few extra add pounds I picked up from Texas!! Damn! On Thursday I cranked out a much needed brick of 44 miles bike and 13 miles run. Now the bike was a little uncomfortable and have concluded that my bike positioning has changed so I have to do some adjusting and playing around with it or wait, How about taking it and going to get a bike fit! Great Idea.. anyway, the run portion was the best part although I was tired and ready to bag it after 6 miles I had a great running partner that kept me in the game of things and was seriously nice to have someone there running with me. I couldn't have asked for a better running partner! Sorry Form.. haha.

This weekend I was granted the great privilege to watch over the TNT Seattle group as the coaches were out of town for the San Diego marathon with the team. All went well and with some great help we were able to get the team all back in one piece. I thank Coach Antonette and Coach Cynthia for trusting me with there team!!!

Sunday.!!! Wow Buddy! Sunday I planned out my own little marathon. Yup, that's right. 26.2 ready to go. I actually went out to the Labor of Love (LOL) course put on by Calico racing. I took 3 coolers and set them by the side of the road in the bushes approximately 4 miles apart. I then drove to the end of the course, out and back, parked and started my marathon. It was a nice 44* as I stepped out of the car but soon after the temps warmed up and proved to be just overall nice running in that area.

OK, Recap of the Solo JT Marathon:

26.31 miles. 5 hours 11 mins.

Starting Elevation: 6225 ft.

Elevation Mile 13.1: 4500 ft.

So the out and back was a nice fast out but a slow climb back. First off, there is no stores, gas stations, bathrooms, barely cell phone service and just a few, count them on one hand house in that area. It's a road and camping areas in between. So when I originally volunteered for the LOL back in April I really thought to myself, Wow, These racers are totally tough to be out here without any support other than the water stop peeps and fellow racers and actually thought to myself I wouldn't even do the course then. I am not to sure what prompted me to do my own JT Marathon out there but I just wanted to and being as my awesome running partners were out of town in San Diego, I thought why not! I did get behind a little on nutrition and paid the price after the turn around and for miles 14-17 I was feeling pretty whipped out but I took in a good amount of calories and waited it out and after I hit mile 19 I was feeling much better other than just wanting to knock out the last 6 miles. The WALL? What wall! I guess I hit it at mile 14 but nothing to be found at mile 21! Once finished I made my way back to pick up my 3 coolers and drive back home. I was really impressed that I ran this solo plain and simple. I guess I just knew deep down if I stayed around town I would have more of a tendency to bag the run at 20 than be out in the middle of BFV and run and out and back.

After looking at the elevation profile I was even more proud of my accomplishment and I really felt good physically. Tired but not totally out of gas. Let's chalk that up for the Bank of Headlands!