Friday, March 30, 2007

Friday and what a great week!

Well as you all know the week started off with the Chevelle. As the Rock says: Finally, the Chevelle has come to Houston! After obtaining forms online to request a duplicate title and showing my extended family, I think the Chevelle needs a little rest, :)
Training! Yes, I got back to some of it this week, although, my swim is still lagging and I ALWAYS seem to find reasons not to do it or put it last over biking and running. I must admit this week was rather light for training but I got out there, Matter of fact, today, I went out to run a planned 6 miles and miscalculated and ran 7.8! Yikes, I have not ran that far in months. The last time I ran 6 miles was 3 weeks ago! Oh, well, I got it done and felt good.
You ever have that feeling, I'm sure you all do, when your out there and your body is in tune with your breathing, heart rate and everything is working in harmony! After a sluggish 3-4 miles I felt the zone and just kept moving on, then while in the 6th mile I guess my Clydesdale frame just kept pumping and I negative split the turn around with a slightly higher heart rate but still within my zone. I figured that it takes me a little longer to get warmed up as it does for a Clydesdale horse to get the benefit of pulling something over long distance rather than around the block, ya know. Bigun or IM Myles aka Clydeologist can you relate? I think sometimes I made for going longer.
The upcoming weekend is busy. Tomorrow the LoneStar Triathlon Festival will take place with many triathletes participating in Sprint, Quarter, or Half IM distances and I will be there in the early morning to help volunteer till about 11am! I asked for the wet suit stripping, remember that from my volunteering at the IronStar Triathlon? Will be totally fun.
Then right after that I head to the ol`college to take on a seminar for about 6 hours which will prepare me for a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialists through the National Strength and Conditioning Association. The class will continue on Sunday from 8am-2pm, so it's a busy weekend! This certification will help when with the sports doc (keep reading below)
This coming week it's the wife's birthday on the 3rd so Brittany and I have to come up with a good plan. She has been so supportive these past couple of months with the whole job or lack there of situation.
And finally, you all remember my studying my butt off for the Sports Chiropractic job which ended with only 1 person being hired and notice that the next will not be hired till June? Well, in staying in communication with the sports doc he has provided me with more information to study and learn and introductions to the high school where my daughter attends to work with the student athletes and the athletic trainer. All this in preparation for the June hiring. I received an email today stating another introduction to the track and field coach of the school and it states in the email that I will be coming aboard with the sports doc in June!!!! After meeting with him yesterday he did state 2 times that come June we can fine tune some of the learning procedures and then again today the email stating it not only 1 time but 3 times!
Sounds very positive to me! Besides why would somebody like sports doc give you 5 dvd's with all his techniques and the way he uses these with patients if he was not interested in hiring you and why would somebody give you the introductions and leads to people he has worked with before himself personally if he didn't believe and trust in you and wanted to work with you as well. I BELIEVE! and so I just have to make it financially till June! I can do it!! I can do it!!!
Whew, that's a lot of updating.
Have a great weekend and should have some pictures next week!!
PS. Thank you all for the great comments on the Chevelle!!!

Monday, March 26, 2007

Drum Role Please... Hoop Der It Is!!!

For those that have been following along with JohnnyTri the last week we all know there was something super big happening in the house hold. And after a story post on the Chevelle Story (see below) and totally awesome comments left from my blogger pals, I was so inspired and fired up that I hatched a plan and 1306 miles in 28 hours later I got the Chevelle!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really want to Thank You all for commenting because It just really fired me up and I knew I had to do something to get it. So after talking with the wife and showing her all of your responses we came up with the plan and made it happen. A super huge Thank You to my brother in-law, Gerado, for his help in using his truck, driving, time, and hooking it up there with me in such a short notice and time frame.
Being as Gerado had never been to the JFK Memorial in the Big D, I specifically stopped there on the way up and we took about an hour to walk around and take pictures, we both enjoyed, as I have seen it before but it is a fabulous place to see in U.S. History and Gerado really enjoyed it. His opinion, there was more than one shooter!
So see below for the pictures of the Chevelle as I will try to detail them.
The Storage Unit #6 where it has been sitting for 11 years!
And me cutting the lock as who knows where the key was!

