Sunday, October 31, 2010

JJ100 Nutrition recap..

For my nutrition, I basically started bright and early when Form and I rolled out of bed at 3am and hit the Denny's next to the hotel. I basically scarfed down pancakes, scrambled eggs, grits, and hash browns, oh and some orange juice. I was pretty much stuffed but I was good to go and didn't start eating more solid food till about noon.

Once the race started I would be using my hand held and drink Succeed and being as I knew they were probably going to water it down a lot I carried some single packs to add to the bottle as I went throughout the day. I would pick 3 up for each loop. I did also use a couple of GU's but overall they just didn't work for me and I have the vomit button going off as soon as I took one!

I continuously filled my camelbak with 30-40oz of water at each aid station, approximately every 5 miles and that seemed to work out well. I do think by just drinking 1 20 oz bottle of Succeed every 5 miles or 75mins-ish was probably too low in drink calories as it was probably 200 calories with the added packet (150calories) I added. When I did start eating food from the aid stations I started eating peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and pumpkin pie!!! Yeah, it was so good and actually worked for me all day that it was available. I later learned that Baboo had taken some late in the day, even after using it earlier in the day, and it upset his stomach but I had no problems. I Jeadquaters I did grab some of the Huge club sandwiches they had and that seemed to be okay too, they had pizza at one time but I took one look at it and my stomach was like, Don't Even Try It! I also had some pop-tarts but really only 2 because I forgot them while changing out my shoes and others things.

At night time, I tired some potato soup, which was okay but didn't really work for me so I switched to the chicken noodle soup which was good ole' Ramen Noodles! I love that on runs and always seems to hit the spot for me. I had slowed down on drinking Succeed and taking salts as the night rolled in but then I stated back on the last loop simply because I knew it had calories and would be good for me. When I left Jeadquaters for my last loop my quads were not happy by this point and so when I got to Jackass aid station I sat down and the great volunteer's got me some more chicken noodle soup and I think I ate a couple of chocolate chip cookies but I don't remember. I got my pack filled again because I was still drinking water at a good rate and off I went to Coyote aid station. When I got there it was a complete Buffet for me even knowing I only had 5 miles to finish. I ate 8 Oreo's, 3 cups of Coke, Chicken Noodles, 2 hand fulls of M&M's, some mixed peanuts, and a couple of potato's! I took a few minutes to hang out here and enjoy my 57 miles I had come and also GeekGirl was here so I was chatting with them as well.

As I said this was a great training event and I really learned some good lessons for HURT. Today, 75 days and counting!!



Formulaic said...

The only man I know who goes on a 100k run and gains weight afterwards!!!

Oreo's? Where were Oreo's? Damn, I missed out.

Josh said...

damn dude! you have a stomach of steel! good work on getting plenty of fuel to carry you through! :)

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