Friday, February 29, 2008


it's pretty much go time for the LA MARATHON!

JT is race #8103...

I'm as ready as I'm ever gonna be and I hope it all comes together well... Nervous? Yes.

My plan is to go out a little slower than normal pace and easy into it after about 5-6 miles and just go from there. If anything starts to go wrong I have my mind made up that I will pull the plug on it (but come on!!! is that really going to happen? Would anyone of us really do that? )

unitl Monday...


Sunday, February 24, 2008

training and hills..

LOL, I love the bloggerville family of friends and all the comments on the last couple of posts with the pictures, you guys are awesome.

Now this week in training was first interrupted with Presidents day closing the pool and not realizing this I pulled into the parking lot which totally sucked! It was then the option of heading to the 24hr fitness pool by my house which I have pretty much swore off b/c it's not really clean and id almost rather swim in my bathtub than there! So I need to research and have a back up pool plan in case this happens again.

The rest of the week was pretty good getting some good bike trainer workouts and a couple of runs on the treadmill along with a couple of functional body workouts. I have feeling pretty good as we get closer to the LA Marathon and although my run mileage is way down I will just have to have the confidence in knowing that I put the training in and it will all come together.

On Friday night I went with Formulaic and Mrs. Form to the local social triathlon club meeting, Las Vegas Triathlon Club which is in a great transition and in the expansion mode. It was great to meet some great people and other tri-geeks in community.

Saturday morning I meet back up with Form/Mrs.Form on Saturday morning for a great ride out on one of the local tri events race course. It's actually the Rage course that is coming up in April and let me tell you, it was not an easy course. This course is also part of the Silverman course that S. Baboo can testify too. There are a lot hills, some steep some just long climbers. I stopped to take this picture of the 8% grade we were about to go down because that only means one thing when doing an out and back course, it's 8% coming back up! (Actually, I stopped b/c Formulaic really needed a break and was using this "bike crank problem" to stop and rest every few miles. He would jump off his bike and some how keep tightening the same screws over and over...humm.. finally I said let me tighten that up and see if it keeps loosing, HA!! Kidding.. He really did have bike difficulties and managed to crank out the 30 miles! Way to go FORM! and not get that shit fixed!!! cause mrs. Form and I aren't waiting on you next time, ha!)

Today, I am about to hit the trainer again for a long day of inside riding as the weather is sucking again although I probably could tough it out but I'll opt for the movie and trainer today.

I am ready to get this marathon over with and on to other stuff as I need to recover and keep plugging away. It's all good!!!


Monday, February 18, 2008

turn out da lights..

The parties over. Now that the birthday week is over the lights are out, booo.. Last week was a totally great week and I must thank you all for the bday wishes and for those that made it so special to me.

Now that the lights are out, the light is still on for the countdown for CdA..!! like 18 weeks, HFS!
I can't believe it. I still feel that I am way off on my training and wonder how things are going to come along in that amount of time but trusting yourself and your coach is the key.

I feel this week I am mostly over that damn nagging cold and so I should have a stellar week. Today was a kick in the ass from the coach with some functional training workout, damn, how the hell can your own body weight cause so much pain in these workouts! ha! Tonight I will be back in the pool after almost a week.

Sunday, February 10, 2008

the long run..

Yesterday was my last long run before LA Marathon so that means it's Taper time now! To kick it off I had to complete a good long run and since I have been sick all this week and did absolutly nothing it was going to be interesting to see how things come together. I set out from my parents house which is on the west side of Vegas. I have run around there many times before and I knew that there is a lot of gradual and steep hills depending on where you are out. I decided that I needed a lot of varity in the couse on this long run to help overall and I because it was long run I wanted to stay in town near many stores and bathrooms for convienence.

The day was to be warmer than usual which was fine with me because I am thinking that LA is going to be about the same conditions and wanted to get a feel for 60's temps since I have not felt that since Miami back in December. As I started out there is a lot of down hill and it was easy to run about my planned pace so I had to watch myself. I started well with the gels and nutrition and early morning breakfast was good.

After the 3.5 mile mark the course turns up hill from about 2600ft elevation to 2800ft. at mile 5. It's not really steep but a long steady climbing and I was able to maintain my pace without blowing up my HR. After mile 5 my course levels out around the 2800ft for a mile then begins climbing from mile 6 (2800ft) to mile 9 at 3050ft. again Long steady climbs with a couple of short steeper ones but mostly steady. By mile 9 I was still feeling good and HR was still working with me. Once I hit the 10.5 mile mark is was time to turn around! Yahoo and head back.

