Wednesday, April 23, 2008

mid-week leg hangover..

Well its mid week and I have done some short swimming, easy spinning and some running yesterday, all which seem to have told me I have not recovered from the RAGE. My legs still feel heavy on the bike and the run turn over and actually still feel sore while running, mostly my ankles and Achilles/calf tendon areas. I added some core work back in to the mix this week as I have been slacking in that department.

Work has been extremely busy and stressful so that is not helping either and for some reason I find myself not able to get to sleep before 10pm the last couple of days. That actually started last week but it was because I wanted to stay up a little and just read a magazine, no TV, no music, just read and now I guess I tricked my body into staying up just a little later which this week kind of sucks because I’m tired.

Training the rest of this week will be fun as there is a long run on the books and some biking. I have been wondering about my overall swim time at RAGE as I was not able to get a good reading on what my swim pace really was due to the long run from the water’s edge and the included time of the T1. This is a little worry some as I do have a set swim pace/time I would like to hit for CdA just like everyone else out there so it looks like I will have to do some sort of a swim time trial.

Time to work…


Monday, April 21, 2008

RAGE Recap!!

On Friday I met up with S. Baboo and a couple of his Outlaws at packet pickup. It was a pretty low key easy going packet pickup area and soon after Formulaic joined in with his Mrs. Form. Once that was all done they all took off to eat and JT had to get thing ready for the race as I was totally slacking and work had been keeping me busy.

I finally got to bed about 11:30pm, typical time for JT before races as I seem not to be able to sleep. Anyways, up at 4am and head to the race site. Got there in plenty of time, got things set up and was ready to go.

Timing for the RAGE Tri is completely old school style, all hand timed so your race number had to be visible at all times.

The Transition area is very long! It was about 100 yards from the edge of the water with a nice gradual incline, the overall transition area was about 100 yards long as well. As far I could tell timing began at gun time (mass start for Halfs) then swim time was noted as you entered T1, which really began your bike time ( I did not see a timer person at then bike exit but maybe I just missed them) if not, than bike overall time ended when you exit T2 on to the run.

So here is how it went for me. SWIM: Once I got to the edge of the 60-62* water my feet were totally frozen! I got out quickly and waited a few minutes closer till start time to get fully in, BAD IDEA! Once it got close to start I got in waist deep, I was standing with Baboo and I was completely nervous! The gun goes off and we start to move forward in the water and I quickly notice the water is freakn` cold. I dive in and HFS! I couldn't’t breath! I took a couple of strokes and just could not breath! The water was so cool and such a shock. I notice everyone was just taking off and here I was doggy paddling along trying to breath! I thought, shit, there is no way I am going to be able to swim this. Panic mode! OK, OK, settle down I told myself. Dunk your face in the water a few times, get used to it. Take your time and just float a minute. I did this and next thing you know I was off and swimming!! YEAH!! I got it now! The rest of the swim was pretty uneventful. I swam off line a couple of times (need to site better and more often) and the nice safety guy yelled at me to move to the right a couple of times. Then when the last 300 meters or so my right calf cramped and I swam with one leg kicking. When I hit the beach area and stood up, they both Cramped up and I had to just stand there for a few seconds. Then all relaxed and I got running to T1.

T1 and T2: Usual stuff here, change and go.

