Monday, January 29, 2007

It's off and running..

Well it's only the first day of the official 16 weeks of Olympic training but I got out of bed at 5am and went to the gym to get my scheduled 500 yard swim in and then I hit the stationary bike for 10 mins or 23 mins, keeping rmp around 90. I really wanted to get the bike in this afternoon but schedule changes on the home front caused me to wrap it up this am.
Hey, I was proud that I got my lazy ass up outta the nice warm bed and headed out to the gym while it was 38*. Ol' splashy guy was there, wrote about him a few months back, but he was there still at it. During my swim I realized that my form is all over the place and I need to bring my kick board and pull buoy to work on those things on top of my required workout distance so I have some work to do. Tomorrow, I will get to swim workout #2 for the week and again because of family schedule changes I will have to get my run done in the am, from which I had planned on it being the after work. It's like the anti-training gods are already trying to push me away!
The weekend was spent in the chiropractic seminar sat/sun and although it was better than last year it was still long and boring. The best thing is seeing other chiros you haven't seen in a long time and finding out what they have been up to, where they are and any ideas they can help you with. Other than that, I was just at home for some relaxing and yesterday even got to watch Harry Potter and the Scorers Stone.
Have a great week, great training, great relaxing or what ever makes you happy...

Friday, January 26, 2007

Friday!! and the weekend outlook..

What's up everyone? Hope everybody has a great Friday and a great weekend at what ever you have planned! First off I sat down yesterday and worked on my training schedule for my first Olympic tri which is schedule for May 28th called the CapTexTri, my Olympic distance. So I have 16 weeks schedule out and now it's just Get`er down! So I was all pumped up yesterday after my morning treadmill run/intervals and had it set to go swim after work at the gym. I got there about 6:10pm and for some reason I thought I better check the pool just to see how busy it was because sometimes there are others waiting to swim even with 2 people sharing 4 lanes but NO that was not the problem today. It was AquaClass!! aaggghhhh! and it started at 6 pm and scheduled till 7 pm. Damn it! I was not going to wait around till 7 pm to swim so the rug was pulled out from under me and I left. As I was driving home I came to the decision that my swim's at the gym will have to be in the early AM because I can always run/bike after work at the gym or outside and it seems that swimming in the evening is much more of a task to complete. OK, I know I have said this before but it's true this time, really! Especially after my birthday in 18 days I am going to register for the Olympic and then I'm really in! or out my money and that's not going to happen. So that was my peeve for last night.
Today, Friday, is my rest day as I thought about going to swim this morning to make up for last night but as my scheduled day off I really need to stick with it because I certainly do not want to get sick again or anytime soon! This weekend I have to go and complete some C.E.'s for my chiropractic license so this will require my Saturday time from 8am-7pm!!! and Sunday 8am-2pm!!! So not much of a weekend for me but will get a overall body workout on Sunday and then hit the training for Monday. As you can see I have already scheduled my workouts for next week which will consist of 3 swims, 3 bikes and 3 runs.
Well as I said have a great weekend and enjoy whatever it is you do and probably won't see ya till Monday.

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Sleeping on the job..

Holy smokes Batman! I just reviewed my options for training and had to back date from the Full IM and Half IM and come to find out that training for the Half IM which is from a plan pulled from Trinewbies, 18 weeks, puts Training day #1 on June 24, which means that is 4 weeks after my first Olympic called CapTriTex. Which means if I choose to train for 18 weeks for the Olympic from the same site, I just missed my first week!!!! HELLO!!! 18 weeks would have started on Jan. 22 but there is also a 10 week program which would start on March 18th. The 10 week program is a beginner program with no serious regards to your time finish, just to finish. I feel the swim portion is a little on the light side for an Oly distance but just my opinion and the current 18 week program is a intermediate program (which is not me when it comes to swimming) and starts off swimming 750 yards and that would be great if I was still swimming!!
In recap I need to get swim training no matter what! and I need to really get my scheduled training going so I am getting a calender book and scheduling my workouts and getting with it!
I just looked at the calender again and it will be 24 weeks from the end of my Half IM till Ironman Arizona, fyi.

