Thursday, July 01, 2010

May recap.

Now that the new month has rolled it's time for the pitaful recap of May, but at least I got to running!

No swimming.

Biking was a whopping 4 miles/15 mins on the stationary bike post-leg workout.

RUNNING!!! - 6 runs totaling 17.60 miles!! Nothing big but ALL NO PAIN!!! and building back up slowly, mostly I just want to make sure I am healthy and able to pace for Badwater in a couple of weeks.

I have managed to return to the gym and work on strength training and elliptical for some cardio and add in some good outside heat stretching. I also started sauna training and am now capable of 30 mins non-stop. I will look to continue my sauna training over the next couple of weeks as well as a couple of walks outside for the heat!

I plan to have July looking a little more productive but hey, we gotta start back somewhere.

A couple of weeks back I when I was visiting the great New Mexico Outlaws State, I dropped by and had lunch, well my g/f and I, with S.Baboo and IronMisty aka. GeekGirl.. We stopped by to check out there new crib which I saw is SUPER AWESOME and was very happy for them and jealous. I mean this place rocks.. open the back gate and out the 10 yards is the trail heading up to the mountains!! WTH!! Great views, great landscaping and these kids have the Pad! Why the big shout out for them.. Because they are great people and friends. S.Baboo is preparing for his run at Leadville 100 and is totally going to jam that bitch for all its worth and Misty is heading towards Redman 140.6 in October. !!! knowing them they probably have some other great events thrown in there for good measure. Keep up the great work and see ya sometime soon!


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Tea said...

The pictures Misty posts are beautiful! I can't imagine how it looks in real life. :)