Tuesday, September 30, 2008


For the last week or so settling into the new living area has been interesting. Just b/c you live by the beach, have great riding paved no traffic areas and a jr. Olympic pool doesn't mean your training every day. Matter of fact I have finally started to get into some sort of consistence and get some training done. OK, OK, I have only ran a couple of times and I rode my bike once but hey that is good considering it was the first, yes the first, bike ride since IMCdA!!!!!!!!!

Now I have been hitting my little workout gym which has some nice equipment so that has to count for something, right? I guess that just makes me feel better for the not so good eating choices that have been around since moving to LA area.

I can say that since things are more settled I am ready to get structured and get things on track. I was nice riding my bike the other day for just over an hour and exploring Manhattan Beach, (watch for the signs that say Walk Your Bike) b/c you will get a ticket if you ride across in certain areas!!! And the running along the beach path is always nice no matter what time of the day.

This weekend was a nice tailgate party and NCAA football game at the Rose Bowl. It was Fresno St. vs. UCLA. The Rose Bowl area is nice and the stadium is pretty darn big and if your there during the middle of the day like I was, there is minimal to no shade which made for a serious hot 3rd quarter!! I mean it was super backing hot! Good thing I hydrated on all those beers before hand, HA!!!!



Andra Sue said...

Glad you're enjoying your new surroundings! :)

Formulaic said...

LA tri club?

What's this??

Move to the hills and suddenly you join the locals?

Glad to hear you're finding some consistency.

Consistent workouts, consistent drinking. Whatever.

As long as it is consistent!