Bike: The bike starts at a nice steady uphill climb out of transition for about a ½ mile. Once on the main highway it then being some steady rollers before you hit some serious climbs. I started right away on drinking and taking my fig newtons in along with some gels and a power bar. I took water at every water stop except the one that ran out of water!! I even had to use a the bathroom at mile 25 and refueled my Gatorade bottle. By this time I was seeing everyone on the return and yelling at all the OUTLAWS!! Baboo was mean machine when I saw him screaming down the road on the return. The course was very hilly by this point and I actually wished I had another gear to create some more spinning but you know all those climbs I did seated and just powered up them, so I guess that’s a good sign. Overall I learned I needed more salt intake as my quads started cramping towards the end of the bike on the hills and I felt good on nutrition but need some other type of holder to carry everything as plastic sandwich baggies seemed difficult at times to handle also I need to get a bike fit as my low back was cramping and I felt compacted in the aero position all day, grr! I finished the bike in like 3:45 mins. Slow but made it. OK, but here is a funny story, at about mile 53 there was a serious climb which I was totally pissed about b/c I was ready to be off the darn thing and was tired of my quads cramping. Anyways, this freakn mountain of a climb was coming and I was already pretty tired in the nice steady incline leading up to it so I thought I would just stop rest a minute and stretch my low back as well. I stopped on the shoulder and I could some people on the run course on the other side of the road. I wasn’t even off my bike like 30 seconds and I hear “JT, Get moving!!!” I look over and who do I See busting me cat napping on the side of the road, S. BABOO!! I yelled back and clipped back in and took off thinking, SHIT! The only place on the course someone could have seen me taking a break and Baboo happened to catch me!! It was quite funny actually and we laughed about it later that night at dinner! But shit! I totally got Punkd` out! LOL.

Run: I started the run and it was a short run more walk due to my quads cramping. I took in salt tabs like crazy and finally they went away after the first mile. I soon caught up to SWTRIGAL and we started run/walking and just stated together the whole way. It was great to run with her as we kept each other company and made it through a nasty, I mean nasty run course. The course was on a dirt road for a mile or so then a little bit of pavement then back on to a trail that then uphill about 2.5 miles through thick ass sand, gravel, little and big rocks! It was totally impossible to run unless you’re an Xterra veteran! Really, it was a nasty uphill climb and we basically walked with several others to the top. Once on the top there was a pretty good hard packed gravel road that went through theses huge awesome tunnels that were made back in the day when the Hoover Dam was being built. Swtrigal and I took our time and although we were making our way it was hot and taking us a little longer than we both expected. I totally forgot to start my garmin on the run until the 8 mile turn around point but was happy that the next 5 miles was pretty much downhill. At one point around mile 9 I asked the aid station if there was cutoff time and they said “you two are fine, we already pulled the others off the course that were not going to make it” We both were like great, now we are the last two! HA! So we just kept moving. Again it was great to run with swtrigal and even though she told me several times to go on without her I really didn’t want to as I was feeling good and pacing well and I totally enjoyed staying with her. Once we got to the last ¾ mile we could see the finish line and swtrigals husband ran out to met us and then the OUTLAW gang came out to run with is as well! It was totally great that they all came out to met us and run us in. As I got closer I saw my dad standing on the side and ran over to him and he jumped on the course and ran in with me as well! As we approached the finished line the announcer was talking and congratulating us on finishing and both swtrigal and myself crossed together! We hugged and said thank you to each other! That was one of the best parts of the 8 hour day! Yes, it took us 8 hours, yes we were the last two to finish but we did it!

After we got some water, our finishers shirt and medals and swtrigal went with the OUTLAWS to the medical area as she had fallen on the bike and her legs was scrapped up and then slipped again near the end of the run scrapping her hand as well. I went and got my bike stuff and quickly packed up to head home.

On the way home I thought about the day and how great it really was. Yes, I need some more swim and bike time and a little more work on nutrition but felt great during the run/walk part. But overall it was more about making a great friend with swtrigal and finishing together than racing. Triathlon is a beautiful sport because even though it’s individually timed it’s about the people out there you meet with everyone having the same goal, to get to the finish!

Thank you SWTRIGAL for making my first ½ Iron Distance a great one!

I must say that the OUTLAW gang stated that this RAGE course is one of the toughest they have done. More so than Buffalo Springs they said! Yikes! And that this RAGE course had 2x’s more climbing on the bike than CdA will have!!!!

I have some pictures I will post later, until then…


Friday, April 18, 2008


Well it's one day till RAGE start and I'm nervous, excited and scared.

Tonight is packet pick up and am hoping to see a few of the Outlaws and/or fellow bloggers.

I have to get all my stuff ready, recheck my bike and enjoy the evening as tomorrow morning, "IT'S ALL OVER BUT THE CRYING!"

thanks for all the good vibes and cheers! You all ROCK!


Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mental phart..and awesome RD!!