and the Rain Continues...booo

Good day all! The week has been busy with rainy weather and cooler temps. The rain has kinda sucked because it cuts into running outside and getting on the treadmill is not that interesting past 2-3 miles, I start to go bonkers. Yesterday, I was scheduled to run 4 miles and was planning on getting it done on the treadmill but I got to the gym late due to traffic, etc.. so I just got in some aerobic training on the elliptical EFX Precor, I do love that machine. I have had some good responses to the 3 possible scenarios for the race/training season and it looks like most like Scenario #3 only with some minor tweaking. I will be going back and reevaluate it, make my decisions and then update this years race calender. Again, my slowest lagging procrastination is getting to the pool! For some reason it just isn't drawing me in and I just need to suck it up and get with it. My "plan" is to hit the gym pool right after work and see how that goes for a while, currently, the place where I was swimming is kinda closed because it's an outdoor pool with no overhead protection and the coach has just stopped the swims for a few weeks, the pool is heated but when it's raining and cold he just takes time off. On a side note I have been thinking about something totally out of the ordinary for me. I have been thinking and keeping my eye open for a part-time job. Why? Not like I don't have anything else to do right, training, family, resting, etc.. etc.. but mostly because I, like most of you, are on a budget and with family and commitments it's hard to spend extra on tri-bikes and stuff, ya know what I mean. So, I have pondered the idea and have not come to any conclusions but one of my gyms is looking for evening/late night shits so I might talk with them, hey, you get free membership so that's $34/mo savings! I don't want something too many times per week and maybe one day a weekend but it will depend on if it cuts into my TRAINING! haha.. something to think about because I really want a new Tri bike and they just don't give those things away, or do they?
Well, it's time to work and get some things done, like check fellow blogs, haha.. hey that's work!
have a wonderful day!!

Sunday, January 21, 2007

2007 Training, need help??

Good morning everyone! Saturday was a great day for some rest and running! Yes, running. I went to the gym to workout and also got 3 miles in on the treadmill or Dreadmill as Steven calls it. Time was 37mins 30sec. Pretty much steady running without any problems, I even kicked in a few intervals and ran at the 1/2 mary pace I just finished, got my heart rate up which was OK as Steven says you have to run faster and push yourself at times. The rest of the day I had to pick up and take my daughter from the her friends house to the movies and just watched Ironman Wisconsin on tape, great IM coverage, although I didn't feel they really captured the weather conditions as bad as they were, but than again how do you capture cold temps on TV?
So after watching the IM that got me thinking about my upcoming year which is now, WTF! I'm behind in planning but not really so here's my situation and need some fellow Triathlete's advice so please feel free to advice, comment, suggest or recommend or any other fashion.
Being as this is my 3rd year for running and really only 2nd year in tri's I am split as to which to do but I have came to a decision that I would like to entry IM Arizona 2008. With that in mind and a year's worth of training ahead and possible race's I now have 3 possibilities as follows which I need help on. I ranked them A,B,C for what I think are priority races so any C's are all out races just having fun, but B and A get more serious.
So here they are: Scenario 1: 3 Sprints, 2 Olympics, 1 HIM 1) Sprint 04/31/07 (B-race) (8 weeks till next race) 2) Olympic 05/28/07 (A-race) (13 days till next race) 3) Sprint 06/10/07 (C-race) (8 wks till next race) 4) Sprint 08/05/07 (B-race) (4 wks till next race) 5) Olympic 09/03/07 (A-race) (8 wks till next race) 6) 1/2 IM 10/28/07 (A-race) Scenario 2: 2 Sprints, 2 Olympics, 2 HIM 1) Sprint 04/31/07 (B-race) (8 weeks till next race) 2) Olympic 05/28/07 (A-race) (9 wks till next race) 3) Sprint 08/05/07 (C-race) (1 wk till next race) 4) Olympic 08/12/07 (B-race) (4 wks till next race) 5) 1/2 IM 09/09/07 (A-race) (7 wks till next race) 6) 1/2 IM 10/28/07 (A-race) Scenario 3: 3 Sprints, 2 Olympics, 1 HIM (Similar to Scenario 1, first 3 are the same) 1) Sprint 04/31/07 (B-race) (8 weeks till next race) 2) Olympic 05/28/07 (A-race) (13 days till next race) 3) Sprint 06/10/07 (C-race) (12 wks till next race) 4) Olympic 09/03/07 (B-race) (5 wks till next race) 5) Sprint 10/06/07 (B-race) (3 wks till next race) 6) 1/2 IM 10/28/07 (A-race) My goal is to just compete and have fun, no serious time allocations are set at theses races or my future IM. After the last race on 10/28/07 I will continue to marathon training with the 1st potential marathon 6 or 11 weeks later.
OK, again feel free to comment or ask any question.
Today, I think I will go down to the gym, 24 Hour Fitness by my house is having a casting call for the Next Biggest Loser! I saw all the lanes they set up yesterday and asked a guy there how many they were expecting and he said between 600-2000! HOLY CRAP! Also there is a motorcycle party/sale/ride thingy this afternoon but it's raining and kind of cold so might not go to that, that's all I need is to get freakn sick again!!!
Have a great day everyone!!

