Sunday, December 06, 2009


Swim: 1 hour 28 mins 50 seconds

As Luke and I were floating waiting for the gun to go off, we really couldn't hear any official count down and next thing i know i saw athletes taking off and swimming and then heard the horn. Being as i was wide left i did feel some people creeping up on me as soon as the swim started which i figured were the faster swimmers that still happened to be towards the back. it wasn't too long and i noticed my speed suit was rubbing the back of my neck so i kept messing with it and pulling on it but i couldn't get it comfortable, i even stopped briefly to try and pull my tri jersey up to cover it but that didn't work either, i knew if i didn't fix it some how my neck was going to be rubbed raw before the end so i quickly unzipped it about 4 inches and it opened the neck line up taking the rubbing away, YES! I kept on swimming and next thing i know i am making the turn around the 1st buoy and still not really a washing machine effect. there was plenty of swimmers and drafting going on and i worked to grab a foot after making the 2nd buoy. this worked for a while until my drafting guy slowed down and i passed him. The water is sooo amazing and clear, you could see all the way to the bottom, the fish, the reef. I would even site the buoy, draw a line on the ocean floor and follow it for much longer than any other siting i have done in open water. At this time the current of the ocean is also giving a nice push and swimming is just going great. This was the long section of the course and swimming did seem like it took a while and i even started looking for the 3rd main buoy and nex thing i know there it was.. it was really a submarine. Made the turn around it and swam to the 4th buoy to turn left and head home, here is where i really experience the most swimmers. I have caught up with many and now we are on the main line heading home. I tried to swim a little towards the right to clear the swimmers but there was just more and i notice looking under water that there was many heading for the exit so i just held my line. Coming into the final few hundred meters everybody picked up the pace i was swimming with and I was soon reaching for the stairs!!! I crawled up the stairs, stood up and looked at my watch, which is in one of my pictures and the look on my face is WHAT!!

T1: 7:32

The run down the dock to the showers was a long ways and here is where Luke tapped me on the back as he ran by, Luke! I yelled. It was great to see him other than running out of the change tent I wouldn't see Luke till the run. I stopped in the water shower and tried to rinse off a lot b/c I knew the salt on the body would not be a good thing and I was not looking for "Salty Mixed Nuts". I grabbed my change bag, ran into the tent and found a nice spot in the corner where i quickly got my bike gear on and out the door i went telling Luke to "hurry up, this ain't no rest home!!" I ran to my bike, turned on my Garmin, put my Moeben arm coolers on and away I went.



Stef said...

LOL. Salty Mixed Nuts and "this ain't no rest home!" Hilarious! Okay this report sort of makes me want to swim in the ocean. Or snorkel. Yeah that's more like it.

Rock on!

lindsay said...

i think i'd be ok with swimming in this *clear* water! glad the swim portion went well!! still enjoying your recap :)

Mike Russell said...

I can't wait for the next segment. Are you doing St. George in May?

Kelly said...

Holly cow that was a great swim time!!

Tea said...

Excellent swim time!
Sounds mostly uneventful which is the most to can ask of an IM swim. :)

Speed Racer said...

"hurry up, this ain't no rest home!!" I like that!