Wednesday, April 06, 2011

3 days left..

With just 3 days to go till I am running forever!!! Fun! Can't Wait!! Excited!

The last week has been busy painting a house, climbing on ladders, etc. and actually felt like running an Ultra! ha! but with the remainder of the taper till I have been trying to relax and mentally prepare for LOL100. I have a work event on Friday, the day before, so I will be on and off my feet for most of the afternoon, eeks!

I am ready for the run! As I said before in another post, since HURT I am ready to get back out there, even though its all on road, I will take it. The weather is looking to not be the greatest but than again, whoever said these 100s are supposed to be easy!

Wish me luck and see ya on the next post!!



momo said...

have a GREAT day, jt, i'll be thinking about you! just keep running!

Josh said...

i'm feeling that LOL100 is going to be YOUR race! can't wait to hear all about it.