OK, I have to admit, I was nervous not knowing if it was actually still there after all this time.

Touch Down! It's Here!!!

Oh, How Sorry I am for leaving for so long!!

Let's Go Home!

A celebration reunion with a beer.

And a nice bath before me go so you're nice and clean b/c you so deserve it.

Nice and Clean!

And Thumbs up Lamar, Mo. population 4,425 for taking care of my baby!

The ride back to H-town.

And the new home, right in my back yard. Gerado, laughing at the side.

So there you have it. Once we got it off the trailer we took the hood off to verify the motor, body, and axle numbers.

My Chevelle is a true 1970 Chevelle Super Sport SS396 (402ci) (aka. L34, 396ci/350hp) Turbo-400 Automatic transmission with a 3.31 positraction rear end. It was assembled in Arlington, TX. (hey, it is a Texas Car) #251,241 off the line. A true black on black vinyle bucket seats with a Maroon Metallic with White Racing Stripes.

The rims are not factory but I have the factory set in the trunk! I even have the original 1970's owner's manual. I still have some checking to do on the options that came with the car. I do know that this car was ordered with the SS Cowl Hood, not the cowl induction, not sure why, but it is noted that to order the SS Cowl Hood w/o the induction cost more! Interesting.

Again, Thank you Gerado, wife - Rebecca, and daughter Brittany for my mad-facto-cleaning of the garage and short time away.

Also Thank You DAD for purchasing this car back in 1982, we figured, which became mine in 1987 when I turned 16. That makes the car in the family 25 years! I Love You Dad!! For all your help!

rockon` more to come .. but gotta go see my daughter play softball!

Saturday, March 24, 2007

Nouvelle Star 2007 Joseph - BEAT BOX

I found something that I am going to start practing on my long rides and runs! rockon`

Friday, March 23, 2007

Too much recovery, oops..and excitment on the way..

Being as this is my recovery week I actually think I might have taken too much recovery as the last 3 days I have not done anything sports related unless you count 25 mins on cycling on the trainer pretty easy. Not sure what has happened this week but somewhere I lost my mojo and just stepped back.
My wife did take a couple of days off work and I took her out on the motorcycle for a little afternoon ride and some lunch, which, was totally great because we had not hung out together in a while and it was duly needed. The down side to that was I think the air or something made her sick and the following day and today she is coughing and just plain sick, sorry Honey.
As the week finishes up I look to next week to get back on the wagon and continue with the training, maybe this recovery week was more needed than I thought because at the beginning of the week I was like I am going to be totally board with shorter rides and runs and less overall training, funny how the body is always in charge.
But now for the Excitement! Wait, I can't tell you yet so you will have to check back Monday to see what the weekend excitement is!! Oh, I know, leave you hanging but hey, I know you'll be back because curiosity and anticipation is a killer!
Thank you everyone for chiming in on the Chevelle and you are all so right, I need to put a plan together and go get it! I know, I know.

