Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Post Rage Recovery.

Before the sun was even up today, I somehow woke up before the chickens. I was laying in bed trying to go back to sleep but it was not going to work. Finally, by 5 am I was up and out of bed putting my running gear on to head out the door.

Now yesterday, I managed to drag myself to the gym to go ride the stationary bike and run on the treadmill as my legs were still feeling sore and not recovered. I had got in the family pool earlier and did some kicks but it wasn't enough to flush things out and wake my legs back up. Once at the gym I managed to ride the bike for about 20 mins and then run a measly 2.5 miles. It was a pathetic showing in itself but an accomplishment. After the short run I went to the stretching area and I must have stretched for about 30 mins. I felt better but overall just tired. As went to sleep early than normal my legs still felt a little heavy but when I woke up!!

Again, I woke up at like 4:25 am. By 5am I was deciding to get up and go run. I moved my legs around, flexed, stretched while laying in bed and hey! They were feeling good, very minor soreness if any. I finally hit the pavement at 5:35 am and away I went.

The first couple of miles seemed really slow and just warming up so I took it easy as its a slight down grade and flat but my pace was pretty good. Then a short uphill and THEN some nice down hill sloping for a while. My pace was good. Heart Rate good. Breathing Good. Finally, I hit the 5k mark, at 31:41. Feeling good and ready for the return.

Shit, Head wind as soon as I turned around. No wonder I had a great 5k time. Well it's work back up the gradual decline and with head wind do your best, I told myself. My HR got a little high a couple of times so I slowed and walked at 2 points. Finally, the home stretch and I turned it up and kicked it and clocked the 2nd, 5k at 31:38!! Holy Shit, I just Negative Split with a head wind, uphill and walking! SWEEEEEEEEETTTTT!!!

Guess this means I am recovered, damn, more training again. Naw, actually, ready for it, All but the use of Triple Cranks, sorry Form (btw, Race Report on RAGE??)

I still feel good and looking to get in the pool later this afternoon. Oh, I did decide on my run that my New Balance shoes are causing me problems so I will be looking to switch back to Brooks Beasts.



lindsay said...

glad the legs are pretty much recovered. i feel like i'd be out of commission after something like rage. you and a few other tri'ers are growing on me though... starting to get a tri-itch...

RBR said...

Nice recovery run. I was amazed at how good my legs felt on my first run. That lake soaking really helped my recovery. Let's hope it is enough for Big Sur this weekend! Yikes!