Tuesday, October 31, 2006

neck, back and stomach oh my!

Hey all. After the IronStar Tri I got home and found out that my house phone is out due to some AT&T problems which means my DSL is out so I cant post the tri pics yet but I will, should be up and working Weds. I also developed a wierd low back pain which has been totally annoying and then I ate something bad yesterday and today I am totally off my game and feel out of energy. I cant eat at this time and drinking water is a major accomplishment. If its not one thing its another. This totally stinks because this week is my increasing mileage for running but I cant even get out the door. I guess you have to submit when your body is NOT going to do what you want, period! OK, just want to add Way to Go STEVEN! Hey finished 2nd Overall and 1st in his age group! Due to the gail force winds the entire race had to endure it pushed Steve a little behind his goal of sub 3 hours but not to worry because Mr. Steve totally dedicated his time and training to getting there and as you read in his race recap he was not the only one to endure the wind! Rock on Steve!! And Happy Halloween to all today!

Monday, October 30, 2006

Iron* weekend.

What a great Weekend! The Ironstar was totatally great! I have pictures and a story to add so will have to post it later. My house dsl was down so not sure when it will be back up. Great job to all those how participated. And Shout out to Trey for saying hello while he was getting his wet suit stipped right next to me. Didn't see him on the bike-run tho. Rockon` its Monday!!!!!

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Great Fun Run! and planning ahead

Today was the Great Pumpkin 5k Fun run at the Houston Zoo. The temperature was about 52* which was enough to wake you up very quickly. My daughter and I arrive and found our way to the shoe chip's which was an short line and then proceeded to attach the little thing to our shoes. Next it was a short warm up and then headed to the start line. Not sure how many runners there were but I estimate about 700 hundred with other walkers as well. The gun went off and it only took a 28 seconds to hit the official starting line mat. At mile one the pack was pretty much together and part of the run was an out and back which we could already see the leaders coming on the back in part. We hit the 1 mi mark at 11 mins and thought wow we are running fast so I asked my daughter how she was doing and she said great. I really think she would have ran faster if it wasn't for slow ol'pops holding her up. Mile 2 was not really marked but I assumed it was where the second water stop was where we grabbed a quick drink and merged with the shorter distance walkers. Now this made for a zig-zaggin effect for the last mile of the run which was somewhat annoying. They should have directed the walkers to stay to the right of the trail which is about 12' wide but somewhere that was left out so we continued to run hopping in and around people as we had picked up the pace on our last mile. The final quarter mile was great because we turned and ran inside the side, still dodging the walkers, but then finished inside the zoo at 33:15. We grabbed our snack packs that were handed out and towel and then just enjoyed walking around the zoo and seeing the animals which most of them were up and ready for breakfast and near the front of the exhibits. This was so cool because we both had not been so close to some of the animals. After walking around we made our way to the results board and my daughter 15-19 age group placed 10/15 with only 1 other 15 year old coming in at 8/15. Great Job! and like I said I slowed her down so she would have done better. As for slow ol'pops, age group 35-40 I came in 32/40. Overall all my daughter was 579 and I was 580 with an average pace of 10:44/mile! What are you kidding me! I have never ran that fast before and I felt great running, felt like a PRE of 4-5. Sweet, I'm happy! After my daughter told me she had fun! and really like running inside the zoo. Great Day!

Today is the Nebraska Cornhuskers taking on the Oklahoma Sooners in Stillwater, OK at 2:30pm CST on ABC so you know where you can find me.

Tomorrow is the big day for all the IronStar athletes! Good luck and see you out there!

This past week has been a little lite or relaxed on my training and I can some has been due the fact of the sinus infection I had at the beginning of the week and I suppose it was good to make it a light week to help recover however last week was my step back week so I have really had two weeks of decreased mileage. This coming week I will pick up the mileage with my long run scheduled for mid week instead of the weekend due to next Saturday will be very busy with the LoneStar Galveston Bike Rally and my daughters Homecoming dance! I also have to pick the mileage up due to the up coming run in Vegas on Dec 10th. The next 4 weeks will bring increased long runs with my longest 11 mile run coming the last weekend in Nov on the 25th. Gotta burn all that turkey and sweet potato's off, damn I love those!


Thursday, October 26, 2006

IronStar Tri and More.

