Saturday, October 25, 2008

weeks out.

Where does the time go these days when your not worried about training for an event. I remember when training for CdA every day was planned with training, nutrition, sleep, recovery, etc. These days it seems you work, eat, sleep, and watch movies and the week is gone! Don't get me wrong I have been getting in a few workouts this week and looking forward to having Mr/Mrs. Formulaic come on down for some good entertainment but the time just goes.

The weekend have been just as busy and seem to go by even faster. Last weekend I went to Disneyland/California Adventure on Saturday, my first time ever! It was a blast! Walked all round all day and paid way too much for water and fruit but hey, It's the Happiest Place On Earth, right? Yea, until you look in your wallet and realize all your money is gone! HA! It was a great time and was super tired after 14 hours, I think it was worse than doing an Ironman. Then to top it off the next day I went to this Swap Meet early Sunday morning and were again walking around for another 4 1/2 hours! and I still had to run later that day. Crap, my legs were shot.

By the time the run came my legs just did not want to move forward and quite frankly I don't blame them. I got the time in but it wasn't pretty and I slept like a baby!

Have a great weekend......



Kathleen said...

Walking around all day at theme parks is alot of work!

Formulaic said...

Sure, sure! Keep rubbing the beach in our faces!

I don't doubt you on the theme park. That's a lot of walking.

They say that it's good training. gets your body used to being on its feet for so long.

Maybe you should do an ultra?!! 14+ hours? Your ready!

BTW: did you sign up yet?

SWTrigal said...

JT-good to hear of your non-tri adventures! i can only dream...