Tuesday, November 30, 2010

November recap, I suk!

Well as this month already closes out I was hoping to see a much bigger increase in my run numbers but it is, what it is.

Runs = 12 total (that's less than 1/2 the month, wtf!! Aren't you training for oh, say something like HURT100!!!!!)

144.77 miles in 33 hours 34 minutes. I did manage to start some CrossFit classes but actually over the last week I stopped them simply because they were killing me in the run department, AS YOU CAN SEE FROM 12 runs! ughhh...

So I increased 29.77 miles from last month in 1 hour 40 mins, HA I wish I was that fast! I guess that is a good thing overall that my pace is faster.

With 45 day left to Hurt100 and basically 3 weeks left of peak running before the 3 week taper I better nail all my runs and stay healthy! I have 70 mile weeks planned for the next 3 weeks and maybe even an 80 the last week, so we shall see how it goes. Wish me Luck!! I am gonna need it.

I am focused on the event being as it is so close now, the feeling of scared is more prevalent than ever before and more so than any Ironman but it's the same mental physical preparation that is going to get me there, ready or not!



Formulaic said...

It all comes down to the last few weeks.

Forget about the past, focus on the here and now.

This is the time to prepare. This is the month that matters.


cep socks said...

You are so right