I knew it would happen sooner or later but was hoping it would not come at all and that maybe I would be lucky enough to outlast, out train and outsmart my own mental beatings. I Monday for my scheduled swim, got to the pool and quickly realized I had forgot my ear plugs but I did have a back up pair which I don’t really like but would do. Then I realized I forgot my watch so now I was going to have to count all those laps without getting confused. I started my warm up and felt OK but once I started on my main set things started to change. First I remembered why I got new ear plugs as the backup pair were hurting my ears and it was quickly becoming annoying. Then after about 6x100’s I lost count and couldn’t remember if I was on 6 or 7 dang.

By this time I was not feeling comfortable in the water, taking in mouthfuls of pool water like I had just started to learn to swim or something. Then I seemed to be out of breath much easier than normal even at the same pace I have been swimming. I even took extra time after about 10x100s to relax and get my breath back. I swam again and was right back in the uncomfortable zone and now I was really getting pissed. I totally stopped my set and changed to a kick board for a few to see if that would change things but when I went back, it didn’t! after about 1800 I was done. I was not having fun, frustrated, doubting myself swimming and wondering how the hell am I going to make IMCdA?

I got out sat on the bench and watched others swim. I text Coach Liz for some words of advice and basically it was apparent that even a bad day in any training can bust you down mentally and take you out of the game.

So what did I learn? No matter how bad it may feel or look you have to stay with it. Yes, it may be uncomfortable but it’s not giving up or stopping and that When you begin to Doubt yourself, THE GAME IS OVER!

Yesterday I was all excited to get my run on and turns out JT got stuck pulling a 13 hour shift at work! Yikes. I was so tired when I got home it was a quick bite to eat and was in bed by 9pm. I still feel tired this morning but that’s ok as I am looking forward to tonight’s swim for a little pay back! HA! And with 66 days remaining it sucks when work gets in the way!

On a cool note, BIGUN` will like this. I got an email from the RD of RAGE stating that I had signed up but my payment did not go through due to an error on their and to sign up again online. I went through the whole sign up process again only to get an error once again. It told me to wait 5 mins and resubmit payment. I did and then it told me there was a Duplicate Payment! CRAP!! I emailed the RD and explained. He replied stating their was an error on his end and to just bring a check or cash to packet pick up and that he would waive all fee and late fees! YES!! BBSC ENDURANCE SPORTS rock!! Thank you guys so much. Sorry Bigun you didn’t get your $5 back but there are good RD’s out there you just need to come to Vegas to do there races! HA! OK well I have to get to work before I am stuck here another 13 hours..


Friday, April 04, 2008


So this week has been another interesting week, for training, trips and concerts.

First off let's talk training. This is my step-back week which seems kind of misleading for me as it seems I have been behind the ball and not really in need of a cut back week but I will follow what Coach says. Coach and I had a little heart to heart talk and bottom line, JT has been SLACKING! so that means for the next 76 days I have to hump it! or finish well behind Bigun at Cd'A.. lol.. (that's probably going to happen anyways!) So as for training let's leave it at that, I told you so and get moving next week!

Now for some not so good news, I am canceling my trip to Switzerland, BOOO!!! There are a few reasons, $$ being one of them and a little conflict with work and my vacation. It's OK. I get credit on my airline ticket and a refund on the entry fee as I purchased the insurance! With that, it now leaves me without a scheduled 70.3 before Cd'A.. but wait.. !! RAGE 70.3 is coming up on April 19th and JT will be hedging along behind the OUTLAWS. So JT will be in da house boyz and girlz!! I'm excited and definitely scared as it's basically 2 weeks away!

And finally this week as for concerts and entertainment in Vegas. I was able to score 4 tickets to Elton John. and free is the best price, ever! So I will be going with Jenn and we are taking our mom's as they are huge Elton fans. I must shout out to JCurry for hooking us up with the tickets, you da man!! ( I can only imagine what Bigun is thinking now, Gavatork, huh?)

And in 3 weeks there is a huge Jazz and R/B festival here and thanks to Jenn for hooking us up with tickets to that, it will be a great weekend as well.

So until the next time..