Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Javalina got me early

The short story: I dnf'd at mile 46.2, 12 hours 26 minutes. Next Year!

The long story: 
My foot had been bothering me for a few weeks leading up to JJ100 and finally about 3 weeks out I just took completely off from running, with my last long run of 20.5 miles. I did all I could to help relieve it but finally the week of the race I was able to get some KT tape on it and although I have never been a big believe as I have used it before for an ITB issue but didn't notice it helping, this time I noticed a quick 180* on the foot, so it works, maybe better in other areas but I am glad it got my foot under control before race day. Hat's off to Dr. Victor Leach, from Bio-Mechanics of Las Vegas for helping me out. 

Tim and his wife, Catherine and I left Friday morning in there RV and I would pick Dez up later that night in Phoenix as she was flying in late. The ride down was cool as I have never really rode in a 37' RV, its a house on wheels so that was pretty cool. Cynthia and her husband, Tim, were already at JJ100 and had set up a tent/canopy site and gave me the location and save a spot next to them. Once we got into Fountain Hills we unhooked the SUV and I went down to set up our canopy area and Tim/Catherine went to set up the RV at the camp ground site. I came back after setting up and then we all returned to packet pickup where I saw my great friends, Andy and Catra, George V, and Connie and her husband David. The line for the pre-race food was pretty long but that was okay, because we were not staying and heading back to the RV for some grilled chicken and pasta that Catherine was cooking. We got a pretty neat soft cooler but Dez would later say it leaks so maybe it's not that great but looks cool, and of course a great tech shirt. 

Once back at the RV we ate and I chilled out for just a few then I headed off to the hotel room I had reserved for Dez and I on Friday and then would pick her up later. The hotel was an Extended Stay and it was pretty nice with all the kitchen stuff but just a little far from the race site. After picking Dez up and returning back to the hotel it was lights out as I had everything ready to go for the morning and 3:30am would come fast since it was already 10:30pm. 

As I woke up I was already excite and feeling good. I quickly cooked up some scrambled eggs and a bagel and cream cheese and some coffee. I would drink an Isagenix shake just after this on the drive to the race. We had to pick Tim up from the RV at about 5am and get our drop bags checked in. Once all that happened it was preparing for the start, filling water bottles, putting gels and Isagenix bars in my pockets, ipod and a light. I had about 10 minutes and was finally ready to go. I kissed Dez and made my way to the starting line.

The Race: 15.5 mile loop and is run odd # loops clockwise, even # loops counterclockwise for a total of 6 loops and then a short 9ish mile loop to make it complete. This year there would be 3 aid stations. First on 2 miles from the start, then 6.4 miles, then 4 miles then another 3ish and your back at the start/finish. Last year there was only 2 aid stations on the course so it was good to have another one. There was 391 registered to start but looks like 339 actually started.
173 completed 101.4 miles of which 65 were Sub-24 finishers, Tim was 23:26! (the winner Hal Koerner 13:47! wth!! this guy actually lapped me twice) There was 126 runners credited with 100k finish. This course is talked to be flat but it really is not and is quite deceptive. It has many short rollers and is a gradual up and down hill portions depending on which way your running.

With the start of 339 people on some narrow trails almost single track at times it takes a while to thin out the crowd and so I just stayed my easy walk run pace and let people pass as they needed. As we started clockwise there is a section I had remembered from last year about mile 2-5 that was pretty rock and this year it was still rocky but seemed to me a little less or maybe it was just me. As I was in the rocky section I just took my time and being careful not to jam my foot and make it hurt early and once through the section it was back to running the rollers and finally making it to the 2nd aid station which was 8.4 miles from the start. I remember thinking that later on this was going to seem like forever but being as it was early I didn't worry about it. I checked in, found my drop bag and ditched my light jacket as it was warmer now than the start. 

My nutrition was pretty simply, use some Hammer gel's and a few Accel Gels along with Isagenix IsaLean Lemon and a Chocolate/Peanut Butter bar and I would drink an Isagenix Shake at then end of each lap. An interesting twist to all my hydration is that I would be using water, other than from the aid stations, from a Kangen machine that alkalized all the water with at least 9.0ph. I would fill all my bottles each time I came in from the lap and drink some with my all my shakes and just take a few drinks before I left. I actually felt a difference in using/drinking this water and with a task of a 100 miles at hand, anything to help.

By the end of the 1st loop I was feel okay and all was good. I felt a little tight in the legs but I figured that was from lack of running over the last 3 weeks and so I kept things nice and easy finishing up the loop in about 3:30 mins, on track. I started the 2nd loop and remembered what fun it was going counter-clockwise as its a long continuous uphill grind, although not steep just a gradual incline for the next 6 miles and while I took it easy and walked/jogged at times I was soon to the downhill section. All nutrition was going well and I was liking the use of the Isagenix shakes and the lemon bar, the chocolate was not the best and played with my taste buds so I backed off on it for a while. The Hammer gels were okay too for the time being. As I hit the rocky section I really started to run and was enjoying this part of the trail. I started to pass a few people and then I just found myself in the groove and was hammering down the trail through this rocky area and feeling comfortable. Once passed this its the 2mile aid station and then back to the start/finish which seems to take forever to get to because my legs were not happy running this easy non technical portion, weird. I finished up the 2nd lap about 3hrs 45 mins and had to take some time to work on my feet as I could feel some hot spots coming on and needed some BlisterShield. I also ate some sandwich's, another shake and refilled all my waters. Being as my hip was starting to hurt I had mentioned it to Tim, Cynthia's husband and he said he had some Kool n'Fit spray I should use, so he sprayed me down right through my shorts with a bug sprayer. I immediately felt the coolness of the spray but then soon came the warm sensation, similar to a Bio-Freeze but different, I felt good quickly and then I was off for the start of the 3rd.

