Wednesday, October 19, 2011

my nagging foot and Javalina100.

One more race to go and it seems like it's taking forever to get here but the days are rolling by so fast I need more time to train, does that make sense? 

Javalina100 is 24 days away and although I have been getting some runs completed I have been having some continuing problems with that right bone bruise from a year ago. It has it's days where its just not happy to walk let alone run so I have been training with it annoying me, which sucks. The plan was to have 3 weeks of 50+ miles but I have been lucky to get into the 40's with the foot issue, so I'll have to take what I can leading up to the race and play a smart race day strategy to get me to the finish, which despite any other crazy things I should  complete it. 

Last weekend was a great event fascial stretching lots of triathletes at the Pumpkinman Triathlon and a great opportunity for Hurt Less Play More, LLC to show its expertise! Thanks to all the people that came and got stretched, must have been about 45+, it was a long day but went pretty fast.

I was watching the Ironman World Championships a couple of weeks ago and was really excited to see a great race in both the men and women's fields and while I was watching I really got the tri-bug going and now for 2012 I will be looking to jump back in the tri-arena, just have to find the right race and distance but I do know it will be a 70.3 or 140.6, maybe not "M-dot" but a sure distance. 

As for ultra-running I am looking to get this Javalina100 under the belt and take a little time off and recoup the foot. I wanted to look at applying for Badwater2012 but with the foot and still needing another 100 by Feb, its just not a good time so I will focus on crewing for my 4th year. Overall I haven't really thought much about next year which is probably a good thing being as I usually plan so far ahead but I will revisit this thought after JJ100.


Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Wow, what a busy last couple of weeks. Not only have I got a little busier at the office, which is much welcomed coming back from India, but my run training has also increased.

I put the plan in action to increase my run volume heading towards Javalina 100 and although I could probably be doing a little more I am keeping at 50-60 mile weeks simply because my right foot has been bothering me more after my runs and in early mornings. I did need new shoes and so I purchased a new set but no real change in the pain to my foot after an 11 mile run. This foot pain is the same one that I have had since this time last year when I hit my right 5th metatarsal base while running at Mt. Charleston and my foot slipped. It hit right on the bone and bone bruise occurred and at times it feels fine but since my volume has increased it has just not been happy. Maybe also because I have been primarily running on the road because JJ100 is a very runnable course and I wanted to keep my speed and overall running up vs. run-walking on other trails.

The team we had scheduled for Las Vegas Ragnar Relay fell apart this past week which is no worries as the timing just seemed to be off the mark heading into JJ100 and work.
On a cool note, this weekend, Oct. 15th.  I will be out at the Pumpkinman Triathlon providing some recovery stretching all day long!! I am excited to be out working in the community event and getting as many bodies on the table as I can. I know it will be long tiring work but all worth it.