Tuesday, January 11, 2011

the Hurting is Near..READY~!

With just 2 days before I head to the island and 4 days till show time I can only imagine the fun, exhaustion, the humidity, the craziness of 125 runners and the HURTing of the 100 miles that lies ahead.

After all the training since being selected in July and all the trying of different shoes, products and even taking my first DNF I am Ready!

I am Ready for it all. I am Ready for the good, the bad and all that lies in between! I am Ready to push to new limits! I am Ready to find deeper qualities that lie within! I am Ready to experience the new levels of uncomfortable! and I am Ready for the mental game that will be won! I am even Ready for the unexpected and the bad that could occur, that could force an unwanted stop, but I am Ready!

Race #142.

Type in my number, or my name or click on starters on the left side and scroll down to my number and it will link you to the updated page.

It appears that there will be 3 updates per Loop.

I will see you all when I am finished! Thanks for all your encouragement, energy and shout outs!!



Michelle said...

It's 4 degrees in KC and -8 degrees windchill...Hawaii sounds awesome =). Go get 'em! Can't wait to see the results.

Stef said...

Good luck!

Formulaic said...

Rock ON baby! Rock on!

Josh said...

i'm so excited for you! and jealous too - of the trip to hawaii part, at least! kick some ass out there, i'll be following along!

cep socks said...

Hope you feel better!!!