Monday, July 07, 2008

Whats up..?

Another week has gone by and I still really have not done much of anything but enjoy the 4th of July with some beers and chips and other food. I have been watching my weight and luckily I am still constant but that really makes no sense considering I have been a lazy blob.

With 8 weeks to go till the Disney ½ Marathon I guess I should be running but wait, it’s hotter than Hades here and that’s just no fun. Not that Disney on Aug 31 won’t be hot but I think I am just being lazy. So I will get back to doing some stuff this week and this weekend.

Looks like I will be heading out this weekend with Formulaic for a little swim and bike, which will be good as I can show him what it’s like after IM and prove I still got the fitness.. lol.. ya right! I’ll be lucky to float in the swim and coast downhill..

A short post for now..



SWTrigal said...

You deserve the break JT! You will be surprised how strong you still are when you get back in it. The lake will feel so warm! As for the heat in AZ-that part really sucks..

teacherwoman said...

Keep enjoying that break for a bit! you've earned it!

Ryan said...

Enjoy your rest Ironman!

Kathleen said...

Ditto what everyone else said!