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

The Chevelle Story

OK, so here's the story on my 1970 Chevelle SS 396. My dad traded a 1961 Chevy Impala with a 348cc 340 horsepower, 3-2 barrels, 5 speed set up. I remember it because it was fast and my dad painted it in our garage! Anyway, he found the Chevelle from some guy who wanted his Impala so they basically traded with some cash, this was when I was 12 or 1983. Dad used a local credit union and eventually it was kind of paid off but the title was lost some where in Podunk New Mexico.
Then when I turned 16 my dad handed the keys over and there was my first car! I remember it having about 78,000 original miles on it and I drove the crap out of it. It was fast, glass pack loud and got me around. At that time we were living in Washington State, Tri-Cities to be exact, and dad was taking a new job in Nebraska so we headed out and started driving and somewhere in Idaho during Memorial day weekend the as I was rolling down the road leading the way I heard a loud snap, crackle, pop and smoke started pouring out the back end like a southern mosquito fog killer. I pulled over and after further diagnostics we realized that the car had blown an piston ring and we were not anywhere near a service station and it was late Saturday afternoon. After getting some oil and stopping every 20 mins to add more we finally made it to a town, rested the night away and of course Podunk Idaho is pretty much all closed up till Tuesday except one U-haul station. After being quoted the price for a rental trailer and hitch that was well above $1500 of highway Idaho robbery and serious contemplations of my dad leaving the car because of finances or lack there of, and my pitching a totally HissyFit he wrote a check for the highway robbery job and we were on our way later that day. (Dad didn't even have the money to cover the check but he also knew we were being taken so there was bitch session to come later to U-haul) After arriving in Nebraska and taking the trailer back we found out that the actually cost should have been less than $500 and the nice Podunk Nebraska U-haul guy helped file a claim against the Idaho guy and stop payment on the check. In that deal, U-haul waived the fee overall and we got to keep the hitch!
So we rebuilt the engine with a .30 over bore and I was back on the road. I was a junior in high school, 1988, and drove that car for 8 years on and off as I bought other cars and would park it from time to time. Then I decided to go to Chiropractic college here in Texas and at the time I really couldn't afford to bring the car or didn't have a place to put it so the girl I was dating then, her grandparents lived in a Podunk Missouri town and someone they knew just built a brand new storage facility so I talked to the guy and rented the unit in 1996. The car has been there since!!!!! I think!!!!
I have kept in touch with the nice people and send my payments and even when I'm a little late they give me a shout and say hey just checking on you. Well, today, the family joke is that I have been paid $4620 for someone to restore my Chevelle and drive it around and they all can't wait for me to go and open the storage door and see my face/reaction when all that's sitting there is a note and a match box car that looks like mine. There so wrong! Bottom line is I am not really sure if the car is still there. But I really have to go get it and I say that every year. It will cost about $600 and I need a truck to pull it back, as I will once again rent a trailer to get it down to Texas and I even have space in my garage! I even think that I will put this priority over getting a new triathlon bike as my road bike seems to be getting me here and there.
So that's the story. I really Pray to God it's there.
What you think Steven.

What a lawn!! What a Run, and OH My Back!

So my lawn needed to be groomed, well, maybe whacked! It was long. This morning started out with a 3 mile run around Memorial park which it turns out was a totally awesome run.
Mile 1 = 11:50
Mile 2 = 10:50 (22:40)
Mile 3 = 10:11 (32:51)
Heart Rates:
Z1 = 5:42
Z2 = 20:54
Z3 = 6:15
calories 680
This was great. My heart rate stayed where I wanted it and I negative split each mile as planned, although I was a little faster than I planned, I was looking to negative split about 30 seconds off each mile, not a minute!! YaHOO!!
Then the freakn` lawn. OK, so I thought just mow it and be done but it needed edging and weed whacking so 4 hours later I'm done and my lower back is achyn`. Makes me realize I need to work on low back strengthening exercises, off all people, I should know right, being a chiropractor. Anyway, being as my back is fired up and it's time to go watch my daughter's softball game, I will reschedule my swim workout for tomorrow. It's all Good!
rockon` champs!
PS. forgot to mention that I wore my heart rate monitor during the lawn work and dang, talk about a cardio workout. My HR was running about 135ish, pushing that mower around for about an hour. OK, so I'm a geek. How else was I supposed to know what my HR was during all that work, but most are probably thinking why would you want to know, lol.

Monday, March 19, 2007

Training Hours and weekend.

The weekend was nice heading out to San Antonio on Saturday early morning and just taking our time eating lunch, shopping and relaxing at hotel till the wedding. Nice, elegant, and simply wedding with great reception. Congratulations Joe and Brie Flood! The got married at the San Jose Mission.
Here are a couple of pictures of the grounds at the mission.
Being as I had rode long on Friday and Saturday was my rest day once we were at the hotel the girls decided to take a nap and being as I am not much of a napper I went to the hotel gym and did a 30 min workout although it took some time to keep changing the universal exercise machine, it gave me something to do other than sleep.
Sunday, woke up to a rainy drizzly morning and we woke up late so I didn't go run, my bad.
According to training schedule this week is a "recovery" week and so I have followed the plan and noticed from my beginner triathlete log that yes, this week I should be backing down on my training but I wonder and feel that I am really not training that hard where I need the recovery week but as the log shows all my numbers have increased over the last 3 weeks so it will be hard to follow it this week but I do have it laid out. With one exception, kind of. I kept the swimming just about the same, a little lower total volume each session but then added a shorter session on Friday of this week as I really need to concentrate on my swimming. The biking after the 42ish miles seemed really well and running I know will come be there once I get up distance back up, so not too worried about that at this time. It's the Swimming that I have to get in gear.
After completing the total training hours for last week and hitting the 10 hour mark I thought I would be training a lot more since I have time right now but then again you can't train 5-6 hours per day, or can you? Hum, make me wonder if I goof off too much now that I am off.
OK, I have to go swim!
PS. some Schmo stole the passenger backing plate to my mirror on my Murano this weekend in San Antonio!

