Sunday, January 20, 2008

Injury Update...

So after recovering from the Houston run with TNT this week and getting back into the groove of things it turns out that my right hip is still a little on the not so fixed side, however, my left knee feels Great!! Thanks to the boys at Spine and Sports Therapy in Houston, I love those guys!

This week I was able to get a tempo run on the treadmill on Thursday and I felt good with no pain to the hip area. I have been fighting that little cold I pulled outta H-twn but as of today, its gone! For my run yesterday, I had 12 on the books and ended up baggin` at 7 due to the right hip pain wanting to work it's way back in there and instead of pushing anything further I thought it was best to yield.

That brings me today with a 47 mile ride!! It was a good overall ride and made me remember that nutrition is important when going out that long and I was totally hungry on the way back in just before I got my front flat, crap!, with 8 miles left. And when I got home I was pretty dang tired and knew the nutrition pre-ride and during ride needs to be addressed in better fashion. As for the right hip, yes, it decided to just say hello around mile 35 but went quickly away.
In other good news about Dino (bike) I put my new corrected forward seat post on (i blogged about this problem a while back) and although it seems to be working I need more adjustments on this as I felt totally cramped in the cockpit all day long. I really need a new bike fit but that will have to wait for the time being as I got a lot of other things going on.

And last but not least my favorite part of all this, the Swim.. This week I didn't get one freakn` swim in due to the cold and just recovering overall. Yes, I'm a loser! I know.

Fear not, as this week will be a great week for training and getting some good numbers up.

And one last thing.. I for one do not have a problem riding in temperatures below 55* as today was only 49 when I started and 52* when I ended.. I'm not saying anything about anyone particular, I'm just saying.. HA!



Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

JT- looks like "Andy" wants to help youu out with your aging body parts...
BTW - Bigun said he was going to kick your ass - you gonna put up with that?

JohnnyTri said...

not sure what up with that andy but took his crap off..

and as for the Bigun.. well, I got MY ride in..! HA!

CoachLiz said...

and are not fixated on your sacrum.


Bigun said...

enjoy that 19 miler - ha! Lets see what else you can mess up! Who's the old one now?

Bigun said...

oh, and "that long" - 47 miles? Paalease!

Lance Notstrong said...

Always pack something nutritious in your jersey a pizza bagel :-)