Tuesday, July 29, 2008


in the heck have I been? Lost, procrastinating, lazy, or just blowing it off. Training that is. Is this bad? Could be, with Disney 1/2 Marathon in about 4 weeks and my runs have been short to non-existent!! Not only has it been seriously Hot here in Sin City, although that could be just an excuse being as Formulaic and Stef are out training but work has been pretty busy and quite honestly I have been enjoying my time off.

I know I can't stay off forever and I need to get back on the game but for some reason the summer has cooked my motivation. On another note, I am scheduled to take my NV. Chiropractic Exam next month and that has a little bug in the back of my mind saying I need to get in gear and study!

So for the mean time I am enjoying it day by day and things are working for the better which is all anyone could ask for. Well we could always ask for more but then we usually find our selves asking for too much!

I can say today that all is good and JT is in much better mood and spirits thanks to certain aspects in life.


Monday, July 21, 2008


is that what was needed? Wait, I have been off training for some time following CdA and after last weekend while riding with Formualic you would think I would be back in the saddle, But not really.

I basically took it easy this weekend and just enjoyed the time. Not much to report.

So this weekend we have some running to get done and get through the ugly heat out here! Yuk! Like running with a Blow Dryer pointing at you! I really need to get some more swim time in and head to the master class but it seems repeated emails among Formulaic find him again wanting to wear his water wings and noodle while swimming with this group.. humm.. I mean I just swam with him last week in some nice choppy Lake Mead water and he was zooming through it like a proficient little guppy dropping me easily (this guy's swim has improved so don't let him fool ya!) I think this is his master plan, to conceal all his swimming and biking sessions from me and than he is going to be this WILD FAST ASS BANSHEE on the next race.. I have ran with him but I hear he is burning up the road there too. This is Sin City and I think he is totally lying about his capabilities and training these days.. the bloody bastard!!

Anyway, enough about that.. I must focus, focus.. wait.. oh it's lunch time.. Gotta go..!!!!


Friday, July 18, 2008


well times do continue to roll ahead and with the Blogger family you all are great! Thanks for concern and comments.. Things look better and that is good. I will just take it one step at a time.. as my blog used to be called.. I am looking forward to an good relaxing weekend...


Monday, July 14, 2008


The weekend finally brought some activity which turns out to be well deserved. After 3 weeks off it was time to get back on it and I headed out to Lake Mead with Formulaic crew and Stef.

First up was a little lake swim. The water was really warm and probably mid 70's. It felt good to swim with out the wet suit, neoprene and booties. The water was a little choppy and while swimming it back even worse. I was swimming along thinking, this sucks! CdA was way better!! and Why am I grudging through all this now, I have completed my "A" race for the year, ha! what a baby, huh. After about 20 mins I was back heading towards the shore when I met up with Stef and waited for Form to finish up. It was a nice swim and good to be back in the water.

Then we all changed out and headed out for a bike ride. Mrs. Form and Stef had different times and distances and turned around before Form and myself. My Heart Rate was proving to be seriously high and I was wondering what was going on. I felt great. My legs felt great. It was a little hotter than normal but overcast and for Vegas area, the humidity was high so those might have been factors. Once at the 20 mile turn around my Garmin said 1 hour 28 mins. So I asked Form if we were negatively splitting it on the way back. He said YEA! and took off! Well allrighty then, so I was riding behind him for a little and than the downhill came and that's where I made my move. I passed him (sorry Form) and never looked back, oh wait, I did look back for you Form but I couldn't see ya.. Anyway, I cranked and pushed and rode in a higher HR than normal but again feeling good. I rolled back at the start in 1 hour 7 mins (oh ok, the distance was 39.65miles) So a good negative split even if I was just shy of the 40 mark. I was pretty happy with it.

Once Form got back and threw his helmet at my feet in utter disgust of my time he jumped back in the water cuz I guess he felt faster there, i'm not sure.. haha.. Step had to go and Mrs. Form had already headed back to the house. Once Form was done splashing around we headed to house for brew and chill time.

The rest of the day was spent relaxing at my house. On Sunday, I was able to get on the treadmill for some interval runs followed by some jump rope, push ups, core work and jump squats. Let me tell you, JT is WEAK! Today I am sore from all that so that only means one thing, I'm Weak! It's time to get back to the gym and resistance training.

Have a great day...


Saturday, July 12, 2008

Bike Pics.

Thanks to TriSherpaDi for taking these.. You rock!! (and no comments on why my bike is all alone in T1, really I was waiting so it was less congested! YA that's it!)


Thursday, July 10, 2008

The train is moving..

again and this weekend it's moving my lazy butt off the couch and no activity list as I will be heading out with Formulaic on Saturday morning for his little planned mini-tri that's probably gonna leave me feeling like a slow wicked step child!

I won't say what the guy has in mind but let's just say I am trying to add to it! Ha!!!

Have a great weekend and be safe..


Monday, July 07, 2008

Whats up..?

Another week has gone by and I still really have not done much of anything but enjoy the 4th of July with some beers and chips and other food. I have been watching my weight and luckily I am still constant but that really makes no sense considering I have been a lazy blob.

With 8 weeks to go till the Disney ½ Marathon I guess I should be running but wait, it’s hotter than Hades here and that’s just no fun. Not that Disney on Aug 31 won’t be hot but I think I am just being lazy. So I will get back to doing some stuff this week and this weekend.

Looks like I will be heading out this weekend with Formulaic for a little swim and bike, which will be good as I can show him what it’s like after IM and prove I still got the fitness.. lol.. ya right! I’ll be lucky to float in the swim and coast downhill..

A short post for now..