Friday, March 16, 2007

Long 1st Ride.

As this weekend I will be out of town for a friends wedding, San Antonio, I had to change my training ride from Sunday to today. Some how I managed to get up early and get my act together and get out knowing that I had to be back in time to take my daughter to softball pitching practice, which, by the way she is doing so awesome and has had a couple of No-Hitters! Oh, and I had to get the oil changed and get the SUV washed for tomorrow so I had to get my spin on during the Bike!
Well, it was a pretty good ride and even exciting as a few "Eddyes" (if you seen the movie American Flyer's) kept me awake and made sure I could out sprint them, although, one was pretty freakn` smart and cut the angle on me and I had to jam the brakes, unclip, and get ready for a dual. I guess he figured I was uglier and stopped right at the road and we stared each other down as I rode slowly past him and increased my speed ever so slightly until I was far enough away. The out was great and come 2o miles it was the turn around to make the come back and damn it, if the freakn` SOB'n wind wasn't right in my face! No wonder I was clicking along at a good speed on the way out. So as I fought into the wind about 30 miles in I thought I would change the route and cut the wind from the side. It worked for a while and was alot better. I made it back to my SUV in 2 hours 45 mins with 42.6 miles! My longest Ride EVER!!!
It's interesting eating and drinking while you ride.
Then it was a mad dash home to clean up, get to softball practice and then get the oil changed.
All complete.
Now getting ready for San Antonio which is great because I am going to get up early and run on the River walk on Sunday. If you never have been to San An, check out some of the pics I pulled to give you an idea. The walkway is totally crowed during the day and night but early am you can run right down there without too much complications.

Have a great weekend and See Ya All Soon!


Thursday, March 15, 2007

Rain, Bike, Run, Book..

We finally got out of the rain/monsoon the last couple of days, sucked! Acutally caused me to cycle indoors on the trainere while I watched a triathlon video, made the hour go by fast. But then in the afternoon it was totally coming down so hard that our street started flooding so I didn't go to swim, just stayed home and read. I should have gone outside and started paddleing as much as the street was flooded. Anyway, today I got my swim on with 1500 yards, stopped by a friends office for a chiropractic adjustment, lunch, change clothes and then I took my SUV to get the tires rotated and it happened to be like a 2 hour wait! Crap! Well, I talked to my parents for about 35 mins and then changed clothes and went for my run, which, I was going to do anyway after the tires were done but being as I had the clothes and time might as well go now. It is super nice today, 81* and about 50% humidity. I started running down the side walk thru the intersections before I got into a neighborhood to get to the bayou which has a path to run on. I had been running only 5 mins and Whamo, I twisted my left ankle, shit! I stopped to asscess the damage. Luckly, it wasn't as bad as it felt and I could move it and walk but I knew it would feel worse later. I started to run and the first few steps were a little irritating but then it went away and kept running. I ran for just at an hour, out and back thing, but got totally wiped on the back as I had gone out too hard and was paying for it and the higher temps didn't help. I was tough keeping my HR below Z4 (way too high for running 5 miles, IMO) and the freakn side stich didn't help either. I actually like getting those from time to time because they make you a little tougher and you just have to deal with them and not stop. Made it back to get my SUV, which, had not even gone in but they got right to it and next thing I know it's done. Wait a minute I thought to myself. Just 10 mins ago you were barely taking the tires off and now your rotated and balanced all 4? Well, being as I didn't see them balance them only put them back on, I checked the wheel balance weights to make sure they were new and they all seem to check out, dang, those guys were fast! Why the heck did it take almost 2 1/2 hours then? Who knows but it's done. So time for book recap, I finished this morning! Way to Go Lance! is all I got to say. Lance talks about his growing up in N. Texas, getting into triathlons and biking and his career and then how the cancer strikes. His diagnosis, treatment and life while going through the treatment and finally trying to get back into biking after his treatment is done. He had it tough, as you can imagine. The end is great as he describes his 1st win at the Tour de France. I thought it was nice that he talked about his life with is wife at the time and some of the things she went through as well. Although, the book is Not about the Bike, it does seem to all about Lance! I can only say it's tough to a a great athlete and not have it all about you but everyone has to make there priorities. I am greatfull that Lance was able to survive the odds and make a statement about Cancer survivorship and his foundation to help make thousands of people. It definetly made me more aware of cancer and opened my eyes that I could help more in many fields, not just cancer, just like we all can! I will be a Lance Armstrong fan for life! LiveStrong Brother. Next book up is The Richest Man in Babylon.


Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Missed it by that much...!!!

Today, I went out for a little tempo run and here's what happened.
Mile 1 was basically my warm up at 11:37
Mile 2 picked it up at 10:09 (what? I almost broke a 10 min mile, I can do it!)
Mile 2.5 was 5:49 (recovering a little bit)
Mile 3.5 kicked it up again at 10:34 (still doing good, I can break that 10 min mark!)
Mile 4.5 finished at 10:01 (OHHHH! Missed it by that much!!!)
Dang, I almost had it! I can't remember the last time I ran under a 10 min./mile but now I know that I can do it. Even though I was running at the top of Z3 and some Z4 it's possible. Besides you have to run faster to get faster and you have to push yourself. I really thought I was sucking air but it was more of not relaxing and breathing, so I focused on relaxed shoulders, breath, keep them feet turning over. Overall, Great job if I do say so myself! (patting on the back)
Tonight, it's back to the Rodeo to see Toby Keith. I know, I know, some of you haven't found the love for sad country songs where your dog dies, your wife leaves you, you get fired and get drunk but Toby actually kicks up his music and is a little on the extreme side and pushes the limits and he's a Ford Truck Man..(if you seen the commercials, lol)
Oh, and last night I got it in my head to clean out the garage for Heavy Trash pick up today, so I was out there for about 3 hours throwing crap away that was left in there from the previous owner (I rent my mother in-laws house, which she bought a several years ago and it's just been in there taking up space because no one wanted to go through it, including me since I have been here for 4 years! But now that my motorcycle is in there and I have to bring my 1970 Chevelle SS396 out of storage and use my garage I had to clean it out, oh, and the little 2 or 3 possums I have seen in there trying to make it a nice little house inspired me to clean it!)
So last night after cleaning the garage and trying to sleep my right low back was cramping so sleeping was not fun at all as I could not get comfortable and need some chiro work done, really a massage to relax those muscles but just had to tough it out! Better now though.
Have a great Tuesday!!! Rockon`

Monday, March 12, 2007

Weekend review.

