Monday, April 15, 2013

Long Time no Blog!!

Hey Hey, what's everyone been up to?

well this is going to be quick, me, GYM Time that's about it! More on that later but just building my strength back up and now just getting back to running and long distance training!

Why? because on May 6-7, Badwater: Salton Sea Trail race of 81 miles with non other than Molly Sheridan and Dr. Bill Andrews. A 3 Team trail run where we all stick together and run 81 miles in less than 28 hours! This race is limited to 20 teams only and one person must be a Badwater135 veteran, of which, both Molly and Bill are!
I will be partaking in the

It is also put on by Adventure Corps so very exciting!

okay, gotta go run but stay tuned for more details on the GYM stuff!!


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