Sunday, April 04, 2010

Monthly Recap and new stuff..!

I took at look at the March training recap and here is the break down:

Run - 8 runs (OP 50 miler) = 91.35 miles w/avg. pace of 15:11 totaling 23 hours 7 mins.

Bike - 2 bikes = 82 miles w/avg. 15.47mph totaling 5 hours 18 mins.

Strength training = 2 sessions of 1 hour each = 2 hours.

Overall I happy with the run, completing OP50 and actually happy with the bike rides as well, cranking out the 60 miler last weekend with that being my first real ride, and only 2 time on the bike since Nov. 09.

Now that I have officially signed up for Rio Del Lago 100, Yes!! I pulled the trigger and signed up I have set the plan in motion and am on the training path to get there. With that I went shopping yesterday at REI and put my membership dividens and 20% discount to good use.

First up is the new
CamelBak Octane 18X (black & yellow). It is ultralight material and now at 70oz I think this will be a great upgrade from my previous borrowed pack that is about 50oz. and only 1 small zipper pocket.

My next purchase on the recommendation from S. Baboo and the head lamps that light up the night!
BlackDiamond - Icon. I tested this last night in the back yard and they were not kidding! Things light up!! this will truly be a great investment. You may think the battery pack may cause bouncing but according to Baboo and GeekGirl (and they can testify) that it does not. I am excited to run at night.

Now you would have thought that buying these cool things would have got me out running today but just staying up too late actually had me sleeping in just a little but not enough to keep me from meeting up with my Team in Training group and plunging into the Freezing ASS Lake Mead at 9am. It was 56* and let me tell you, HELLO ITS F'N COLD!! I will have to rank it on the Top 3 coldest swims I have ever done. After a short time and everything is frozen we were able to get a short swim in and then thaw out. So proud of the team and especially one of them who didn't have a WetSuit!!!!! damn, crazy!

Other than that little amount of training nothing major for the weekend and now I am searching for new running shoes, most likely that will be the same as my existing running shoes and then next month an upgrade to a trail shoe I have my eye on but will wait for the new version!

Now with some new equipment I had to order some new nutrition and threw down the order for Infinite Ultra endurance formula. Again this has come on the recommendation from J-Tri's and a couple of local training peeps I know. I am eager to try it as I am seriously tired of using Gels, ShotBloks, bars, etc. and just need a change.

With all this new stuff I will be looking to try things out this weekend at the Labor of Love 50k on Sunday April 11th! Its mostly a road ultra but there is a short up and back portion of a fire road that is dirt and pretty darn steep and although only about 5 miles of the total course it's a good run.



Formulaic said...

Dude! That water was F-ing cold!

LOL is going to be a blast for you. It will be like a walk in the park for you!

Josh said...

good job in March! and good luck with the 50k this weekend.

As for Infinit, I've got it down pat for triathlon and for long runs, but I'm still working it out for things like yesterday's 30k. Ideally I would have one bottle of Infinit and one of water, but for the 30k I only wanted to carry 1 bottle. So I had Infinit in the bottle but not super concentrated, which meant not enough calories for 2:30 and I had to also have a gel. For a 50k, I might carry a handheld with water and then a gel flask with super-concentrated Infinit in it. I can explain how to do that if you're interested!

RBR said...

You are an ultrarunning machine! Good luck at the LOL 50K I can't wait to read the report!

Hmmm.... Running with the Devil Marathon in June.... makes a girl think...