Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Moving along..!!!

That's right! Slowly but at least forward. Over the last couple of weeks I have been slowly implementing running back into my workout routine and even though I am only running on inside cushioned track, I am still Running and that make me happy!

The last couple of weeks I have been running with the new shoes and all seems to be going with there. So far this week I have actually run back-back to days, although short in time/distance, I was still able to complete them with great pleasure and no pain. OKAY, so maybe running around the inside track like 22 times (5.5 times around = 1 mile) is not painless but I am so happy to be running that I just tune it out and with that aspect I look at it that it is growing me mentally to complete loop races!

I have also started on the 84 day (12 weeks) Body for Life program which will just keep me tuned to working out and set me on a plan being as I was a little lost and not motivated to do anything b/c of my leg but now I am enjoying it and will take it day by day.. Today is day 2/84. I have done this program before and it always seems to a great success and accomplish goals for me and so that is why I decided to do it again.

Along with training I have been sauna training for my prep for crewing for Badwater in a few weeks. All has been going well and I am now up to 20+ mins of straight sauna time without my heart rate going sky high. This past weekend I also helped volunteer at Running with the Devil which offered a 50m, marathon, 1/2 marathon, and 10k. I was stationed at mile 3.1 and had the 12pm - 7pm shift which meant it was going to be hot, hey, CalicoRacing.com doesn't call it Running with the Devil for nothing!!!

It was about 96* out, some wind and all in all great training temps for Badwater and matter of fact a few of the runners that I talked with are actually on crews for Badwater and our local runner, Connie, is actually running Badwater. It was a great day.

Now on to the great cool thing.. This weekend, the man AKA as Formulaic went for round 2 at Ironman Coeur d'Alene and guess who won? This freakn' guy has been gunning at me since my first Cda race and since he took the RAGE time from me he decided he would nap the IM time from me too smashing my IM Cozumel time of 15:03 by more than 45 mins!! Now that 14:36 has been thrown down, along with a Silverman time of 15:58 he has pushed me into the corner, stepped on my shirt and opened up his arms as the RULER OF ALL THE WORLD!!! I am super happy for him, but not really.. that he had a great race.. damn it!! and that even though my swim time is still faster..yaaa me.. and I have the fast bike time at Rage.. yea me again.. all which mean absolutely nothing at the finish line, he has the lead.. fucker..!! and that makes me want to get back in the IM game while he takes a break. Problem is IM has gotten smart and raised there prices and I am just starting my own office so I will have to wait till the fall and see what is open and where I can kick his butt at.. IMFL.. hahaha.. flat and fast but that would be too easy in a sense.. we need hills, climbs and cold water.. I would love to go back to Cda or even CZ but they will most likely close out before I am ready. In the mean time, congrats Form, I guess....


Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lot's Happening!!!

First this is totally me!!! Shouting VICTORY!! My leg is feeling much better and I actually managed to run a total of 8.5 miles this week!! Nice and easy running around the local gym track, which is cushioned and takes 5.5 laps to make a mile but soooo What!! I have no pain in running and I feel good.

Adding to the help of rest for the my leg, I changed shoes, Radically Changed!! I was/have been running in a motion control shoe and Stability Plus shoes for a while, and most likely my leg problem was building while running on the trails and switching to the road allowed it to show up.
So now I took a radical change and went to a Neutral shoe, Asics Numbus 12 and all is working great. It took a little bit of break in to get my knees and mechanics used to it but so far so good. I will continue to build up mileage/time slowly and I will be interested to see how it goes when I get to longer mileage.

Now that I am slowly back in the run of things, and just in time because my 2nd year to Crew for Badwater 135 is coming up, July 12-14th. This year I will be crewing for Australian's Susannah Harvie-Jamieson #21. It's exciting to be a part a something like this and to help someone from another country makes it even more awesome! There are 4 of us on the crew and so compared to last year with 6, we have a little more of our work cut out.

Although the leg issue problem is well on its way to coming back, it took me out SilverRush 50 and training up for Rio Del Lago 100 in September. Since I will not be racing those I have been thinking what to do, actually, Ragnar Relay is Oct 23rd and I have put together a 4-relay team. This makes about 48 miles per runner over the 189 mile course and proposed TEAM FOMO is excited!

Other than Ragnar I am just looking to take it easy and build my run back up to look for a 100 next year.

