Wednesday, June 29, 2011

some running.

The last couple of days I have had some pretty good ass kicking's up on Mt. Charleston, which is my staple for training all for Wasatch.

On Saturday I went up with Bailey and we went to Bristlecone/Bonanza Trail. I had never really been up too far on Bonanza so I was excited to see what it offered. I would be looking to run 10 miles out and back so I packed heavy with snacks and extra water in my camelbak.

We took off on the Bristlecone trail which is about 3 miles before Bonanza intersects with it, then it was on! It's a really great trail and I loved the rolling hills and well, the climbing too. After about 7 miles Bailey turned around and headed back and I kept going for another couple of miles but at this point I went down a huge set of steep switch backs and knew that coming back was going to be work.

My garmin died out, due to me slacking and forgetting to charge it but check out the first 9 miles,

I only ran 18ish because I was running out of water and I knew it was going to take me a long time to get back. At a couple of spots I actually found some snow patches and dung down to eat some fresh snow! By the time I got back to the car I was totally beat! Tired! and Hungry! The next day I actually felt like I got ran over by a truck.

I soon recovered and yesterday I headed back up to Mt. Charleston to take on the North Loop trail. I have run this trail before but only coming from the South Loop to summit Charleston and then down so I kind of forgot how freakn' steep this thing was. Check it out:

It took me 3 hours 22 mins to get to the 6 mile turn around and then 1 hour 18 mins to get back down and that was even just running easy, although I did pick up the pace the last mile and knocked out a 9:52 which seemed really fast because of the steepness of the trail.

I have been working to pound those downhills and build some quad resistance because it always seems that my quads fatigue out due to all the downhill pounding. Anyway it was a great run as well and working up to that 11000 feet was pretty tough but all in a days work and in the bank for Wasatch.

After the run I then got some food, cleaned up and went to the sauna for an hour to log some time for the Badwater heat!


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