Wednesday, February 15, 2012

What February!!

Where in the heck have the weeks gone?
You all probably thought I pulled a Formulaic and no longer blog, or maybe hoping so you don't have to read, haha.. but nope, I'm still around and things are moving right along.

So since Dec. let's see... I have been hitting the gym regularly and working to get my strength and lost muscle back on from all that running last year! I have also been working on functional training and working to rid the nagging pain in the hip/butt, although, its not really pain just something not right. I have taken time off from running but it doesn't seem to get better or worse, its just there. These day's its better as the functional training stuff, more glute work and corrective exercises to fire posterior muscles that have been weakened or simply not working.

I have been liking banging on the weights again although it took me a while to find my groove in the gym with all the other meat heads so now I guess I have temporarily become one too :-) and I get in, move around, stake my claim to this bench, or dumbbell and get to work! Been keeping up the cardio sessions using the elliptical training, rotating StairMaster and versa climber. I

Work has been going good and of course working with Frank Mir continues, which, is always a fun thing as he is a hard worker and overall nice, down to earth guy.

I got my new logo complete and once again had to change business cards but now its officially done and I am setting my mark with it.

So what's next on the run schedule you ask? Well, I am confirmed with my roll over to SpeedGoat 50k on July 28, which is in the Wasatch Mountain range and pretty freakn' tough I am told. I entered it last year but then took the roll over as I went to India for the La Ultra-The High. I will look to take on the 50k and then I am setting my sights on Rio Del Lago 100m again this year, as it's been moved back to Oct. 6, so that will make it a little less hot and I will be more prepared! 
I was looking to do a triathlon, 70.3 but I still have this quest for 100's so I think it will have to wait, or maybe I can sneak one in along the way. Also, this is my 3rd year to enter New York Marathon, and it appears I have the automatic entry but am deciding to roll that over to next year, as travels to NYC is EXPENSIVE! but the downside is that I would have to pay the registration fee of $280 this year and Next! dang..!!

Okay everyone, great to be back!!