Friday, January 19, 2007


You got that right people, FRIDAY! Today, I went to the gym and was scheduled for a workout but being as my office opens at 9am instead of 9:30am M-Th so I decided that I would get a short treadmill run and ended up getting in an easy 2.5 miles in about 28 mins and then some stretching. It was good to be back running but I could still feel my left hamstring and right calf/Achilles tendon being sore so I stretched them pretty good after running and will get another stretching session in before I head home from the office. This weekend looks like it will be an easy relaxing alone time weekend for me as my wife has decided to pick up a couple of overtime shifts at the hospital working Sat/Sun from 10am -10pm, yikes!!! Sometimes I'm not sure how she works that long but all to her for being strong and just a shout out to her for working so hard! And my daughter is going to be at a friends house tonight because of some school play and tomorrow she is going to the mall and movies with some more friends and then I will pick her up after the movies and finally meet the infamous "Johnathan" that she has been ranting and raving about and how she likes him!!! WTF!! I think Johnathan is on my list!! As any protective dad would be, I have to look mean when I meet him, LOL.. its great to be a parent at times! Any ideas on how to make him shake in his shoes and let him know he better not mess with my daughter? HAHA.. I always thought being a Chiropractor was good enough because I do know about 10 different ways to break a neck! Kidding,, really its just about 3... Anyway, with all the free time I am going to watch some movies, workout, cook and get some reading done and what ever else comes around. Currently I am doing research on a few consulting companies that help in starting an office or expanding your office as I am looking at moving on and opening my own office but it does take time, money and research. But all in all I am just looking forward to a nice easy weekend as next weekend I will be tied up in continuing education seminar on Sat and Sun.
Have a great Friday!!! rockon`

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

My Book Recap..

Wow, I finally finished this book! If you like Mafia type stories this a good read. The book is about the DeMao crew from NY. There are many people involved in this story from the top of the chain such as Paul Castellano on down the line to just wanna be's in the mafia regime. The story is basically about a crew that works under Big Paulie and is involved in drugs, racketeering, extortion, auto theft, pornography, and of course Murder. The title Murder Machine is no lie when it comes to this crew as the will kill anybody, anytime and just about anywhere. Some graphic details are laid out how the crew makes people disappear or how they are left to be found for intense purposes. Killing for the DeMao crew is every day nature which is kind of creepy but just business in there eyes.
The story is goes through high's and low's of the crews personal lives and "professional" lives and gives a good insight to how the crew operated day in and out and all the thing's that they were involved in to make money for themselves, there capo's and for "the family". At some points it's amazing how one minute everyone is a loving family and friends laughing, drinkning, eating and the next minute someone is aced out by the same people. Nothing lasts forever or at least that's what they say in the crime world, so I've heard, lol.. but these guys eventually get busted due to some persistent FBI/NYPD guys and of course in the mafia world being a "rat" is outta the question unless you feel you got no other choice or choose a different life. I won't give away what happens in case you want to read but if you want to know email me and I'll lay it out for ya, but the book is good.
I like the book overall just simply because it was a mafia book and that stuff has always interested me and I had always wanted to read a mafia book. The beginning I must say was a little confusing to get all the names down which is important in this book because you have to know who is with who because the authors reference people living or dead thought the book.
On to something else, haven't decided yet but I'm thinking about this:

H-towns Artic Freeze & recovering..still..