Ok, I know this is my blog so why would I post a head shot of myself? Well, because for those of you how are partaking in the IronStar 1/2 Iron this weekend on Oct. 29th in Conroe, TX. you can look for me as a volunteer in the Bike transistion area and possible at the finish line.
I will be wearing the customary volunteer t-shirt and this Red Met-RX visor/hat. So shout out to JohnnyTri or yo Johnny or something like that and let me know who you are really quick as well. Hopefully, your not yelling at me to getta outta da damn way!! LOL...
Weather for Sunday is a low of 53* and a high of 76* and sunny so it should be a great day for the athletes. Also don't forget to set your Clocks back 1 hour!
Swim training was a good yesterday even though it was in the rain. The Houston Swim Club is an out door heated pool so rain, sleet or snow (H-town's only had snow 1 time since I've been here in 10 years and it didn't really stick, but it snowed) Last night's swim set seemed to be challenging or maybe it was because my legs were tired from the morning's 4 mile run but I doubt it, I think it was just harder. A total of 950 yards came in various sets, it was all good even though I felt like I needed an O2 bottle to recover.
Feeling much better and less stuffiness and congestion! Tonight or tomorrow is packet pick up for the Pumpkin Fun run that my daughter and I will be running of Saturday morning. Then we get in free to the Houston Zoo so that should be fun as well, I like the zoo and there's a new baby boy elephant that just arrived.
Don't forget to jump over to my bro Steve and wish him a great good luck on cranking out that Tri-Cities Marathon under 3 hours this Sunday, You Can Do It Bro!! Keep them legs pumping in that 31* weather, now that's Cold!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Quick Update.. IronStar Triathlon

Hey all! Well, I am finally feeling better after going from a cold to a sinus infection. Now I am taking meds so they have started to work. Monday night was a good swim class reaching a 1000 yards! yahoo! I was suckin wind and water but I made it. Tuesday was 6 mile run which was great because it was about 53*, burr. Today, was a short 4 mile easy run because tonight is swim class. Still working on the new two wheeled motorcycle deal and no word on if it's a done deal or not. If so, great, if not, BOOO! LOL..
This Sunday is the IronStar Triathlon in Conroe, TX and I will be volunteering in the Bike transistion. I will be wearing a RED MET-RX Visor/hat so look for me for those that will be around.. JohnnyTri's the name so just yell out to me, "Yo Johnny!"
Ok, gotta get to work but will be back later.. rockon`

Sunday, October 22, 2006

IM Kona, Motorcycles, Football & cold bug

Congratulations to Normann Stadler for his win at Ironman Hawaii and a hugh great job to Chris McCormack for racing unbelievable during the run and making up some huge time on the run to chase down Normann, another 2-3 miles and he probably would have had it, maybe next year. For those that were watching via web stream (I was logged on for 15 hours!) it was a so nice to see Normann wait for McCormack at the finish line to congratulate him because he knew it was hot on his heels. And SUPER CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL THE HAWAII COMPETITORS! I am still trying to get over this nagging congestion and stuffiness and at times it seems to be getting better but than it changes and I feel blah. Thursday night was swim class putting in 950 yards and it was cooler temps with our pool water temp about 79*, burrr. Friday I took the day off to get more rest and help the cold but Saturday I went out for a short 5 mile run. I was an easy run being as this week was my cut back week and attempt to rid the cold bug. Overall, I feel this weeks training was great for the pool and ok for the run even though it was cut back week I may have cut too much but that's OK due to the cold bug. Press on. Saturday after the run I made it home quickly to watch the Nebraska Cornhuskers take on the Texas Longhorns. The game was in Lincoln, Ne. and it was a great overall game. Lot's of trick plays, good defense, offense, weather, and fumbles. The Huskers gave the game away with a fumble late in the 4th qtr pictured here and the Longhorns come away with the win at 22-20 thanks to the Huskers turnovers. You can't give a great team like Texas the ball on turnovers because they will make you pay for it, and they did a couple of times. I hope too see the Horns again in the Big 12 Championship to be held in Kansas City, Mo.
OK, so I have been looking for another 2 wheeled toy. It's not a Cervelo, Quintana Roo, Kuota, Felt, Kestrel, LiteSpeed or X-lab but a 2006 Honda VTX1300C. My wife and I have always loved motorcycles and since we had to get rid of our last bike about 3 months ago due to unforeseen circumstances (whole other story) we have decided that we want another one. Now I know that purchasing this 2 wheeled enjoyment puts changes in our lives, financially and physically. What? Physically because I will have to work out other details to continue my triathlon training so that we can spend time riding and enjoying it together which is definitely not a problem. I enjoy having a motorcycle but it does take more commitment to go riding and usually means staying out later and eating not as healthy but that I can control for myself. It's all a matter of give and takes and even though triathlon does take a lot the balance has to come from giving as well. I think it's a good..wait..great thing! One more reason to love the sport of triathlon.. it just makes us better people! One more week till IronStar Triathlon where I will be volunteering. I will be talking about this during the week. Have a great Sunday and Steve, good luck to your Seahawks.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

When its love.

