Monday, July 21, 2008


is that what was needed? Wait, I have been off training for some time following CdA and after last weekend while riding with Formualic you would think I would be back in the saddle, But not really.

I basically took it easy this weekend and just enjoyed the time. Not much to report.

So this weekend we have some running to get done and get through the ugly heat out here! Yuk! Like running with a Blow Dryer pointing at you! I really need to get some more swim time in and head to the master class but it seems repeated emails among Formulaic find him again wanting to wear his water wings and noodle while swimming with this group.. humm.. I mean I just swam with him last week in some nice choppy Lake Mead water and he was zooming through it like a proficient little guppy dropping me easily (this guy's swim has improved so don't let him fool ya!) I think this is his master plan, to conceal all his swimming and biking sessions from me and than he is going to be this WILD FAST ASS BANSHEE on the next race.. I have ran with him but I hear he is burning up the road there too. This is Sin City and I think he is totally lying about his capabilities and training these days.. the bloody bastard!!

Anyway, enough about that.. I must focus, focus.. wait.. oh it's lunch time.. Gotta go..!!!!



Formulaic said...

Sshhh! Don't let the secret out!

I'm not sure if I'm trying to fool you or myself.

Either way, when I finish the Ironman before the pro's I'll either have been sandbagging it (a LOT), or I took a WAY wrong turn!

Looking forward to the next session in how much I suck!

Ready when you are!

Steve Stenzel said...

Nice! A weekend mostly off!!!