Rain this morning, such a change from yesterday's weather but at least it's not Hot! That will come all in due time.
Training for this weekend was a 6 mile run on Saturday in and out of Memorial Park. It was about 75* sunny, so it was really nice. After the run I stopped by the Team In Training table where they always set up to say hi to some fellow coaches that I stay in touch with and out of the side of people standing there was someone calling out to me. I turned to look and well, well, it was one of the nice gals from the sports doc's office that I had been interviewing with. We started talking about things and 45 mins later, all the TNT people have left and were still there talking. There was another member of this office there as well and they were giving tips on stretching, injuries, etc.. to the TNT members. It was great to speak with them as they both stated they had a hard time trying to decide who to hire and what there overall goal was. I let them know that I understood there situation and for now it had come down to timing and the time was not right to hire more doc but I was confident that they would be calling me back when the time was right. They are both so nice and had a great conversation with them. Also got invited to join a Yoga-Pilate's class this week if interested, might have to check that one out.
Sunday, I was out on the bike for 30 miles, nothing exciting here except the infamous head winds of 15 mph! Sucks! I was pedaling along at 13 mph and thought, hey, if the wind is 15 mph and I'm going 13 mph does that really mean I'm going -2 mph? Something to think about on the long flat straights. Temps were in the low 70's party sunny so it was nice as well. I had in mind that I would do a short run after the bike to simulate the bike-run transition, besides I need to practice this anyway. My time for T2 = 1:48 seconds, which was great considering I had to put my bike in the back of my SUV. I ran about a mile. The first 1/4 mile my legs were really heavy and just seemed slow to turn over but after 1/2 mile I was feeling normal in my running pace and my HR was about equal to my HR during the bike, (which I hope is a good thing, I gotta look into that.)
Today, I went to the gym to get my swim on only to find the AquaClass was in sessions, CRAP!
I went back to the front desk to ask for schedule because it's never posted anywhere and would you believe that the freakn` class was scheduled from 11-12 today only for the whole week! And this happens to be the time I get there, what are the odds! Well, I didn't want to wait around and luckily the pool is about 7-8 mins from my house so I came back home, got on the bike trainer and did an easy recovery ride for about 45 mins, dang, my butt was sore, didn't realize that.
So this afternoon I will be heading back to the pool to get the swim complete.
Have a great Monday!!!

Friday, March 09, 2007

Time for the weekend, Say What!

No really it is time for the weekend but not like that means I get to rest or time away from work or get to do thing I don't get to do during the week because I still have not landed a job! WTF! It's killing me not to be working and earning money for the family, ya know, but I will keep plugging away and I know it will come.
Take for example, on Thursday, the sports doc emailed me and was asking about my triathlon season, as he is into Sprints and perfecting his speed/transition times and was wondering which races I'm looking at doing because he would like to get together and do 1 or 2 together. Also, he asked if I was interested in working with the student athletes at my daughters high school as he has/had been working on the athletes but got too busy in his practice that he stopped going to help out the high school, so now, he has asked me if I would like to go and help. He would make the introductions and show me some of the things/treatment that he uses so I can start working with it on the athletes. This is all good as it can lead to landing the position in June when he is looking to bring another doctor on board, but I know, no guarantees. This will also depend on the times to work on the athletes as well, as another potential part time job might have me working from 11-6pm, great hours but not if it rolls over the time frame for the high school. Being as it's part time I might see if I can get the hours moved up, say 9-4 but will see how that goes.
Now on to important stuff, Training!!
Today, I hit the pool for planned 1000y but ended up swimming 1050. At the pool today it seemed everyone wanted to swim. There was a couple that just jumped in my lane (no big deal to me, but asking is better) and started swimming on the inside of the lane near the rope and they took turns leading. It was actually fine because it gave me practice swimming, passing, (yes, I actually passed them!) and following other swimmers in a close proximity and helped me really get my roll on as to not swallow pool water with all the waves. The other lane was being used by 2 other swimmers somewhat just goofing off.
Then I hit the weights for another upper body workout for about 35 mins and was outta there to roll down on the floor with Slim-n-6 Abs. It actually felt a little easier today but my abs sure don't look any slimmer, might be that Snickers I ate later in the day! ouch!

Started reading the Lance book, so far so good, Didn't know his original last name was not "Armstrong" (biologically) but doesn't claim the biological name (didn't know that either).

I also got this DVD from the library on Yoga for the Young at Heart. Thought I might check this stuff out in different forms as Steven seems be liking it, makes it sound interesting and it seems to be helping, so why not!

Have a great weekend everybody!!


Thursday, March 08, 2007

biking in great weather.

Wow, what great weather we have been having here in H-town, like in the low 70's during the mid-day and down in the 40's at night. So that being the weather I was outside on the road for my bike ride today. At first I thought it would be about 20 miles, easy flat ride but turned out to be 26 with a strong freakn head wind. But it was nice and got it done.
Today, will be running at the park just before my daughter's softball game which is great because it's at the same park today!
Book recap: Ultramarathon Man. This is a good story about Dean Karnez who is just beyond all terms understanding. This guy can run longer than any forest gump. He describes his life during hard times and growing up, along with when he discovered the running light. Amazing races he competed in and how he managed to run at unbelieveable distances and hours at a time.
At one point I thought about trying this ultramaration distance stuff telling myself I could do that only to read further about the hurt he was going through and changed my mind, haha.
Great book with a good story, I like it.