OK, so today as I am checking my email I see in my Bulk inbox that few messages, probably junk right? Well, as I open the box I see a pre-sale for tickets to Enrique Iglesias. I thought cool, he's coming to H-town, hasn't been here in a long while and my wife really likes him. I must admit after going to 2 of his concerts he does put on a good show so I was a little bit ecstatic as well.
As I open the email and see the pre-sale actually starts TODAY! What? Are you kidding me? Doesn't a brother even get time to think about going or save money or something? Nope! There on sale right as I read and it's probably buy now or risk not going at all. He is also playing at the Verison Wireless Center which is not really a big venue so it will sell out quickly. Best thing about the Verison is that it's smaller so all the seats are pretty good.
Anyway, as I am ranting about the tickets being on sale I log in and find a couple of seats, called my wife and bought the tickets. She was completely totally overly excited and could only imagine the smile and jumping up and down at work that she was doing. I again must admit that I was happy to be going and even more happy that I can take her. One thing about us going is that it is the day before we leave out town so what a great way to start off the vacation, except, wife has to work the next day and I'm off, oops, sorry honey.
Ok, so now is when the title of this post comes about: When it's love. (no, not the Van Halen song) but knowing that the registration for my 1/2 IM is opening on Nov 1 in 13 days and I just basically spent the money I was GOING to use to take my wife to the concert and now have to figure out how to pay for the triathlon. Thing was that even knowing that I had to use the money for the triathlon I knew it would matter much more about buying the tickets and I know there is always another way to come up with money to enter a triathlon, even if it is my 1st half distance, locally and has a potential of selling out. All in all, I am happy that I chose to buy the tickets because I know that the tri stuff will come (and it prevents further arguments down the road about anything related to tri's) I mean, what could I say, "sorry honey, I registered for the triathlon the weekend before your birthday (its on Tuesday) instead of taking you to see Enrique." Know what I mean, lol.
It's when it's love that you can immediately give up the love for something you care about for something someone else cares about on the spur of the moment.

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Mugginess is not an Option.

The feeling of mugginess of today's run can only be described as running in total fog without the cloudiness. Can't breath, sweet like crazy and heart rates tries to reach new levels you never imagined. My run today was dependent on how I was feeling, which was better than yesterday but I just could not resist taking off today during my drop back week of running.
I know maybe I should have but hey what can you do.
Being as I had to replace the battery for my HR watch the zones have been lost so I decided to do the Zone Finder test. It's basically run "easy" for 5 mins, "medium" for 5 mins, "hard" 3 mins. So at the end of my 13 mins I checked my watch and the freakn` thing said "redo test!"
You got to be kidding my I thought. There was no way I was running it again so I just brought my HR back down a little and continued running. Problem was HR was not coming down or shooting back up as soon as I started running so I thought well heck with it then, it's Tempo time. I kept running fairly good and finished 5k in 34 mins. Totally soaked as well.
Felt really good after the run. Lungs were opened up and my body just felt better. As the day has progressed I have continued to feel better even with a little stuffiness and congestion although I have been taking some day quil. Tonight, will be swim class and hopefully that will feel good too.
Come on cooler weather.....

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Cold bug trying to bite..

Well after all the rain and flooding happened just as quick as it came it all disappeared within a few hours and by 7pm things were back to normal, almost..
It seems that some time during the day my body decided it wanted to feel a minor sore throat. What? Are you kidding me? My wife has been sick for the last week and is much better so I thought I was out of the woods and dodged the sick bug but not so fast there skippy..
So this sore throat thing same about lunch time and you all know it's just annoying.
I was not going to let that stop me in the afternoon as I went to the gym to get in my short recovery run because it was still raining outside. Hey, I thought my gym membership included "air condition" at the gym but I guess that costs extra. The gym at Myerland 24 hr fitness was so freakin hot and humid. I wasn't even 1 mile into my run and was sweating like crazy, totally felt like running in a sauna, for real! I got my 2 mile recovery run in but it sure felt a little difficult towards the end due to the non-ac. Maybe it was broke, maybe they cut it off, who knows but I might as well have run outside if I was going to sweat that much and get totally soaked.
I then changed and hit the pool for 900 y. It was a good swim overall. I made my way home and took some Vitamin C, B-Complex and of course Day Quil to help out. Watched some TV and went to bed.
This morning as I awoke I checked my HR as I normally do and found that it was about 60/min which is way higher than my avg. of 44-48/min. So I knew that I was not recovered and this little sore throat thing was affecting me. I got up got ready and changed my plans to REST DAY forgoing the stationary bike training and weight training today. Today, will be more B-complex, vitamins, day quil, H2O and to bed early to get about 9 hours sleep.
Hey As I am writing this at work, the TV is on Live with Regis and Kelly and there is going to be an 88-year-old Triathlete! Wonder who it is? It was Mary Stroebe from Madison, WI. They said she has completed 12 Triathlons.

Monday, October 16, 2006

I think we need an Ark..

