Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Eye on the Prize

Since I have been basking in my glorious victory at LOL50k I have finally realized that I am that much closer to Rio Del Lago so I better get with it!

After some great collaboration with the Sensei I have finally got the plan laid out, once again. Yes, once again because I did have it set a few weeks back but with just being lazy and thinking I was "recovering" I passed a couple of weeks without any good running, other than my Victory at LOL and now I am comfortable and focused with the eye on the prize 21 weeks away!

Now when I think about it, 21 weeks seems like enough time to train for 100 miles but when laid out on paper from week to week, Holy Shit!! It's NOT!! So I have been actually in the same zone as feeling for an Ironman 20 weeks out and it just doesn't seem like enough time but a good laid out plan FOLLOWED will lead you to the prize!

I am ready and I feel mentally that the switch has been flipped because without that you are just not really in the Game!

This past weekend was the Rage in the Sage triathlon with a sprint, oly, and 70.3 distance. I have raced this event the last 2 years and it kicked my ass each time starting with the cold water. The water temp on Saturday was 60* so warmer than it has been in the past but the outside temperature was in the 80's so if you were on the 70.3 course, like this guy, then you got the heat to deal with on the bike and run. Being as I am Coaching the Team in Training Vegas Triathlon group for the Capital of Texas Olympic triathlon in May we used the sprint event as a race prep. A few peeps took it on and had a great day. When it was all said and done I was a little sad that I had not taken to the racer side but again realized how tough Rage can be and was glad I had not.

Since I had not raced and was feeling left out my mind started to think about cranking out a triathlon and with my running abilities now, whacking out a marathon wouldn't be too difficult even after a 112 bike. Did I did just say that? WTF!! it's always hard no matter what but crazy I think that way. Anyway, I looked into jumping into Vineman Full and giving Formulaic a thought that I may be coming after him all day long!!! But in the conclusion of things such as crewing for Badwater, SilverRush 50 miler and RDL 100, I simply can't do it all financially, of course I could Physically, duhhh!!! so I have decided to just keep my eye on the RDL100 buckle prize!



CoachLiz said...

Smart move, you do not need to spend any more money and don't you think you might push yourself over the brink if you added a IM distance race to a line up that already includes a 50 miler, a 100 miler, and several days of running and crewing at Badwater all in a mater of a 8 weeks.

Vineman will be there next year.

Formulaic said...

Smart move is right! Take it easy and build up to a bad ass RDL, if you take too much, you'll just end up with a mediocre overall.

Besides! Vineman is too tough for you! You couldn't handle it!

Anonymous said...

Thanks, dude! That explains it.

Anonymous said...

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