Tuesday, January 27, 2009

When in doubt go to Vegas.

This past weekend I took a quick trip up to Vegas to see my parents new house and just get away from things in LA. During the quick trip was able to stop by some of the great places i used to eat at and had fun hanging at but overall it was great trip with some great fun.

First went down to Fremont Street and had lunch at Hennisses, its a good bar with some good food. Then later stop in at the Las Vegas Triathlon Club meeting and see some great people, like Stef and of course the notorious Formulaic. After hanging out for a while and talking, I decided to purchase some new training gear so I ordered up a new bike jersey and triathlon shorts representing LV Tri club!

After the tri club meeting we headed over to Forms house to whip up on him on the Wii. After a couple of quick games of tennis I see where his time is being spent as I didn't even get time to think about returning the ball with his Pete Sampras like serve! We then continued to play all the various balance games and set new records but for some crazy reason Formulaic's Mii seem to have every record! HEY, we were playing under his Mii the whole time. Very clever Mr. Form.

On Sunday I just went to the book store, watched Bangkok Dangerous, and chilled at my parents house, oh and a late lunch before leaving to drive back in the 60mph winds! I did pick up the Inside Triathlon Ironman Issue with Craig Alexander on the cover. It's a nice mag with great pics.

Now let's talk about some training. Last week I was able to get in a few runs and some speed work on the treadmill, running 400s and 800s, yuk! Then I was able to get a short but super up hill ride on Friday out near the Famous Mullholand Drive. Let's just say my avg. grade over 4 miles was 7.8%. It was a zig zag of nothing but uphill and I got to use my early bday gift, 12-27 cassette, it works! So although last week was not as stellar as I had wanted it to be I did accomplish something I had not done in a while so I feel good overall.



Kathleen said...

I want to go back to Vegas for Red Rock!

Stef said...

SO fun to see you and meet Jenn! You are looking great and I have no doubt that your training will come together for Cozumel. Plenty of time!

teacherwoman said...

I wish I could take a quick trip to Vegas. I have never been before.

Deb said...

Vegas topped off with Mullholand... nice combo!