Monday, December 13, 2010

My Tired Legs.

What a week!! I think... At the end of this week I was a little down on the way I have been feeling the last 3 runs simply because my legs have been really tired. I felt I had no snap, no push, barely a shuffle and mostly just out of gas.

I even complained to Sweet Baboo aka BIG B coming of some stellar running events but what am I supposed to say to guy with the one of the greatest license plates I've seen "Run Big". I even complained to this GUY and then thought, shoot, he hasnt even updated his blog since October! and must still be singing and dancing to the Buring Ring of Fire!

My thoughts about how my legs feel for the past couple of days have been all over the charts and with the calculations in my head on my run mileage I was definitely not impressed and left wondering why. Was it the increase in road mileage the last two weeks to increase my overall mileage? Was it the increase in road running pace per mile vs. trail running pace? Was it that I missed calculated a couple of my nutritional caloric needs and now I was paying the price? Was it a combination of all? I went back to my training log and here is the break down and the Answer!!!

  • Sunday - 26 miles (trails)
  • Monday - Off
  • Tuesday - 3 miles (road)
  • Wednesday - 16.5 miles (road)
  • Thursday - Off
  • Friday - 5 miles (road)
  • Saturday - 26.2 miles (14 trail, 12.2 road)

Total 7 day mileage = 76.7 miles!

Now that's why my Legs are Tired!! Somewhere along the line I forgot I ran 26 miles on Sunday. After this I totally felt much relief and understanding of my tiredness and hungriness.

Today and yesterday I took off but tomorrow will be back on the road. I feel a little more rested and with the help of some extra stretching and Epsom salt bath relaxing. I basically have 12 days till Christmas and one of the best gifts of all, TAPER!!



Stef said...

Good for you for taking a couple of days off -- those are some seriously awesome miles too!

I can't imagine balancing rest and recovery with that kind of volume but you seem to be doing it! Amazing.

Like your current blog design too -- I've been reading and not commenting much lately but glad to be here again. :-)

cep socks said...

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