Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Yes.. thats right.

If you happen to scroll down to the Grid Iron you will something that has not taken place on JT's blog for quite some time. Yup, that's right. Training! A few things have sparked the start of this new onset of training but mostly just because it's time to get off my ass and drop some weight for next year.

One of the other reasons I have started back is because on Feb 1st (Superbowl Sunday 2009) the Surf City Marathon is taking place and JT wants to be a part of it. Of course this is always a good reason, check out the finishers medal

So the deal is there is 16 weeks to get on the program and gear up for this little run. I am looking forward to it and also just to getting back out there and running.

Today while I was out there running I came up with a few things.

How do you know when you've been off of training too long:

1) Your heart rate monitor chest strap is uncomfortable and bothers you.

2) You don't remember which way out and back is on your route.

3) Your forget to press Start on your Garmin.

4) Chaffing brings on a new meaning!

5) Your Ipod play list is the beginning of the years Top 40 list.

Feel free to add any as you see fit. I thought it was funny that my HR strap was actually bothering me and my ipod had all this out date music. I am updating the ipod as I write this to get things back on track for a while.

It's good to have a plan and take the Risk..!!!



Borsch said...

ooooo...I kinda want one of those medals!

Kathleen said...

That is a cool medal!

teacherwoman said...

Sooo cool! :)

Formulaic said...

Very cool medal!

Another signs:

You have to look to 'look' for your water bottles

You have CLEAN workout clothes!

Your Gu's are expired

Your Garmin is dead and you didn't know it until you started

Your bike still has your Ironman sticker.

happymoe said...

Great Blog!
Hope to sign up for Cozumel within the next month...it'll be the first :)