Monday, February 02, 2009

It's Feb.

Here it is, the first post of February.

What can I say, it was a great super bowl game and although the cardinals were so close, it did on some levels suck for them to lose it so close to the end, but leaves no doubt why the steelers have the record for the most super bowl wins.

Now during all this super bowl time I was enjoying it a little too much, that is on the eating and snacking end and of course beer drinking side, but hey, it's the super bowl, come on! You have to eat, snack and drink beer right? Even Bruce told use to put down our chicken wings, see he knew! Although I knew I was going to pay for it later on Monday or when I hit the scale I kept eating. So sure enough I hit the scale this morning and there it was. Oh well, no sense crying about it now, just get out the door and do something about it.

That is exactly what I did. I went and ran my 800's as scheduled and got it done early. Then I lowered my overall calorie intake today and in the afternoon I went out and got an extra ride in, it was short but the 17 miles adds to burning calories, even in the low 70* Cali weather!!

Later tonight I will head down to the gym to complete my weight workout as scheduled and get to setting up my gear for my planned bike ride out near Mulholand Dr., actually in the town of Calabasses where the future ride Formualic and I have signed up for!

Today I did change my airline ticket that I had bought for Switzerland last year to Cozumel so I am all set to fly out for Ironman, now I just have to figuer out where to sleep.
OK, I have been a little slow on this one but I just watched Super Size Me (2004). Since I am way behind on this movie and most have probably seen it, even though I knew what it was about and how bad fast food (McD's) in this film is for you, I was still completely amazed at how this guy's (Morgan) body went from good blood levels and BMI to completely off the Charts! Not only is the food just not even consumable but how media markets everything in the fast food industry all for the mighty $. Yes, McD's has changed there menu and updated some of the items but come on, it's still McD's. Anyway, it just puts another mark on the reason why I won't eat there, especially, after there French Fries in a jar for 10 weeks and did not even Mold, Decompose or change colors, I mean they stayed EXACTLY the Same!! WTF! There food Sucks and helps decrease your life span, as if we didn't already have enough problems.

I have not done this in some time but I calculated my training data for January and it's pretty pathetic but it's a start back, right?? RIGHT!!!?

Swim: 1 Session for 1300 meters.

Bike: 2 Sessions for 33 miles.

Run: 7 Sessions for 33.8 miles.

Weights: 4 Sessions, once per week. I also did 2 Yoga Sessions for 90 mins each but not really counting those.

Total of 12 hours 54 minutes training.

not much to say about that measly training time.

OK, for now that's it but stay tuned as this week is going to be good....



Formulaic said...

Keep up the good work.
Looking forward to this months numbers.

Keep progressing and come CZ time you'll make last year look wimpy!

Kathleen said...

Oh! I love McD's fries after a long bike ride. Salty and delicious :-)

teacherwoman said...

Ahh, yes, Super Size Me. YUCK! :)