Well the cold ice crap finally got here to H-town and now has the city all messed up, mostly because people don't take there time and SLOW DOWN! What can I say. Coming from the mid-west, Nebraska and Kansas City area you got snow and ice all the time and have to learn to just drive slow and be patient.
As for recovery this week things have been good. I lifted weights yesterday and just did a 6 min warm up on the EFX Precor machine which I could still feel the soreness in my legs but walking like a penguin has decreased and I seem to have my normal stride back.
Being as the roads are all messed up today and my daughter's school is delayed starting till 10 am so that kinda messed my gym activities up this morning so will get some ab work and walking on the treadmill at work today. I still feel some soreness in my legs so I think I will give them a couple of more days before running again.
Becareful out there today, where ever you are, and stay warm, (although sometimes I like the cold) ...

Monday, January 15, 2007

Houston 1/2 Marathon Race Recap..

Well first off the weather never really got here during Sunday and the cold stayed away till the late evening. The temperature during the race was about 59* and cloudy, not sure what the humidity was but I'm sure it was a little high. As I woke up and prepared my things I pretty much took what I wore for the Las Vegas run except I decided that I was not going to wear my heart rate monitor being as my training had been so little the last 3 weeks and I knew my HR would just be high, I would run on feel. I ate more before the run this time and I left to get to the George R. Brown (GRB) convention center (this is where everything is basically happening, all indoors) early because there were having a church service and have never gone to one before so I wanted to make it. Parking was crazy and slow but I managed to park about 6 blocks away for free! but later would have wished I paid 5 bucks and parked like a block away. As I made it to the GRB and found the church service it was totally packed, not just in the service but runners everywhere and this GRB place is Huge! As service finished it was about 6:20am and I thought I better get in line for the porta-can because the lines were long. As I was waiting and talking with other runners the Loud Speaker guy kept announcing times and pertinents around the race site. By 6:45am I was 3 people from the front of the line, having to go for real by now and the Loud Speaker guy comes on and says "runners, its 6:45am and you should be making your way to the starting lines" I was hell no, I got to go! and three from the front, ain't leaving till I'm done. Anyway, that went fast and I headed to starting line which was about 2 blocks aways and got in the back of the pack and started walking to move more up the bunch.
As the gun went off a guy next to me clicked his watch and provided the gun time and how long it took us to get to the starting line which was about 9 mins 32 sec. It sure seemed longer than that but off and running we were. The first couple of miles its like playing dodge the slower runners-walkers and made me wonder if I had really started too far at the back but came to realize that later on that there were just too many runners and it wouldn't have mattered. The first 1 mile is bridge that is a good incline is it really gets your heart rate up fast and by mile 2 the Half runners merge with the Full runners for short stretch, yes, there are 2 different blocks in which the Fulls/half's start on. At the 5k mark my time was 33 mins, I was OMG!! and I felt great! New PR for me there! As we approached miles 4-5 it was just a continuance of dodging slower runners and walkers now that the fulls and half's are together. Road side support was great and spectators were all over the course, some entertaining, some cheering, others just clapping but all great.
One house I remember was a whole family was there on the front porch, music playing and they all had mimosas and toasting everyone, they were just having a great time! I smiled and nodded my head at one of the ladies and she raised her glass in a toasting manner, it was good pick me up kinda thing which was good because there was another damn incline overpass we had to run up right after that. By mile 5 I was running with some other people, you know that ones that you figure are running about the same pace as you and you hitch on or stay together, start chatting and just have with while your out there. As we hit the water stations I noticed that the same runners would regroup after the stations and just run together so I thought I would just hanging with those runners as I chatted with a few of them. After the 10k mark (1:08:35 another PR for me!) one of the lady runners started picking up the pace and so I thought I would stay with her. Around mile 7-8 the ball of my left foot was hurting with every step and felt worse when I stopped for water and took off running again but just kept going being as I did not want to lose my pace. When on the course for the half's at the 9 mile