Sunday, October 04, 2009

Counting down and a New event!

Talk about wind disruption this weekend! I mean we all get windy days but sometimes I think Vegas gets more than its fair share! Anyway, the temperature dropped very nicely this week and this weekend it has actually been cool/chilly compared to what we are used to.

I have finally been feeling better although I seem to have a slight cough attacks at times but then it goes away. I was able to get in a short ride today and was not that impressed with my triumphant return to the training circuit with all the time I have had off I guess I was just hoping for more but I do have to realize I was sick!

With just a few short weeks left to Cozumel and even less to Soma 70.3 I have had a few short conversations with Coach Liz and looks like we will be working to a 10 day taper for Cozumel vs. the standard 3 weeks just b/c I have been off on the volume. I am totally comfortable with this as I just really feel that I am way behind and until I can get a good week or two of training to bring back my confidence I like what I am hearing. My focus needs to be sharp, rest and recovery need to be priority, intensity needs to be on and I need to stay Healthy! Good nutrition, fruits, veggies, and extra vitamins along with anything else I can get a hold of to keep me 100%. I am excited for the next several weeks to come and I am nervous which I think is a good thing b/c there is work to be done and only I can control what gets accomplished and what does not!!

Being as I am so excited Guess what I did??!!! Guess!!!! I signed up for 50 miler race #2! Old Pueblo 50, March 6, 2010! It will be southern Arizona and I will heading down with Molly Sheridan and Jimmy who I crewed with. Also will be some great fellow bloggers who I have been privileged to race with before! It's gonna be fun! Check out the Elevation Profile!

I am ready for the training week so let's just hope everything starts coming together!


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