This morning we awoke to major rains all night long and local flooding throughout the H-town area. Yuk. When this happens there's always water flooding the highways somewhere where I have to travel so makes for a long slow drive, if you can even drive. One time (at band camp) the water totally flooded our neighborhood. I walked down the street and the water was actually thigh high and I'm 6'1".
I was planning on doing my recovery 4 mile run at the gym anyway today but not leaving early has delayed that for now and we shall see if swim class with Coach Lionel is on tonight. I am just going to try to get to the office, which, does not make any sense being as more heavy rains and flooding are expected this afternoon. Hey, I guess when it floods the neighborhood I can get some laps in on the local block, haha.
Yesterday's training was 875 yards in the pool and then 40 mins on the stationary bike. My swimming is definitely becoming better as I notice I can swim a little farther without getting as tired or out of breath but I still have a long way to go.
OK, gotta go get ready for work, guess, I better get the boat ready...

Saturday, October 14, 2006

running long, oops..

Ok, so today I over shot my planned run. Well, it wasn't my fault, really, it wasn't. Here's what happened. As I got to the park it was a nice 65* and good humidity so it felt good outside. As I left the park I knew I would be running 1 hour out and back so as I was approaching the hour mark I was just running through Downtown Houston heading the George R. Brown convention center although I didn't think I would get that close to it in an hour. So when an hour time came I was only about 4 block from the red doors at the GRB and I was feeling good so I went. After I touched the doors and started heading back I realized that last weeks run was 1hr 50 mins so now I have ran 10 mins longer meaning it will be 20 mins Total longer when I finish so I thought I might have ran too far or increased mileage by more than the 10% rule but what could I do now, gotta run back. As I approaching the end of the run I could tell I was getting tired and felt a little out of energy. My heart rate was good avg. 151/min. I finished at 2hr 6 mins and was like, Wow, I'm hungry! Looking at my HR watch it has a calorie counter and it said I had burned about 2465 calories! Holy cow, that's a lot and I probably only took in about 500 on the run with gels and gatorade. I paced the mileage on the way home and it ended at 10.8 miles! with my run pace at 11:40/min. You don't get it! I ran farther and faster and a lower heart rate and PRE (as I kept stating to myself how I felt and rated my PRE and then looked at my HR to see how it felt) Totally awesome run!!!!!!!!!!! When I got home I ate and started rehydrating. I then downloaded the latest Pocast from Simply Stu and listen to it nice and loud while I cleaned up the kitchen and no one else was home. Being as I was in a great mood and I started cleaning around the house to help out my wife being as she has been sick this last week. I cleaned up the bathroom, did some laundry and the dishes (we don't have a dishwasher, wait.. hands are the washers, lol) Then I layed down to watch some NCAA football with the Missouri Tigers taking on Texas A&M (which is still playing, 4th Qtr, less than 1 min, and A&M beating the undefeated Missouri Tigers) which is just Fine with me because Missouri is in the Big 12 North Division and I am a HUGE Nebraska CornHuskers fan and we are in the same division so they will have a division loss, sweet! Sorry, Tiger fans. But we still have to play eachother in about 3 weeks. (A&M just won.) I also took a well needed nap as my legs and lower back were starting to become achy. I then watched 3000 miles to Graceland. Now I just have to decide if I am going to hit the bike tomorrow of a short 15 mile ride or more than likely go hit the pool. It's hard to decide which being as it is great weather. Rockon`...

Thursday, October 12, 2006

Great Shirt!

Now talk about a totally cool t-shirt for the Texas Heart Institute 5k run that my daugher and I are going to run on Oct. 28th! and its at the Houston Zoo! Swim class was canceled tonight due to the heavy lightening and rain storms, it's an outside pool. So that means no rest day tomorrow morning for me, I'll be at the gym indoor pool.

Bring on the newbies, wait, I am one!

Whats up peps? Just stopping in for updates.
Yesterday, was a good morning was a great day at the gym for legs and biceps and the elliptical trainer, which, I have not been on for about 6 weeks due to all the SBR stuff. Its nice to get back on there..note to self, get back on there more often.
The leg workout would prove to maybe be not such a great idea when swim training began with 100 warm-up and then 100 kickboard, yikes! First off, I am totally not good at kick boards and always am outta breath by each 25. But not to worry, I am getting better. Then completed the swim workout with a total volume of 750 yards. Feeling much better since Monday and have been getting more sleep and intake of H2O.
Afterwards, I talked with a couple of the other swimmers as they were curious about me swimming for a triathlon. It was great to enlighten new people on the world of triathlon. Different questions bring great conversations and although I have not completed very many tri's, it's fun to talk about the life a triathlon and where it can take you. As we talked I encouraged them to look into the triathlon in April 2007 which there are different distances and they easily complete the swim portions as they are good swimmers. I could see the curiosity in there eyes as they thought about it just for that brief moment and was probably thinking that they could do it. I tell them that it's a local triathlon, well its about 40 miles from H-town, maybe 50, but very close. I proceed to tell them some more that they should look into it and that we can be a team and all go together. Wait a second, did I just say a "team"? What am I thinking, I am totally new to this tri world and I'm trying to get a team! Really, it's the thought of bringing others into the tri world and letting them find there way but having friends is a great way to do it. Well see how it turns out.
Today, Thursday, it was a great 6 mile run with 1:30 second intervals to really jack my HR up!
Overall it was a great run and my legs could feel the workout from yesterday so I can only imagine what they will feel like tonight at swim practice. Ahha, its all good!

Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Its nice

Awe, it's nice today. A little humid but nice and the fact that I got some sleep and totally ended up resting yesterday, forgoing my swim class because it just didn't feel right. Came home and drank 2 Coronas (love`em) ate dinner and watched a little tv and went to bed.
(Great picture)
Woke up feeling better and got out to do my 5 mi tempo run. Started out a little sluggish but then warmed up and by mile 3 it was on. Probably ran my 3rd mile a little fast but got it done. 5 miles completed in 57 mins. Thats good for a big sasquach like me! lol.. OK, gotta go finish my coffee and get to work, ya I know.. bankers hours, hey somebody's gotta do it...(9:30am - 6pm)

Monday, October 09, 2006

Fatigue Knowledge

As I stated in the recap, I felt fatigued this morning. As I got to work I looked in Fatigue and wanted to post some of the information I complied. Mine is due to lack of sleep, partially dehydration and sub-par nutrition.
Fatigue, also known as weariness, tiredness, exhaustion, or lethargy, is generally defined as a feeling of lack of energy. Fatigue is different from drowsiness. In general, drowsiness is feeling the need to sleep, while fatigue is a lack of energy and motivation. Drowsiness and apathy (a feeling of indifference or not caring about what happens) can be symptoms of fatigue. Fatigue can be a normal and important response to physical exertion, emotional stress, boredom, or lack of sleep. However, it can also be a nonspecific sign of a more serious psychological or physical disorder. When fatigue is not relieved by enough sleep, good nutrition, or a low-stress environment, it should be evaluated by your doctor. Because fatigue is a common complaint, sometimes a potentially serious cause may be overlooked. The pattern of fatigue may help your doctor determine its underlying cause. For example, if you wake up in the morning rested but rapidly develop fatigue with activity, you may have an ongoing physical condition like an under active thyroid. On the other hand, if you wake up with a low level of energy and have fatigue that lasts throughout the day, you may be depressed. Being aware of fatigue with possible physical and psychological causes. Some of the more common but not limited to are anemia, sleep disorders, ongoing pain, allergies, thyroid problems, regularly illegal drug use or alcohol, and depression. Things to help reduce fatigue:
- Get adequate, regular, and consistent amounts of sleep each night. - Eat a healthy, well-balanced diet and drink plenty of water throughout the day. - Exercise regularly. - Learn better ways to relax. Try yoga or meditation. - Maintain a reasonable work and personal schedule. - Change your stressful circumstances, if possible. For example, switch jobs, take a vacation, and
deal directly with problems in a relationship. - Take a multivitamin. Talk to your doctor about what is best for you. - Avoid alcohol, nicotine, and drug use. If fatigue continues or becomes prolonged follow up with your medical health care provider. There is also Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) which is a disease that causes you to become so fatigued (tired) you can't perform normal daily tasks. This is called chronic fatigue. The main symptom of CFS is chronic fatigue that lasts more than 6 months. Physical or mental activity often makes the symptoms worse, and rest usually doesn't improve the symptoms. CFS is complicated and difficult to diagnose. Some people have a hard time accepting CFS as a disease. It's important to remember that your fatigue is real and that you can work with your doctor to improve your symptoms. The most-likely explanation for chronic fatigue in competitive athletes is muscle damage. You train for competition by taking a very hard workout, which literally damages your muscle fibers. You feel sore the next day, so you allow your muscle fibers to heal by taking easy workouts. However, many athletes are so obsessed with their training, that they attempt another hard workout before they have recovered from their previous one. This damage prevents muscle fibers from adequately storing muscle sugar for fuel, so they contract with less force and tire earlier. You will recover faster by eating a wide variety of food so you will get all the nutrients that you need to repair the muscle damage caused by hard training. If you are a competitive athlete and suddenly can't get through your workouts, the odds are overwhelming that you are training too much. Take a rest, and if you do not recover in a few days, ask a doctor to look for a hidden infection. What causes chronic fatigue? Overtraining: The most obvious cause is thought to be overtraining. Athletes, who push themselves relentlessly or exercise without proper schedules or supervision, tend to overdo things and then suffer the consequences. The answer is of course to pace yourself and to allow your body to recover from bouts of strenuous exercise before you commence the next round of exertion. Infections: Infections caused by viruses and bacteria can cause long-lasting fatigue in anyone and athletes are no exception. Infections of the upper respiratory tract are particularly implicated and all athletes should make quite sure that they have fully recovered from an infection before they restart their intensive training schedules. Dehydration: Dehydration is another factor that can have long-lasting deleterious effects on performance and cause chronic fatigue. Always make sure that you are well hydrated before, during and after exercise.