mark you have to make a turn around and the fulls keep going straight, I made the turn around and was passing the 15k mark. By now my foot was still hurting but I think I turned it out and was noticing that my breathing had become heavier and I felt a little more out of breath so I slowed just a little. At one of the water stations after the 15k mark the lady runner I was with got a little ahead of me and so I just kept running and around 11 mile marker I caught back up to her because I kept trying to real her back in which was forcing me to run fast as her paced never slowed. When I did catch her and passing the last of the water stations about 12 miles I doomed my pace as now my hips came alive and let me know they were not happy since about mile 7 and now really wanted me to stop moving. I kept running knowing only 1.1 miles to go but it sure felt like a long ways. After a few turns through downtown Houston I had to walk just a few moments and get a grip because my hips were becoming annoying and by this time the lady runner was out of sight. Last right turn and its straight ahead I heard someone say and I started running again and told my self I would not stop until I crossed the finish line. At 2:24:01 JohnnyTri crossed that finish line and stopped. Dang what an exciting finishing shoot, there are runners for the Full on one side of the street and the Half's on the other and had come together at about 11 mile marker. But lots of people cheering and the music, the announcer, its all great! That really helped me the last 1/2 mile because I just didn't pay attention to my body and was taking some pictures and looking around enjoying. Nothing like coming into a Finishing Line chute, AIN'T THAT RIGHT PEOPLE!! IT'S AWESOME!! I crossed the line, got my finishers medal and headed inside the GRB for some food and rest.
The food was great, line was long but moved really fast. Eggs, potato's wedges, sausages links, bisket, bagel w/strawberry cream cheese, 2 sugar cookies, 1 banana nut bread, dt. pepsi and water! Ate it all!!! I sat on the floor which was sure if that was a good idea but was able to make it back up and walked over to the Finishers T-shirts area and that where I got this totally awesome Under armour shirt. Then checked out my finishing times at the Best Buy results table and started walking the 6 blocks back to the car! Damn, here's where I wish I paid the 5 bucks to only walk a block, oh well, maybe it helped walking that far. Overall, I love participating in the Houston run. I have done the Full (2004) and now Half and it's overall a great run. There are spectators all over the course and it's just well organized. I look forward to it again next year. I do miss the gratification of the Full run but training for a full is a lot of work compared to the half but being able to complete this Half without any running for about 3 weeks and set my best running times ever is awesome! And I have to give a big shout out Thank you to my family. When I left in the morning I told my wife and said just said to be careful and have fun and that she knew I could do it. Well, I called them after I finished and there was no answer on the cell or house phones so not sure where they were. I made it home only to find the cell phone laying on the bed and no one home. I showered and got dressed and in walks my wife and daughter, "hey, dad, how did you do?" I walked out with my Finisher shirt on and medal, "I FINISHED!" Then they told me they had gotten up and went out to the course to find me but wasn't sure on my times and where I would be when. Then come to find out the went to the Full course after the Half's had split off. They remember the area in 2004 when I ran the full and sat there waiting for like 2 hours to see if I was coming by and then figured they had missed me and came home! IT was so great and nice to know that my family was out there looking for me, even if on the wrong part of the course. I was very touched by there gustier and them trying! I totally appreciate them supporting me and trying there hardest to find me out there. BTW, I was I could be at the 19 mile marker in like 2 1/2 hours!! Anyway, THANK YOU BRITTANY AND REBECCA, I LOVE YOU BOTH! Today, my hips are sore and achy and I walk like a penguin! I will stretch lightly and probably get on our recumbent bike at the office to work some out but I will take it easy the next couple of days. My daughter asked me yesterday when the next race is? I said I don't know but I need to find one! Just a typical tri -runner always looking for the next race to do.. Have a great day people!!!! rockon`

Sunday, January 14, 2007

How Sweet it is!!

Finishing the Houston 1/2 Marthon was a sweet run! Good weather and good pace. My official time: JOHN VIGIL (HALF) Bib #25809 HOUSTON, TX - USA Age 35 M START 10k 9 Mile FINISH 6:59:14 AM 01:18:06 01:48:39 02:24:01 TIME Chip Time: 02:24:01 Pace: 10:59 Placement Overall: 4196 Gender: 2209 Division: 333 Rockon all ... I gotta take a shower!!! will give race report with some pictures later on..

Good Morning Houston Marathon!