Tuesday, March 06, 2007


Good day everyone. Let's get right to it, training. Now that all my hectness has calmed down, I was able to foucs on some swimming this morning. 950 yards to be exact, with some drills thrown in there. I realized that my balance is not so great on my left side so spent some time working on that. Then I quickly changed and hit the weights, legs actually.
I noticed yesterday for sure and a slight hint a few weeks ago that my left knee cap/knee was producing lots of crackling sounds (crepitis) when I stood up from sitting, leg extending, etc. and yesterday when running I tried running some stairs on my route only for my knee to quickly yell out with a sharp pain under the knee cap. After further examination later on, it is evident that my knee cap is off track and pulling to the left side (oh, it's my left knee) which means that my left ITB, Quads (lateralis) muscles are over working and/or becoming stronger or you can say that my quads medial (medialis) muscles are a little weak which are causing this problem. So I trained my legs this morning with concentration on the medial quads as well as stretching to the lateral aspect.
Then I headed home and popped in the Slim-n-6 ab video. OK, I know, Slim-n-6, my wife bought it and loves it and I finally tried the ab portion one day and really liked it and it's about 10 mins long. Anyway, finished up with that, ate, emailed, phoned, read and time to hit the bike trainer. I was going to go out to the boonies but didn't feel like loading up the bike, etc. so I cranked out 1 hour in the 68* sun. Feels Great!
This evening it's relax and enjoy some pasta!
rockon` kids...!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Workouts, Missed game, & Books.

Friday, Friday! Finally am getting some workouts in these last two days. Yesterday, it was a short 3 mile easy run at the park keeping the heart rate no higher than Z2. Then today, it was stopping by the gym and getting an upper body workout in and then running at the park for a 4 mile tempo run, each mile with negative splits!
Then I rushed home, changed, ate and jumped on the motorcycle to head to my daughters softball game but first I had to stop by the wife's work and drop off her ishuffle for her afternoon walk at the same park I run at. Then when I finally got to the softball game, running about 30 mins late, the guy asks me as I am walking through the concession stand, "you want a day pass or a weekend pass?" What you for, what you mean?, I say. He says, "you got to pay to go in" What, are you serious? OK, fine how much? $3 for the day or $5 for the weekend. I'll take the day. I reach for my wallet, open it and BAM! No freakn` money! WTF, I say to myself. I told him I didn't have any cash and that my daughter did if I could go in I would get it, He said Nope!
Being as I was riding my motorcycle, I said Look, I'll even leave my leather jacket here so you'll know I'll be back with the 3 bucks. Sorry, I don't think I can do that. (OK, so you think or you know, I really wanted to say) This is an older guy so it's clearly evident that he is not going to let me in and I'm starting to get pissed and about to tell him either I'm going in to get the 3 bucks or one of us is going home with a black eye and it's not going to be me. I walked away and called my wife and asked if she knew they were charging and said no, they never charge. I said well they do know! So by the time I go and get money either from my wife's work or closet bank I miss the freakn` game! I was pissed! So I just came home and took my time on some back streets. What an afternoon!
But hey I did finish Trump 101: The Way to Success.
This book is a fast read with 173 pgs. It's basic simple business and life tips that can be implemented at any time and actually should be used most of the time. Such as, Don't waste your life on work you don't love, Set the bar High, Bigger is better, Be Persistent, Have Knowledge, Learn by Doing, Know who your talking to, surround yourself with beauty, Negotiate to Win, Think Fast, Work with People you like, Think Positively, Get out of the Comfort Zone, etc.. I liked it because again it was a quick read and straight to the point, Trump Style!

This is my next book I started today. I have seen others read it so I thought I would check it out.

I must say that I have been quite the reader lately which is part of my New Year's Resolution to read more overall but at least 20 books this year with the Trump 101 book that makes 4. I must also give a shout out to Steven who's blog I read and loved all the books he reads and writes about and thought I really gotta get with it, thanks for the inspiration Steven!

Have a great Friday and weekend!!!! Be Safe!!