On the way back I stopped and had to do a little Prevent Defense as I could feel one of my toes rubbing and wanted to stop and future blisters. This was a good time to refuel, get some fig newtons (Bigun) and take just a few minute breather. Once I was back on the road I was feeling great. I saw my dad out running (he is training for the San Diego Rock n Roll Marathon and is a young 62 years old, Go Dad!) We stopped at my mile 12.75 and things were feeling great. By this time I had started some of that long gradual climing and now it was down hill. Funny thing now I had a slight head wind and was not really gaining any benefits from the down hill, figures!!

Around mile 16 I was beginning to feel tired and started to make sure I was taking in enough fluids/gels. I was a little behind. By mile 17 the down hill part was over and now it was time for some uphill which I was not in the mood for and neither were my Quads or my HR, as it decided to do it's own thing now bringing me to walk/slowing more than I wanted. The pace I had set out for was now slipping away :(

After mile 17 I really had to take some time and just walk for a while, refuel and walk some of that uphill. At 18 I stopped stretched really good and then was off running again for about a mile but was once again stopped by HR and Quads. (These bastards are working together now and now listening to me) I am at the part in the course where there was a lot of down hill at the beginning and had to watch the pace but now that is definetly not a factor. It's walk/jog/walk. Finally by mile 20 I arrive back at the start ever so missing

as that was my goal for the day.

My quads are toast for any more running, although I was doing just fine walking but that really kills the overall pace, ya know.

Overall I was disappointed in the last long run. Yes, I have been sick all this week. Yes, there was a lot of uphill/downhill running so that probably smashed my quads. and Yes, I did get behind on my fluids but that did not seem to effect me but in endurnace terms I am sure it did. What did I learn? Maybe my pace is too fast and don't run anymore by West Vegas.. ha! especially since half the run was on concrete sidewalks, which probably did not help either.

Today, I feel good. Little sore but not as bad as some of the earlier runs I did leading up to this. It's all deposits into the Bank of CdA.


Thursday, February 07, 2008


The week has been totally unproductive thanks to a cold. I felt it coming on after Saturdays 15 mile run. I was cold during that run as I had under dressed, forgot my gloves and my ear warmer but I actually didn't think it was that cold out when I left the house but as soon as I started running I got cold. Anyway, after getting home and resting up I felt something coming on late that night. Sunday I took off because I woke up feeling very tired, unmotivated and definetly did not feel like riding 3.5 hours on the trainer because it was raining and windy again!

Then Monday I come to work and this dipshit here is totally freakn` sick, coughing, fever! He has it all! I got pissed. Told his dumbass to go home because he was only going to make me and the other guy sick, well he tells me that he can't because it doesn't look good taking Monday off after a weekend, esp. Superbowl Weekend (GO GIANTS!) you have got to be freakn` kidding me so instead he stays here infecting everything. Again I did not train on Monday as I was feeling a scratchy throat by the end of the day, probably no thanks to DipShit!! Fukr`..

Tuesday the full head cold had set in and it's official, crap! I did manage to do a 30 minute easy spin on the bike but that's it.

Today I am feeling better. Taking Airborne, Wellness Formulas, Vit. C, Zinc, etc... everything I can get in MEGA-DOSAGE to knock this crap out. It's still there but better.

Bottom line I have not trainned all week and probably won't until Saturday when I head out for a run as the weather here is supposed to be in the mid-upper 60's. That will be a change.

On my last run I felt really good. My pace was on and I am feeling more confident for the upcoming LA Marathon (march 2nd) but anything can happen.

In other JT news. The H-twn group (Lauren, Liz, & Ryan) All 70.3 Switzerland peeps and myself got our airline tickets and hotel booked for the June event. How freakn` exciting is that. My credit cards haven't seen that much activity in a long.. wait.. Ever!.. ha, and now I gotta pay all that off in a hurry. Also coming up in event news is sealing the deal for the CdA house next month as the final payment is due.

Sorry to have been slow in updating the blog but now I am really beginning to see how work, life, and training effects blogging. I remember Wil talking about this last year during her journey to IM and she's right, something has to give and it's usually da blog. All is good though as I am not going anywhere, just slow to update.

Have a great weekend!!!


Friday, February 01, 2008


Alright its the weekend which means some good training, relaxing, and eating. This week has been pretty stead for my workouts with no problems. If I had to pick something I would say I am not eating enough during the days so I need to increase my calorie intake, which hey, that's a good thing!

Tomorrow I have a 15 mile run which I am looking to do some serious grading on myself and take notes on fueling for the LA Marathon. Then in the afternoon I am going over to Formulaics to fine tune he and Mrs. Form with some sports chiro stuff, and probably drink a few brews, Gotta rehydrate! HA.

Sunday I have a 60 mile bike planned and weather is not looking too good at this time which sucks because I am not in the mood to do another 3 hour bike trainer ride!

As the count down continues for LA, Switzerland and CdA I am glad things are slowly, but surely coming along.