Today' the day, its here! And here's the local weather for the Houston Marathon and the 7am start. 7am T-Storms50°F 47°F 70% 50°F 100% From SE 8 mph 8am T-Storms50°F 47°F 80% 50°F 100% From SE 8 mph 9am T-Storms50°F 47°F 80% 50°F 100% From SE 8 mph 10am T-Storms49°F 45°F 70% 49°F 100% From SSE 9 mph Guess I better run fast!! Haha.. C-ya all when I get done and with pictures and report. Race number is 25809!

Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Its coming..

the Cold Artic Freeze or what ever they are calling it today and it's supposed to be here on Sunday, geez, just in time for the Marathon. WTF! Some weather dudes say its not to get here till the afternoon others say first thing in the morning so I'm not really sure who to believe just yet. All I know is that I saw the Finishers Medal and I Want IT!! So windy, sleet, snow, rain, cold or hot I'm crossing the finish line to get that Medal!!!
I have a friend who has trained for it as well and come to find out yesterday that he had not received his confirmation card and so he called the contact number only to find out that he was not registered!! DAMN that would totally suck. So now he has to go through his credit card statements and find the charge to prove he did registered and if there is not one then he's Out, which, he said would not be a big problem if it was cold Sunday morning because he said he would not run if it was wet and cold, what a Winney!! huh..
Well gotta run and talk to you again later..~~~

Monday, January 08, 2007

Its HERE!!!!

It came in today!!! AWESOME!!!

6 days till Houston Marathon..

well the 1/2 marathon for me. Today, I actually hit the treadmill for 3 miles. The first time in about 2 1/2 weeks and it felt good. It was nice and easy and just wanted to make sure my legs still remembered how to move. I am feeling much better and would say I am over being sick but I am still finishing the meds this week so until those are done and I am still healthy I will say I am at 95-98%.
Can't wait for the Marathon Expo actually called Roger Clemens Expo this weekend. I will be looking for some new running gear! I need some new socks and shirt and shorts and anything else I can find that's cool.
I also ordered my photo collage from the Las Vegas 1/2 marathon and that should be here shortly! Can't wait!
Anyway, have a great week all and Allez so glad your knee is better and you have worked so hard and patiently to find your right shoe!

Thursday, January 04, 2007


Finally today I feel a lot better. My voice is pretty much back and I have an occasional cough. I even felt good enough to hit the gym for some light weights and 20 mins on the EFX Precor machine, love that thing.
I have been contemplating what to do on my training and preparing for the Houston 1/2 in 10 days and being as I am still not 100% I am not really going to try and push any running. I may try just a few short runs Sunday, Mon, Tues and then just take the rest of the week off. I don't think I should have any problems in going the distance but as for any time records I am not holding my breath, I'll just run and see what happens.
Now that it is a new year and as most are setting there training plans, race schedules, new years resolutions or what ever else you all do, I have decided that I will continue to SBR but I will also focus on weights and dropping some unwanted body fat, like who really "wants" it, right? Anyway, I will be starting a 12 week training program as this seems to keep me focused throughout the year. I have done a few of those Body for Life 12 week programs with good success and it keeps me focused but this time I will incorporate more SBR with the 12 weeks.
This 12 weeks will also take me to the beginning of April which is a great time to start some motorcycling and who wants to see a tubby on a bike, either motor or pedal, anyway?
So being as it is super raining here in H-town today and the office is slow this afternoon I will work on my training program and some lists for nutrition and supplements.

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Happy New Year!! 2007...

It's the new year, wow, 2007. Can you believe that? All I know for 2007 is that mine started with a FREAKIN COLD/SICKNESS!!! I just don't get it. This time it is my throat or tonsils hurting like a motherf`er and the loss of my voice or at least I sound like I swallowed a frog. I was actually sounding like the Godfather, Don Corleone and quoting the movie.. One day you will be called upon for a favor...LOL... So my voice is out, I started on antibiotics AGAIN! and had to go to court this morning, AGAIN!!!
At least I am feeling somewhat better today. My court, I had to pay 200 bucks for speeding and come back in a month to pay it, no biggie, but that leads me to my training which has been totally nonexistent for the last week! And with the Houston 1/2 marathon approaching in 13 days tells me that it looks like it will be another race to Finish so my goal of running under 2:30 will just have to wait or I will see how I feel that day and just run Forest run..
I will keep on keepn on for now..
Hope everyone recovered from New Years without too much of a hangover!