Monday, December 21, 2009

and so it has begun..

Since last week I have been in some more negotiations for a new office space. We are getting closer but still not 100% settled on terms, so in the mean time I am enjoying my time off through Christmas and New Years.

Now, on to more exciting stuff. The Long RUN.. or..umm, the long shuffle.

On Saturday, Desiree and I met up with Mr. & Mrs. Formulaic and of course baby formulaic at The Yard House for some pre-Christmas shopping beers. Once finishing up beer and lunch we were all off to shop for the rest of the afternoon making our arrangements to met up Sunday morning for a run. The evening was spent walking around and probably on my legs more than I should have been and I was starting to get tired and quickly looking for places to sit down and rest.

The next morning I met up with the Form family and we were already to go. Form started asking me why I was carrying my camelbak and all my gear and I followed up by saying because it's 9 miles out and back. He quickly corrected me and letting me know it was only 4.5ish out and back and we had to do it 2 times. UGGGGGGHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! LOOPS!!! NO!!! KILL ME NOW!!! I am just not in the mood for loops these days but as we crossed the street it was go time and I had no out.

The first out at 4 miles proved to be much easier than the 4 coming back and as all was working well with me I could start to feel my legs becoming tired around the 8 miles. Once lil Form and mom peeled off to head back to the parking across the street from where we started I was deeply wishing I should go with and how could I muster some excuse to Form to make this happen but by the time I could really think of anything it we were running again, back out! Again, the out part was much easier and although by mile 12 I could feel some sort of right hip flexor starting to bother me the turn around came and it was only 4ish back.

At mile 13.1 I took a look at my watch and the time was 2 hours 30 mins. Hey not bad for half marathon time but the number next to my time was the Heart Rate and seeing high zone 4 almost 5 made me concerned. I started taking in more water but felt I was doing okay with hydration and salt. I could feel my right hip aching more around the 14 mile point and my heart rate just seemed to not want to come down. Only during the walk breaks would it drop but spike as soon as we ran. By mile 15 the wheels were off and going in different directions other than the direction I needed them to go, forward! I was trying to figure out why the HR was so high but nothing was coming to mind other than the pain from the hip flexor is now triggering response. By mile 16 the pace was over a minute slower and pulling into the finish at mile 17 I was super glad to be done as so were my legs!

A quick change and wash of my salty crusty faced made me think that maybe I was losing more salt than I thought on such a cool day run. We stopped and ate some lunch and I was back at the house showering up and ready to eat again about an hour later. The Right Quads/Hip Flexor was just not happy and overall the legs became achy as the night progressed. I didn't get to ice bath or polar bear in the swimming pool because it was too late after the run.

I was actually disappointed in my run simply because I was thinking that 3 weeks after resting from Ironman that I would be able to run 18 miles without too much effort but that proved to be totally wrong! It actually felt harder than running the 26.2 miles after swimming and biking 3 weeks ago!! WTF! I thought maybe the lack of salt intake, standing around too much on Saturday shopping or the Spin workout on Thursday may have all played a part in the hard run but ultimately there all excuses. Maybe my legs were just not ready for 17 miles and they let me know. Either way I got it done and can only look down the road and not behind for the rest of the training, now Officially underway for Old Pueblo 50.


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Formulaic said...

The trail was a little bit tiring!

I'd say you should cut yourself some slack, that was your first long run after being off for a while.

I would say that...but then you took a week off to 'recover' so now I say "get moving son!!" :P