Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Off in March..

I wish!! It seems that Feb. came and went so dang fast I missed a lot of running or just training. I was able to hit the gym and weights a few times, get in some runs and also went to become Level 2 Fascial Stretch certified! It was a great month with my birthday, even turning 40! and of course Dez birthday was the week after mine so all in all Feb was a great month!

Now in March its off to a great start logging in some great miles the first week. I am preparing for the Labor of Love 100 miler here in Vegas next month, even though it will be all road I am excited to go for the distance! and of course the Buckle.

gotta run.. ha!


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Claire said...


I'm thinking very seriously about taking you up on that free marathon, by the way. Know where I could get a homestay?

Stay tuned for possible smack talk. It'll start like this: *SMACK!*