Monday, January 12, 2009

Paul Blart:Mall Cop (Kevin James) Premiere.

I went to the movie premiere of Paul Blart:Mall Cop staring Kevin James at the Mann's Village Theater - Westwood, CA. I love this guy!! King of Queens totally rocks. Anyway, he was riding the segway up and down the street and slapping hands before the movie.

Once inside the movie I had to sit by myself due to the ticket arrangements but that was no big deal. The movie was funny and of course I recommend it cause I like Kevin. After the movie I was standing by the door and all the stars were walking out, (a lot from King of Queens cast) Leah Remini, Gary Valentine, Nicole Sullivan, and Peter Dante, along with others from the cast of Mall Cop and of course Adam Sandler.

As Kevin walked by I grabbed his shoulder and said Hey Kevin, great job on the movie, As I was shaking his hand. He said thanks! I appreciate that. I said I love your Doug Heffernan stuff!! He then goes.. hey...thank you.!! ( in the Doug Heffernan character!) IT WAS SO AWESOME!
I wish we could have taken cameras but they were pretty strict on that so no luck there. Adam was really low key, he sign his autograph and actually ducked out the side door. I guess he didn't want to steal the lime light away or something. Leah looked totally hot!

Anyway it was a super cool time and I am so glad I got to meet a couple of my favorite actors!!

Hollywood BABY!!!!



Eric said...

Kevin James is hilarious!!! I like his old stand up dvd, Sweat the Small Stuff.....awesome!!!

Formulaic said...

Just another day in paradise??!!

Any chance they'll let you use that Segway for the tri?

Kathleen said...

Too cool :-)

CoachLiz said...

No Segways at a tri dude. Don't get any any funny ideas. Anyway, shouldn't you have been out training on a beautiful sunny day like that???


Your Coach :)