Saturday, October 16, 2010

90 Days to change your life.

That's it!! Today rolls 90 days till HURT100 and lot's can and needs to change in that time!

First off, over the next 90 days, things will not only change for me but also for Dez. As she was recently diagnosed with Breast cancer and underwent lumpectomy last week, she is doing Great!! and recovering well. She will begin radiation treatment in a couple of weeks, so there will be lots of changes to deal with in that aspect.

As for my training for HURT things have been spotty. I just haven't been able to nail down a solid week due to work, feeling sick one time, twisting my foot on a night run, which is still giving me problems and Javelina 100 (1ook) for me is next weekend.

Although the training has been on/off when it's on I have had some great training runs and have felt good. I tried the VESPA and I did think it helped in training but I just couldn't adhere to the taste and figured I would puke it up later in races so I just bagged it. As for my Trail Sensor 4 shoes, I am loving them. Matter of fact they are the only shoes I can wear right now that do not effect the foot I twisted and hit the rock with. I do like the Cascadeas too but just not as much. I think the shoes will be a good combination for JJ100k to test out and swap between.

Overall, it would be worse, right!!! So I will take what I have, head to JJ100 and do what I can do. My goal is to really get in some long training and night time experience. The rest of this week will be chill time again, I haven't ran in 7 days because of the foot so it will be 2 weeks of forced Taper, which may prove to be a good thing.

After my goal is to recover as quickly as possible and get to training block #2 which will include some strength building and of course continuing of 50, 60 and hopefully 70 mile weeks. The trip to Hawaii is all planned, set, and booked. 5 days in Oahu and 5 days in Maui after the race! nice, huh!!



S. Baboo said...

I'm telling you, if you can knock out 4 60 mile weeks during end of November into December you should be fine.

Formulaic said...

That trip is going to be awesome! Awesome running and an awesome vacation afterwards.

You and Dez will have earned it.

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