On other news, I have left the chiropractic office I was working out of due to crazy employee rules the other doctor was looking to have me complete. Somewhere along the line the other doctor forgot I am an independent doctor and working for myself so with a conflict of ideas and understandings I choose to find a new location.

Without further adue, I am now SOLO!!! Holy Freakn' Shit!! Yes, I have rented an executive suite, basically a small little office room and I will take it all on myself. I guess it's about time, huh. I am excited and scared at the same time but I guess that is what makes it all great!

Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's!!! and to my Dad!!



Saturday, June 05, 2010

Leg and Cap Tx recap..

Here I go again STILL complaining about my leg so bear with me..

It just doesn’t seem like there is no end but it’s gotta get better, right? I am still dealing with my leg issues/fuckin’ problem nowadays!! And it’s really putting a depressing mode on things in terms of my running and training. I literally cannot run more than 2 miles without this thing kicking in and shutting me down from running. I can walk, stair climb, elliptical, jump, and just about anything else that doesn’t involve running!!

After a few sessions of ART it is a little a better but that is not going to cut it. I will continue with the ART but after talking my case over with my great buddies from Houston at Spine and Sports Therapy, where I have learn all my sports care, they have pointed out a couple of over looked issues!! I will immediately get on correcting those, one, includes changing my shoes from Motion control to Neutral which is a radical change but based on the give conditions and mechanics of my problem I will totally do it.

What does this mean in terms of my upcoming races? Good freakn’ question!!! I really don’t know. I mean I cannot run more than 2 miles, which means I still need to rest this thing and with my next even, SilverRush 50 on schedule for July 18th, leaves 6 weeks from tomorrow, the fat lady has started to sing in my opinion. Also the week of this event is my dedicated Crewing job for Susannah for Badwater and I really want this to be good to help pace for a few miles. Now with regards to Rio Del Lago 100, there is 14 weeks left and once again I am just hearing the intro music to this one which is really bumming me out!!!! I mean I would be okay missing the 50 miler but once I finally mentally decided to push for the 100 and now this crap happens and I may have to mentally accept it just may not happen at this time.

Sooooooo, in JT fashion, if you can’t get it done then, when?!!! Hahaha! I have been eyeing a couple of other 100’s simply because I really wanted to knock out a 100 this year, so RDL may be out but that doesn’t mean the 100 is out!! Stay tuned…

I will be eyeing Ironman Wisconsin now in September when it opens up for a shot at 2011..!! What’s that? JT’s coming back to the triathlon side!! Haha.. After taking a short break after IMCZ and coaching this year for TNT I have to admit I developed FOMO (Fear of Missing Out) when I wasn’t participating in the races!! I have always wanted to do IMMoo so along with some other things next year I will am looking ahead to put 2011 schedule together. Is anyone else thinking that far ahead?

I just got back from the Capital of Texas Olympic Triathlon with my TNT Vegas team and they all did freakn awesome!! For 3 of them this was their first Olympic distance and for our veteran this was like her 35 overall triathlon. As I said they all did awesome, with our fastest gal in the 30-34 age group knocking out 9th out of 84 and 81st out of 1364 Olympic finishers!! Our Veteran taking 1st in her age group of 60-64, okay, okay, she was the only won but she still took it home!! Then we had a gal who quickly learned how dealing with 3 flats (Stef can relate!! ) right out of T1 can rattle your day quickly but staying focused, listening to Coach Liz who was able to talk her through things and get her back out on the course, proves she is an excellent triathlete!! And last but certainly not least was our gal who started the season so worried about swimming 1500 meters and all season long improved her speed and endurance and was still skeptical about swimming the distance showed Coach Brendan and I how she rocked the 1500 meter swim and finished faster than we projected!! She totally conquered that swim making a huge confidence in her abilities and taking on the bike and run to finish up her 1st Olympic distance!! At the end of the 92*, 58% day, it really makes me feel good that all the time and weeks of emails and schedules come together and besides the 4 people raising over $20,000 for Leukemia and Lymphoma they accomplished goals they never thought possible on Day 1 when we started! I am so proud of them and to be able to help and that is just a small part of why I am proud to be a Coach for Team in Training – Las Vegas!!!

My TNT season has ended for now and will be off for the rest of the year and I cannot wait to take on next season when I will be coaching marathon/half marathon groups that will look to take on the 2011 Vancouver and Alaska Marathons!!! So you all should sign up!!