Tuesday, February 09, 2010

It's Here!!!!

The time just keeps pushing on and on, on, on, on!

Wait! I need some more time! Some more training time for Old Pueblo 50! I mean it’s almost here, 4 more weeks and I really don’t feel I am all that ready for 50 miles. This past weekend I just ran 5 hours worth and although it was a good run, both on the road and trail, it was tiring. It made me hurt. It was not forgiving.

With all that it only leaves me to think that the upcoming OP50 is going to be harder than I want it to be and that the next 3.. well, really 2 weekends need to be high quality runs. I also need to be nailing down my mid week runs but so far that has been minimal to none. Why??


Welcome to DiscoverStretch and Sports Therapy!

That’s right! My Peeps. I have been working, ya really I have and as you can see, I now have an official name for my company.

First off I want to thank Devin for all the logo changes he made and designed for me only to have me change or start a new one. He is totally awesome in his art work and design and I thank him for all his help. If you would like to contact him on any design stuff please let me know.

As you can see, DiscoverStretch.. what’s that all about? Well, with the upcoming completion of my Stretch to Win certification I wanted to make sure to include some sort of stretch indication with chiropractic and sports. So the stretch word totally fits in and then you add Sports Therapy. Now, Sports therapy was the end name of the great sports doc I learned all my fabulous stuff from back in H-twn so I it made sense to have Sports Therapy at the end to signify my focus of practice and with Stretch.. it was a total combination.

Now it all about advertising.. marketing and letting Vegas know that Dr. John from DSSTNOW! Is in town and helping!



Jill Will Run said...

Now you need to market this on Facebook and Twitter... Spread the word! Devin did do a nice job with your logo, I'll get it on the DSA site soon.

And when you start doing the upper body stretching, I'll need help! Perhaps that will help the "sitting at a computer using a mouse all day" knot I get in my upper back! :-)

Now get to running so you're ready for OP50!

Josh said...

awesome! congrats. the logo is great!

lindsay said...

very cool! congrats!! hope things are running smoothly, and don't forget to stock up on those nintendo ds flash cards ;)

Stef said...

Love it! CONGRATS!!!!!!

JohnnyTri said...

ya whats with the stocker flash cards.. lol..

teacherwoman said...

Cool! Great logo!

Doreen said...

I wish I lived closer! Maybe in April when I'm in Vegas I can try a session with you!!!

Tea said...


Coach Liz said...

Happy Birthday and Happy Valentine's Day JT!!!

Anonymous said...
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