As I left on the 3rd loop my right leg was bothering although not nearly as much as before I had the Kool n'Fit spray, it had actually been more in my right glute region and I was stopping to stretch it several times during loop 2 but now it has moved to more of ITB/Hip flexor region and making it difficult to run. I started back up the rocky section and quickly settled into a strong power hike and worked my way past some people but once I was through all that and back on the more runnable portion they all passed me back. It was hear where I started to become really hungry and not having the lemon bar was down side, I only had the chocolate one. I took hammer gel and was lucky it didn't come back out. My pace was much slower now and I was just in the total Funk Zone, it was warmer out now too and I knew that wasn't helping. I kept moving but noticed my pace was 18-20 min/miles and so I tried to work a little harder to keep it lower but then my leg was just happy. Getting to the aid station at mile 8.4 from the start finish took what seemed like forever but I had a little goal in mind and that was to beat Tim and Bill Andrews there as I had got a text from Dez as to when the left starting there 4th loop. I was also trying my hardest to get there because I wanted some FOOD! I finally made it there and grabbed Cynthia's bottle of Kool n'Fit she had in her drop bag, ahhh,, but this time I sprayed both legs! Then I made my way to 2 cups of soup, 2 cookies, Mt. Dew, and then I was back on the trail. I knew eating all that food I would need a little time to digest it so I took it easy for a mile or so then I started running and that's when I finally saw Tim and Bill coming, Yes, I had not only beat them in/out of the aid station but even a little farther down the trail. We stopped and chatted briefly and then I started walking again but I noticed my leg was nagging again so I would run for a short distance just to shake it off but then have to walk. The sun was setting and I was behind on my time to arrive back at the start/finish before it got dark and knew I would be in the dark soon. Several other people had passed me while I was walking after eating and it had been about 30 minutes and all of a sudden I got a good song going and started jogging, then I replayed the song 3 more times and was running! It came to me to take advantage of this moment for as long as I could because 1) it would be dark soon and I wouldn't be able to see the trail that good to run safely, 2) I couldn't feel my leg and 3) I wanted to catch some of those people that had passed me. I caught all but one guy before I finished the 3rd loop but about 2 miles out it became too dark to run and I had to stop. I would use the lights from the oncoming runners to jog for a brief time but then walk again and now my leg was really pissed off at me for all that running and chasing I was doing. I was limping now. Looking at my time I would be finishing this 3rd loop in about 5 hours and I immediately knew I was done!

I wasn't even back to the start/finish but I knew my legs just didn't have it in them to go 100 miles, or 64 more miles. Excuse me for saying but I was also not interested in walking the 4th loop for 6 hours and dropping at 100k being as I had finished the 100k last year. I came into the start/finish, found Dez got some pizza and went to sit down. I told her what was going on and that I was going to drop. This is always the toughest part simply because she works hard and is out there for me and to tell her I am stopping is just not a  fun thing, not so much that I am physically just not there but telling her. She supports me and understands to some level and with that, I am done. I sit around for a while and get some more food and then really start to stiffen up so walking like a mummy is very apparent now. Tim and Bill have arrived and Bill has finished the 100k and in a qualifying time for Western States so he is done, he actually took 3rd in the 100k! Tim's stomach is on the blink and finally moves out to start his 5th loop. I calculate he will be back in about 3:30-4hours so we go to the RV where I showered up and slept. 

As I was sleeping the rain started to come down pretty good and knowing that Tim was out there working it was very inspiring because it just makes it that much tougher. He finished and arrived back at the RV where we congratulated him, then went back to bed. 

Dez and I went in the morning to get all of our gear, drop bags and stuff from the start/finish area and grab some breakfast while Tim rested up. We later were packed up and headed back to Vegas.

Overall, the race was a blast and I enjoyed it, even if I did dnf. I knew going into the race that not running the 3 weeks before would have some effect on me. My base for going the distance felt good but just the lack of time on the legs/feet was the missing link. The foot issue leading up to this event was a definitely a factor that changed my mechanics and effected my kinetic chain. Now its time to recover and then get to work on my strength factor and make sure my leg/s are back in action before another big run is taken on. I will enjoy my time off from longer stuff and look forward to getting back to it next year. I will be back at Javalina100 next year, as I know it is a race I can finish!



Kristin @ Lazy Marathoner said...

Wow, what an inspiring effort. I can't fathom running more than 40 miles and still having 60 to go! I'm so intrigued by the approach to ultras, particularly the nutrition. I've heard it's the hardest part. I was aiming to do my first ultra in 2012 but I, too, have a nagging foot injury (acute plantar fasciitis) that has me sitting out another fall running season :( Anyway, congrats on your effort and thanks for sharing the experience. Looks like you're all set to crush this next year!

Josh said...

too bad about the DNF, but congrats on making it as far as you did and your attitude is fantastic! work on that strength and keep us all posted on the plans for the next one!