Tips for Proper Hydration: - Drink at least eight 8-ounce servings of water each day. The more active you are, hotter/humid conditions you train in, the more water you need to replenish lost fluids. - Don’t wait until you’re thirsty to drink water. By the time you feel thirsty; you have probably already lost two or more cups of your total body water composition. - Drink plenty of water throughout the day. Convenience is a must, so carry a bottle of water with you as you commute to work, run errands or enjoy a day at the beach. While at work, keep a bottle of water on your desk, or visit the office water cooler and take a water break rather than a coffee break. - Don’t substitute beverages with alcohol or caffeine for water. Caffeine and alcohol act as diuretic beverages and can cause you to lose water through increased urination. - Once you start exercising, drink water throughout your workout. Keep a bottle of water with you and take frequent water breaks. - Don’t underestimate the amount of fluids lost from perspiration. Following a workout, you need to drink two cups of water for each pound lost. - Start and end your day with water. Your body loses water while you sleep, so drink a serving before bed and again when you wake up. - Common colds and the flu frequently lead to dehydration. Keep a large bottle of water next to your bed so you can sip it throughout the day without having to get up. - Cool water – not carbonated beverages or sports drinks – is the best fluid for keeping hydrated when it’s warm outside. Cool water is absorbed much more quickly than warm fluids and may help to cool off your overheated body. If you’re going to be away from home or outdoors, make sure you keep a bottle of water close by. - Make sure your children drink enough water. Children need water to balance their intake of other beverages – especially during activities. Packing bottled water in a child’s lunch instead of juice or regular soda can also help prevent childhood obesity. Eating disorders: Eating disorders are common among athletes, particularly those who need to keep their weight down to be able to compete successfully. Eating disorders such as anorexia and bulimia occur relatively frequently in female athletes who dread gaining weight more than they fear eating disorders. Anyone who suffers from an eating disorder automatically has an unbalanced dietary intake and is exposed to the danger of developing chronic fatigue. If you are an athlete suffering from an eating disorder, get help immediately by consulting a clinical psychologist, medical doctor and dietitian. Anxiety and depression: Psychological factors such as anxiety and/or depression can also result in chronic fatigue. Athletes who worry about their performance or suffer from depression are more inclined to suffer from prolonged exhaustion than sportsmen and women who have a positive, relaxed and optimistic outlook on life. Stock up on energy! The most important dietary solution to chronic fatigue in athletes is to ensure that you are getting enough energy to meet your needs. Two factors that play a crucial role in chronic fatigue are: Eating too little food to supply the amount of energy you need as an athlete to sustain your training program, and the extra energy you require for events and low body weight. It has been estimated that top athletes require from 8400 to 25000 kJ (depending on type of sport, age, sex and intensity of training). The fact that athletes need to carbo-load and most carbohydrate foods have a lower energy density than fatty foods makes it even more difficult for athletes to ingest enough energy to meet their needs. The best solution is to make quite sure that you are getting enough energy and if this is not the case, to use carbo-boosters in liquid or solid form (energy bars, etc). Carbohydrates are essential. When an athlete exercises strenuously day after day, his/her muscle glycogen stores become totally depleted and such athletes are inclined to develop chronic fatigue. If you train hard you need to take in 5-10 gram of carbohydrate per kg of body weight per day. As mentioned above, you may need to use liquid or solid carbo-boosters to ensure that you are getting sufficient carbohydrate. Take your carbs before, during and after exercise. Research has shown that athletes who drink a carbohydrate-rich solution during exercise are much less prone to developing respiratory infections and chronic fatigue. A variety of studies conducted in the USA reported that when top athletes used a 6% solution of carbohydrate (consisting of 60% glucose, 40% fructose, i.e. 36 g glucose and 24 g fructose per litre), during training, their post-exercise increases in stress-related hormone (cortisol) which has a negative effect on immune function, were significantly lower than in athletes who did not use carbohydrate supplementation during or after exercise. So make sure that you top up your carbohydrates during training and afterwards to replenish your energy levels and muscle glycogen stores.
Hope it helps.

