Tuesday, September 29, 2009

HOLY F'n! Crap!!

DO YOU SEE WHAT IT SAYS OVER THERE ON THE RIGHT SIDE COUNT DOWN!!! 60 F'N' DAYS!!!! OMG.. breath... breath.. OMG!! OMG!! breath, JT Breath!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

okay here's the update on why I am totally freaking out! My last run on Friday Oct. 18th of 20 miles was a great run and I had come off a great bike week as well hitting 70 miles out on the Silverman/Rage course. Then my buddy Tuggle came into town and he busted a good run with the TNT on the following Saturday and then Sunday I got some kind of stomach bug so I was out for the day and missed my long bike which was supposed to be 80 miles. THEN.. the whole week I helped another chiropractor out of town (about 70 miles from my house, so I was driving back and forth all week) while he went on vacation and he runs a high volume of patients each day so I was adjusting 50+ people a day. By Wednesday I was wore out, Thursday I was hanging on and Friday I could feel I was getting sick. OH!!!! and during this whole week, You guessed it NO TRAINING! cuz I was shot, weak, a pussy, wimp, tired, all the above!! Call it what ever you want but I didn't get any training done, was the bottom line.

So the Friday I was not feeling well and Saturday it hit me. Fever, coughing, more fever, headaches, body aches! Sucks!! TKO'd. I played this game all day Saturday and Sunday and the Monday it got a little worse with a constant fever and finally broke yesterday afternoon! SHIT!! Today I have not had any more fever but still feel tired and achy. I have taken more Tylenol in the past 3 days than all year! WTF!! not good. Now I am just dealing with some coughing and achy throat from all the freakn' coughing! BUT HELLO!!!!! ALL THIS MEANS IS NO TRAINING AGAIN FOR ANOTHER WEEK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so freaking out on not getting my training done and with the days counting down I have to start thinking about my actual time goals and what is really going to be possible with the amount of time I have left. Obviously the #1 Goal is to finish and finish feeling good and not wiped out for a week. I will be looking to get back to healthy asap and get back in the pool b/c that is really where my freak out is coming from! I can make the bike and run with some quality pacing but I gotta make it out of the water first and with my swim quality so far I am not really sure I could pull it now. So Send me Some Get Well Energy/Vibes.. whatever you can b/c I need all the help I can get right now. !!!



Stef said...

ACK! Okay this does sound not ideal at all.

But . . . . hey, rarely do things go as planned when we are attempting something huge. And, IMHO, Ironman is HUGE even for someone who has done it before.

So, remember your CDA swim and how you kicked it's ass and how you are probably much fitter now with so much more base and training under you.

Intellectually you know you've got this swim (admit it, it's the best thing to do). SO you can manage the fear and doubt by believing in yourself, doing the right thing (which is to recover fully from your illness) and then getting back in the pool/lake as soon as you can after that.

Sometimes you have to draw on what's already in the bank and that's OK as long as you are honest with yourself and get right back on it when you can.

Yikes I've never even done an IM. But YOU have!! Don't forget that!!! You are tough, fit, and have tons of heart you will make it!!! And you will do it well!!!

lindsay said...

you can still get a lot done in 60 days johnny! put your head down and jump back in it. sucks that you missed out on some quality workouts, but it is what it is. feel 100% soon!!

Josh said...

you're looking at it all wrong. you don't ONLY have 60 days to train, you have a FULL 60 DAYS to GET IT DONE. (minus a taper of course!) You have a sick sick base, especially on the run and that's where the IM is going to get tough. Get your swimming and the rest of your long rides in. Remember that you just ran 50 friggin miles! What's a marathon compared to that??!!