Wednesday, April 16, 2008

mental phart..and awesome RD!!

I knew it would happen sooner or later but was hoping it would not come at all and that maybe I would be lucky enough to outlast, out train and outsmart my own mental beatings. I Monday for my scheduled swim, got to the pool and quickly realized I had forgot my ear plugs but I did have a back up pair which I don’t really like but would do. Then I realized I forgot my watch so now I was going to have to count all those laps without getting confused. I started my warm up and felt OK but once I started on my main set things started to change. First I remembered why I got new ear plugs as the backup pair were hurting my ears and it was quickly becoming annoying. Then after about 6x100’s I lost count and couldn’t remember if I was on 6 or 7 dang.

By this time I was not feeling comfortable in the water, taking in mouthfuls of pool water like I had just started to learn to swim or something. Then I seemed to be out of breath much easier than normal even at the same pace I have been swimming. I even took extra time after about 10x100s to relax and get my breath back. I swam again and was right back in the uncomfortable zone and now I was really getting pissed. I totally stopped my set and changed to a kick board for a few to see if that would change things but when I went back, it didn’t! after about 1800 I was done. I was not having fun, frustrated, doubting myself swimming and wondering how the hell am I going to make IMCdA?

I got out sat on the bench and watched others swim. I text Coach Liz for some words of advice and basically it was apparent that even a bad day in any training can bust you down mentally and take you out of the game.

So what did I learn? No matter how bad it may feel or look you have to stay with it. Yes, it may be uncomfortable but it’s not giving up or stopping and that When you begin to Doubt yourself, THE GAME IS OVER!

Yesterday I was all excited to get my run on and turns out JT got stuck pulling a 13 hour shift at work! Yikes. I was so tired when I got home it was a quick bite to eat and was in bed by 9pm. I still feel tired this morning but that’s ok as I am looking forward to tonight’s swim for a little pay back! HA! And with 66 days remaining it sucks when work gets in the way!

On a cool note, BIGUN` will like this. I got an email from the RD of RAGE stating that I had signed up but my payment did not go through due to an error on their and to sign up again online. I went through the whole sign up process again only to get an error once again. It told me to wait 5 mins and resubmit payment. I did and then it told me there was a Duplicate Payment! CRAP!! I emailed the RD and explained. He replied stating their was an error on his end and to just bring a check or cash to packet pick up and that he would waive all fee and late fees! YES!! BBSC ENDURANCE SPORTS rock!! Thank you guys so much. Sorry Bigun you didn’t get your $5 back but there are good RD’s out there you just need to come to Vegas to do there races! HA! OK well I have to get to work before I am stuck here another 13 hours..



Bullet said...

Swimming is a love/hate relationship my friend

S. Baboo said...

Man, there is nothing I hate like a workout that just goes from bad to worse but we all have them.

If the bigun want's good RD's he needs to move out west but then I guess he'd have to figure out a way to mow sand and rocks, that or start a different business.

Lance Notstrong said...

I think the "swim groove" is the hardest thing to get and the easiest to lose. Stay with it man :-)

Molly said...

I have that problem with the bike! I have chosen to give up on that particular piece of equipment...I admire your ability to stick with it.
Take Care

tri-dogmom said...

This will be my 3rd year at Rage. BBSC Rocks, they are really really good to us!!

CoachLiz said...


When you can't change the gear that you have in your bag, or the temp of the pool, or the wind that is howling in your face on the bike, the one thing that you can change is your attitude. And making that change can mean all the difference in the world in a race.

I got your back man,


Bigun said...

just remember that li'l honey of yours (if her parents let her...) will be waiting at the finish line for you (if she's got all her homework done). Good luck at the Rage!