Monday, December 24, 2007

Merry Christmas all!!

Saturday was the long run of 13 and I finished at 2 hrs. 27 mins, about 5 mins short of my Vegas 1/2 time. Overall, it was a good run with not running that long since Dec. 2. I was definitely tired and sore afterwards, but the cold bath and some secret sports doc stuff got me ready for the ride on Sunday with none on there than FORMULA-IC, fellow blogger, and his lovely new wife.

I met da Form at his house and we all left from there with a nice easy ride to get to the trail and then it was pretty much on. The trail is great! Closed to all traffic and about 5` wide and asphalt, pretty smooth. Now there was some serious hill climbers here and I know I will be seeing this route many more times in training. Really, at one point, I didn't think I was going to make it to the top of one of the hill's! Shit! HR totally pounding, suckn for O2!! it was great!

As we rode on I took some pictures at one of your turn around, that's Form.. in da white..

Of course I had to do the Self pic while riding! HA!.

Today, was a nice 1200 m swim and some weights, seems like I am finally getting on a schedule.


Saturday, December 22, 2007

I'm still here..

The week back from Miami has found JT, getting back into the groove. It was hard the first couple of days being on Eastern time in Pacific Zone but I managed to get it down and then it was getting used to just waking up at 5am which btw has now been programmed as today, I was wide awake at 5:10am even after going to bed at 11:45pm.

Training this week as been much better than anything in the last 3 weeks. I was able to complete 1 mile time trial run @ 8:26, tempo run, long run 13 mi (today) 2 swims and 1 bike. This coming week with being off Christmas Eve and Day I will be able to get some good training in as well as next week I am off New Years Eve/Day as well. Overall I have revamped my nutrition with totally cleaning up, going very lean. I am on a plan to get to 200 lbs by Jan. 10th. at currently weighed in today at 205 lbs. so should be close but doable!

Now below is some pictures from my last bike ride out at Red Rock Canyon, nice huh! A little cold though as it will be today on my run at a nice 43*.

In other news, Johnny got is Murano back and looking all new and shit but it does make this nice clickin noise now and I know it will never be the same since I did a smash job on it but hey it beats the PT cruiser any day.

And on a last note: Anyone ever liked someone and they didn't you liked them? Seems the situation I am in these days but well talk more about that later...


Saturday, December 15, 2007

words from The ROCK....

Finally, JohnnyTri, has come back to Las VEGAS!!!! .. and glad to be back fo sho`.. Let's just say the work trip to Miami was quite interesting while working on the job site with all the confusion, ciaos, cussing and seeing the behind scenes work that really goes into making any structure go up. And let's just say I am not interested in going back anytime soon! Here are some pics of me at the job site, working hard as you can see. And a few pics from the Penthouse suits.
Overall Miami and Ft. Lauderdale area was nice, weather was great and I was only able to get 2 runs in while down there due to the crazy work hours. I was able to eat pretty healthy and stay away from fast food and junk food, which was a plus. But the run on the beach was great, windy but great and of course I had to get my feet in and feel the water, its East Coast ya know. It was a little cool but felt great!

It will now be interesting to see what I am going to be doing here in Vegas for this company as I understand there was some changes made while I was gone and the guy I was working with is no longer there or something like that, I'll find out Monday.

My Murnao should be ready Tuesday for pick up, those of you who missed out on that one, JT, freakn` smashed into someone a couple of weeks ago, luckily not bad, but enough to mess up car and break some stuff but I should be getting it back this week.

Of course I couldn't go down to Miami and then not come back with a cold! Can you believe that shit! Just got rid of the damn thing about 3 weeks ago and now I got it back, totally sucks! So one more thing I have to shake in order to get on a good training schedule with 10 weeks or so till LA Marathon, I have my work cut out for me.

Ding...Ding.. Ding... and for late breaking news, crazy as JT is and jet setting all over the damn country side.. I figured I would throw in Switzerland! What? Das right bloggerville, JT and the TNT crew from H-twn, (Lauren, Liz, and Ryan) are heading to 70.3 Switzerland June 1, 2008! now that's a Holy fukn` shit! Ya, it will be the start of my taper towards IMCdA. Now S. Baboo is lookn` to hit a 70.3 about his time and eyeing Boise so I just went a little further. And Bigun totally thinks JT lost his mind somewhere in the air with all the traveling I've been doing but this is going to be a great time with great people and I just could not resist. As I say.. it's a "B" race.. cuz I need to BE there!

It's good to be back, lot's of training to do and get back on schedule and still a few things to do around the house.


Sunday, December 09, 2007

freakn` Miami...

