Sunday, June 20, 2010

Lot's Happening!!!

First this is totally me!!! Shouting VICTORY!! My leg is feeling much better and I actually managed to run a total of 8.5 miles this week!! Nice and easy running around the local gym track, which is cushioned and takes 5.5 laps to make a mile but soooo What!! I have no pain in running and I feel good.

Adding to the help of rest for the my leg, I changed shoes, Radically Changed!! I was/have been running in a motion control shoe and Stability Plus shoes for a while, and most likely my leg problem was building while running on the trails and switching to the road allowed it to show up.
So now I took a radical change and went to a Neutral shoe, Asics Numbus 12 and all is working great. It took a little bit of break in to get my knees and mechanics used to it but so far so good. I will continue to build up mileage/time slowly and I will be interested to see how it goes when I get to longer mileage.

Now that I am slowly back in the run of things, and just in time because my 2nd year to Crew for Badwater 135 is coming up, July 12-14th. This year I will be crewing for Australian's Susannah Harvie-Jamieson #21. It's exciting to be a part a something like this and to help someone from another country makes it even more awesome! There are 4 of us on the crew and so compared to last year with 6, we have a little more of our work cut out.

Although the leg issue problem is well on its way to coming back, it took me out SilverRush 50 and training up for Rio Del Lago 100 in September. Since I will not be racing those I have been thinking what to do, actually, Ragnar Relay is Oct 23rd and I have put together a 4-relay team. This makes about 48 miles per runner over the 189 mile course and proposed TEAM FOMO is excited!

Other than Ragnar I am just looking to take it easy and build my run back up to look for a 100 next year.

On other news, I have left the chiropractic office I was working out of due to crazy employee rules the other doctor was looking to have me complete. Somewhere along the line the other doctor forgot I am an independent doctor and working for myself so with a conflict of ideas and understandings I choose to find a new location.

Without further adue, I am now SOLO!!! Holy Freakn' Shit!! Yes, I have rented an executive suite, basically a small little office room and I will take it all on myself. I guess it's about time, huh. I am excited and scared at the same time but I guess that is what makes it all great!

Happy Father's Day to all you Dad's!!! and to my Dad!!




Stef said...

LOVE the new blog look!

Congrats on everything especially pain free running and your own office! HUGE!

Woo Hoo!

S. Baboo said...

Wow, going out on your own is huge! Glad to hear you leg is on the mend!

Hey, you still thinking about running Rocky?

Josh said...

damn! that's a lot of exciting stuff going on. sorry you're pulling out of RDL, but Ragnar will be sweet and you have plenty of time to get that 100.
See you at BW!