Weekend Recap w/ Fatigue.

Sunday was such a great beautiful day here in H-town. Great weather for a change. My wife had to work a late shift Saturday evening so I asked my daughter if she would like to goto a late movie, which she replied sure! She wanted to see School for Scoundrels but we had missed the time..But wait.. She found another one at a different theater, of course farther away from the house but oh well.. Let's do it, I said as we rushed to leave the house at 10pm. Well with all the dang traffic we didn't make the movie time so when we got there we had to find another movie so we picked The Guardian with Kevin Costner and Ashton Kutcher. Pretty good movie with action and it's about the U.S. CoastGuard. I was happy with it and so was my daughter. We finally got out of the movie about 1:30 am! Funny, we had never done that before. Home and went to bed. Sunday was the great day for weather. I was up and out mowing the lawn and taking care of yard work. Although I was planned to do a short 20 mile bike ride my legs were feeling a little sore and I was also feeling tired so I took the replacement of the yard work instead, which needed to get done anyways. After the yard work I got into this I'm gonna wash the cars mode and next thing I know its "JohnnyTri's Car Wash" What?? Man, I should have charged! LOL.. I started with my wife's car, then mine, and then Alice's (sisterinlaw). Then it was time for lunch..Yea, all that before Lunch! After lunch it was a slow down mode and just did some thing around the house, went to the store with the wife, which was great because I found a 2 nike long sleeve dry comfort shirts on clearance! Then came home, cooked, ate, picked up my taxes from accountant, and watched Amazing Race with Ms. Sarah (go girl!!!.. But her "boyfriend" is kinda rude) I hope its just the heat of the game. And went to bed. Today is Monday and this morning was a planned 3 mile recovery run but I would up really Fatigued and tired. I didn't check my morning pulse but I could tell I was not firing on all cylinders. Maybe it was the car washing and yard work stuff or the 9 mile run on Saturday and late night and just haven't recovered. So I took off this morning and will walk on the treadmill after work before going to swimming tonight. Enough of me.. What's up fellow Triathletes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Have a great day!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockon`

Saturday, October 07, 2006

Awesome Video, Chk it.. !!

Check out xt4 who is putting together a Totally Awesome Video!!

Nothing special but Enjoyment..

Hey all. Glad its the weekend because that means great training time. Friday was a day off and today was 9 mi run with great cooler weather. I must comment on how good my first week of swimming. Starting on Monday with basic stroke corrections and talking with the coach and understanding that for the first few weeks we are going to work on endurance, so don't worry about times or speed. It was kind of difficult at first to not keep clock watching but after the third session I wasn't even thinking about it.. heck, im too busy watching the seconds hand on the swim clock to make sure I don't miss my next set. By Friday, I was swimming a total of 800 yards! What are you kidding me? I have NEVER swam that much before. I would get tired or just stop because of this reason or that reason but at the class you just keep going. Friday also introduced me to another swimmer named, Steven. Younger guy who was fascinated by the fact that I was going to participate in a 1/2 iron distance. I quickly told him he could do it too! He already has the swimming down. We talked in between sets and kick boards and although the conversation ended, the subject is still ongoing. Amy was missing this night so once again it was only 2 swimmers for the Coach Lionel. Friday evening I noticed my neck and shoulder were sore. Definitely the swimming I said to myself. All worth it. As my wife and I went out with my bro-sister in-laws (Gerado & Alice) we first went to dinner at Lupe Tortias and then one to T-Bone Tom's. What a great place to listen to some music out on the patio deck in Kehma. After a few beers we headed home and it was lights out. Today's run was low and slow for 9 miles. I basically started my watch, headed out from Memorial Park and ran for an hour, turned around and came back. Lots happening out there today, tons of runners, a cross country meet, Louis Palau City Festival and great weather! Tomorrow is a great day in the making. Rockon`...

Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Falling leaves.

This morning as I walk out to throw out the trash I notice that a few of the leaves are scattered on the ground from the nice tree at the front of the house. I pause for a moment to notice that fall is here and it's time for the trees to let there lil` leaves go and for me to utterly rake and rake till there all gone for the winter. Not that I mind raking because the fall and winter are wonderful times of the year. So many things happen in the fall/winter and for all different reasons.
Some look at the end of the year as a time for ending things out that started yearly in the year, business look towards the end of the year to close accounts and prepare to start there new fiscal year, yet others, like myself, look at the end of the year as starting on the next year.
Now that does seem like a rush ahead and why would anyone want to fast forward so quickly? Believe me, I do not wish to rush anything but by focusing on the future today, you can reach your future destination much more easily than procrastinating and over working yourself when the time is near.
I love the end of the year, fall/winter for many more reasons. October bring Halloween, which, these days seems to get run over by the Thanksgiving and Christmas rush and by the fact that these days most are scared and very cautious of Halloween due to increased "weirdness" in your society, can't blame those for that though, it is what it is. Oct. 31st is a great day to be a kid again and enjoy dressing up like some crazy cartoon character or latest super hero, what ever makes you smile inside and forget about the imagine we try to maintain day in and out. I think this year as I open the door to trick or treat I will be a something funny, yet to be determined.
With Halloween on the pass next is Thanksgiving with loads of food and many more attempts to stay active and in the gym to burn those extra calories we all love to hate! Spending time with family, enjoying the cooler crisp air and watching those college and nfl football games is always fun.
Next we are on to Christmas with more food and family. But really it's about the celebration of Jesus. Some feel otherwise and this is OK and respectful in what you believe. The celebration of a new beginning for a new life that changed people forever, awesome! We exchange gifts, goto parties and enjoy one's company I think more than any other time of the year. It let's us realize that people and friends are what makes life fun.
As the year concludes with the celebration of a New Year we attend more parties and events with fellow friends and recap on what was accomplished throughout the year and what is going to be accomplished in the new year. A time for enjoyment.
Can't wait to write more on these occasions as the pass us by.
But when you look back at it, it all started with the falling leaves....

Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Take a whack at it

Today was a good easy workout this morning with a light recovery run of a mile and some upper body working out with weights. It's good to be at the gym as I have always had a love for lifting weights. I see some fellow lifters and the regulars that are there at the normal times and say hello and chat briefly as I make my way to working out.
Right after work I headed over to the practice field to help catch for my daughter at soft ball pitching lessons. She has been pitching for about 3 years now and has been through different coach's to bring her to her current level but in the beginning it's mostly ball control and some speed but these days it's change up's, fast balls, curves and sliders. Never imaged one could pitch all those in Softball. Anyway, as we start the practice I soon come to realize that she, Brittany, has some great power in her little 95 lb body and arm. The stinging on my left hand as I catch a few reminds me that I better not miss catching the ball or else!... well, no sooner than I say that to myself and WHAPO!!! It got past me and I tried to use my quad and knee to catch the ball. Let me tell you this is not a good idea. As my leg goes instantly numb from the stinging pain I jump to my feet to limp around and shake it off as much as I can. I really couldn't believe it hurt that much let alone believe that she threw it that HARD! So after trying to kneel back down and continue on catching I tell myself that I must catch that ball! and so I did! Brittany had a great practice and with a little sore arm I am very proud of her and her accomplishments.
After practice I rushed over to meet up with the coach of the masters swim program I was looking at and after talking with him he invites me to swim right then. Luckily, I had my swim clothes just in case this happened or was hoping. So I jump in the pool and the coach, who is now known as Coach Dubon tells me that it is only me and 1 other student named Amy. Wow, 2 of us in program with one-one coaching, can't beat that! So he adjusts my stroke here and there a few times and gives me a few things to focus on and then I started swimming laps. And Laps, and Laps, and Laps. Somewhere in there Amy asks me "are you tired, yet?" I responded with a winded "just about." Next thing I know the Coach says great your done, you've just swam 550 meters. I was like what, 550? Dang that was cool! He then started me on the Backstroke with just an easy kick and balance stating that this will help in the overall scheme of things and triathlons. I am very coachable and open minded so I happily enjoy the beginning of something new. Once completed with swimming Coach and I are talking about my triathlon goals and races next year and instantly tells me that "swimming 1.2 miles by next April is not going to be a problem, in fact, you will be able to swim that by December if you keep constant."
I'm excited to continue with swim class on M, W, Th and am looking forward to the new stroke.
In the grand scheme of things its all 1 Step Closer 2 Ironman!

Monday, October 02, 2006

Time for resting - Not Really, Go Time!!!

What a great weekend! How about you all? Hoping so, as I haven't yet gone to fellow bloggers to read weekend reviews, but am on the way.
Saturday was a good 8 mile run although it was hotter and humid than its been all week but got it done. Then had lunch with my wonderful daughter at Pappas Burgers and we got to talk and catch up on things from school, the football game, the Susan G. Komen race/walk she did and then it was off to stop by Borders to pick up the Oct. issue of Triathlete mag and a few mags for her. Then we went back to the house to rest and next thing I know we are off again to run an errand that my wife could not get to b/c she was working that day. So we run to Target, buy a baby shower gift and back home to rest! Oops, not so fast, it's later in the afternoon and now we decide to go to the Jazz Festival at the Kemah Boardwalk so here we go again. Talk about everyone and there neighbor that were out at Kehman. We stopped by a bar called Zone 504 Sports Bar, to see if Jessie was there, he's a co-owner and a good friend but he had left to go eat so we didn't get to see him. The Jazz was great but around 11 pm the music changed to a slow easy jazz and was putting all of us to sleep. Oh, during our walking around I ran into one of my best friends and his wife and family; Jose, he helped me during my body for life 12 week workout. He is also a Chiropractor and off-season bodybuilder, hey Jose, you need to get back working out, chunky!
As Saturday came to an end it was a great Sunday morning! I was up and out the door to take on a 30 mile ride. It was a little hot and windy at times but overall it was a good ride. It was new route and I was following a map and at times it seemed like the road would never end. Guess that's why they say you have to mental toughness on the bike.
Sunday afternoon was spent watching some last minute NFL games, Sorry Steve your Hawks went down to the Bears, but your Ducks win big over AZ. Also was able to relax while watching Take the Lead and Troy while adding up all my gas and meal receipts for the tax guy, Yes, I am filling my taxes late, hehe.
Today, I slept in just a little longer and hit the gym for some upper body training and a short 1 mile treadmill run. Tonight, I have to go see about starting my swim training after I stop by to help my daughter for an hour with her pitching coach, I have to be the catcher, and ouch, sometimes she throws Hard! Stings da hand!
Great weekend and looks like a great week ahead!!

Sunday, October 01, 2006

Busy and Fun.

Its been a busy weekend with great training and family fun. Will be updating tomorrow. Rest easy all..