All in all the this Miami job has been a pain in the ass! and has totally messed with JT's proposed training. I say that because I have not been able to get as much training as I planned and the hours that these guys work are totally crazy. Really there is some down time during the day but not enough to doing anything with so I will call it "wasted" time. Then there are not into eating proper meals, such as Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner.. its more like coffee and Dinner, usually some fried or totally crap food.. I just don't get how they function all day on food like that. Good thing for me is that I have been very admit about eating and eating healthily which I know has been a pain in there ass but oh well.

As for training, I have been able to get a couple of runs in, today was 7 miles with the first 3.85 straight into the wind which totally sucked! Then it was slow walking on the beach, taking a few pictures and then washing the sand off the feet and getting back to running down the beach sidewalk. Although I did not eat too much pre-run, I was not pretty damn hungry and for some damn reason my quads giving out on me and I could feel soreness already occurring but then again maybe it was the 8-10 Corona's that I drank last night, HA! It was a great run down the Ft. Lauderdale Beach.

This week will be interesting and can't wait till Friday to get da fuk outta here! And now they want me to come back after Christmas and stay till Jan 31. which is totally not going to happen. I had said another 2 weeks but I need some training time, rental car and basic stuff so I still have to discuss that and if they can't make it happen then I won't come back and if that is What My Job is now supposed to be, then I might be lookin` for a new one! As I have to make priorities for getting my training in.. wild huh..


Thursday, December 06, 2007

Welcome to Miami...

that's right.. JT is in Miami, Big Willy Style.. about 2 hours from da Bigun himself..

Just down till next Friday for some work and to get some runs along the Beach!! YA!!

Funny, yesterday they had a "cold" front move in.. temperature was 60* ..haha.. NICE !!

not much to say other than I miss Vegas and a regular training routine.. and HFS! LA Marathon is in 11 weeks.. I gotta get with it.. and hey wait, IMCdA is getting closer.. shit.. It just doesn't seem like I have enough time..but I'll geter` done and still lay da smack down on that course.


Sunday, December 02, 2007

Only in Vegas..

as this will be said many times.. but this weekend with the NM. Outlaws was a total Blast and I say you all need to make plans for next years Santa Smack Down run and Elvis Vegas run!

Saturday morning was a nice cool morning, a little windy but the Santa's were out to set the World Record, Only in Vegas! Overall my run was great, expect my HR was totally off the charts but Baboo quickly let me know it was due to coming off the recent illness. And Bigun` you better hope that Baboo puts on some pounds for CdA, although, I don't really see that happening, cuz dat's da only thing that's gonna Slow that Clyds. down. He is a great runner! but we did hit the IHOP after Santa run.

Sunday morning the Elvis were up and dressed and ready to go. We got the race site and they quickly met up with there fellow Elvi and this was the last time I saw them as I had to get ready to run myself. Once at the starting line I creeped my way up as I remember last year it took like 10 mins to get to the start line and this year.. 3 mins! Nice seeding JT!!
It didn't take long for things to heat up and I had to take a couple of shirts off and things were going along nicely. They run thru Wedding by the Elvi was not to be missed, Only in Vegas, right! The course was much better than last year although once the half's and fulls split the aid stations were manned by one poor sucker trying to throw water in a Dixie cup at lightning speed as the runners came through. So note to RD, more volunteers for the Half's aid stations.

At mile 8 something was in my right shoe so I quickly stopped to dump it out only to find there was nothing in there. So I ran just a little more and then realized it was a blister forming from my sock! Damn it! So I tried sticking my glove in the shoe but this worked for like 20 yards as it made my foot all unbalanced and was just not comfortable. So after about another mile of running it was really bothering and at the 9ish mark I knew I had to fix it, so I looked around for something I could use and I found an empty gel pak. Whipped off the sock and shoe, placed that gel pak on my inside arch, sock back on, shoe on and BAM! fixed! nice..

Now I was attempting to negative split my second half and I was somewhat close but the shoe thing slowed me down and then I started going down, down, down.. after mile 11.. Shit!! WTF.. I said.. I feel I have energy.. but remembering back to before I left for Clearwater, Fl. 11 miles was my longest run and being sick and not running my body was just not used to it and the legs did not want to go anymore. So the last 1.5 miles were kinda tough and more so the last mile. Even with all the people, music and whopla.. My legs were done.. I crossed the finish line at 2:23, Score! 19 mins faster than last year!! a good new PR and again I think I had a new HR PR, 189!! that's freakn` high!

After the run I got my photo finish with the Showgirl, ya!! and then headed home to eat, shower, change and had back to meet up with Baboo, Miguelvis, and Iron Girl. I did not find Baboo and Miguelvis but I saw IronGirl come in and we proceeded to find the other two. Once finding them it was straight to the house for them to shower and clean up and get ready to head back to Outlaw land.

I was great having them stay with me and being able to enjoy and do the Santa run and next year I am so Doing Elvis!! run.

The rest of the afternoon was just getting some thing ready to head to Miami and packing up. Dinner with the parents and this last min. post before heading to bed.