Wednesday, January 09, 2008


Just a quick update as these days time is something that there seems to be little of.

The weekend 18 miler run was great, no pain while running but the weather conditions were totally brutal. 25mph+ winds, it rained and sleeted and was just ugly for the last 9 miles. Luckily, I had a trash bag with me to keep me mostly dry but it was totally crazy and if anything, that made the run the hardest part. I got it done.

However, Sunday, I was totally wiped out and did not do anything but eat and relax. Monday, I was back at it for a little swimming, which totally suckd as my swim mojo is no where to be found. Tuesday, I was on the treadmill for some tempo work and the knee felt good again, a little achy afterwards but good. I have also been doing a lot of self work on it so it's helping.
Then last night it was some single leg bike work on the trainer followed by 60minish of my zone 3 riding, aghrr..

This morning I was able to get a short swim in due to lack of time and I am already feeling totally hungry as I know I did not eat enough yesterday, Feed Bag Time Today!! Yeah!!

Thursday, I have another run scheduled and then JT, has to take care of some Exciting stuff, sorry, can't let ya know just yet, but let's just say he is totally pumped, happy, excited, scared and it's all gonna be good!

So until this weekend, I might not get back to updating...



Allez said...

Any hints?

Way to stick out the tough weather. You're a bad ass!

Molly said...

such a tease...

Take Care

Ryan said...

Great job on pushing through the weather on your long run. Does this "exciting stuff" involve Elvis, a little white chapel, and the strip?

Di aka "Mrs Bigun" said...

JT - That description sounds like you might be getting that blow up doll for the carpool lane....ahem. lol