Friday, March 02, 2012

A race in sight.

Now that Feb. has blown through, just like January soon July 28th will be here and this my friends, is the first race of the season for me! SpeedGoat 50k! Of course I don't pick an easy anything to start back into, that wouldn't be classic JohnnyTri. In all reality I am actually taking my roll over from the race I had last year being as I went to India to help crew Molly.

Now that I am working my way back into running and have a race in site its time to get busy. I am incorporating a LOT more strength training into my legs using the TRX and Rip Trainer by TRX, along with running Stairs, Plyometrics and some general weight training. 

Let me back up just a little and throw in there that I will be heading out Western States course to help out the Big B aka Sweet Baboo in any way that I can and then I will be heading to crew Death Valley to crew my 4th year!! so Excited!! 

After SpeedGoat 50k I will be looking to head over to Rio Del Lago100 and tackle that once again but this year I will be much more ready for the heat and with the help of the race being moved to Oct 6 I may not have as much heat anyway. Then my tentative plan will be to Enter HURT100 and hopefully get picked for Jan2013 in which case that will be the next in line! If I don't get picked I think it will then be Rocky Raccoon 100 in Feb 2013.

The year in advance! Wow that flew by! 2013 already. haha..



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Thomas Bussiere said...

SpeedGoat 50k - Tough Race, but you can do it. Good luck.